– What Is and Is ‘MonWea’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 5, 2019 Review – What Is

Thank you for ‘clicking’ on our short review about found at Is MonWea com a fake, scam, bogus and fraudulent or Is ‘MonWea’ genuine, real, safe, trustworthy and legit? This www MonWea com Review has already reviewed,,,, and they are all connected to the same owner.




Is a scam?



The connection is that these sites are all referring to their sites as ‘’. That is a huge mistake and an excellent scam sign.

Other sites include and ‘Gvxx’ has been declared a scam online. So has been declared a scam and you may view that report HERE from

All of these websites have been hiding their business information such as business address, no founder name displayed, using a proxy address to hide their real location and typically no customer service number.

Surely by now you should be getting a very bad ‘feeling’ about these sites.

We have already reviewed several of these sites and intend to review them all. Since the research is done we will keep this article very short to save you time. 

You have now the most important factors concerning these sites, namely, all site data is covered up. There are sites that belong to the same people that have scam reports against them.

Those with reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments below to help others. 

Perhaps they sent you out a Phone Charger instead of what you ordered?

That is all on What Is and I believe now you are adequately informed. Look forward to your reviews below about any of these sites. Those that have scam reports on any other site then please see the link below. Where too many bad reports appear in this forum about the site just covered then we will place them in our List or Internet Scammers.



List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!


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