What Is Moneey4Click.com – Is ‘Money4Click’ Scam or Legit?

By | March 8, 2019

Find out What Is Moneey4Click.com – The ‘Moneey4Click’ Review.

You are welcome here to the real answer on What is Moneey4Click.com. Is Moneey4Click com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus and fake or Is ‘Moneey4Click’ legit, real, safe, genuine? This ‘Moneey4Click’ Review is to warn you against that site. Old scam revamped to look legit and honest. There are many scam signs and contradictions on their site that should alert you to ‘something’ being up with them. 

Those with reports are welcome to leave them below in the comments. They are just another scam trying to take advantage of peoples desire to earn online from home. Those that really want a way to earn online may find our member review on Wealthy Affiliate HERE very interesting. Free Start Up with no credit card to start. 



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What Is Moneey4Click.com Review – Why ‘Moneey4Click’ Is Fake and NOT Trustworthy.

We are going to take some steps here to show you the real answer on What Is Moneey4Click really all about. We have to be able to locate some information that is standard to display for all businesses that offer paid work from home. This does not apply to blogs but the businesses themselves. We begin by asking who is the founder of ‘Moneey4Click’, where are they based, is there contact information and when was their site registered.




www.moneey4click.com exposed!



Where this information is absent then we can say take ‘caution’ until more is known about them. We must not trust new sites immediately as they could be a scam, generally speaking. This also applies to sites you do not know and so always get into the habit of looking for reviews.

So registration date was in 2019/02/12 and 1 year is all they have intended to stay in business for. They can of course renew their sites registration but they could also shut down at any given moment. This kind of work from home job is notoriously bad payout when it is considered safe. In my view, all PTC work si a scam because the money, per time and effort, is shambolic – to say the least.

Inside WHOIS we can see that their address is bogus and incomplete. That is a sign that they are hiding their real location. There is nothing on their site to tell us who they are and where they are from. We do not even have a founder name anywhere online and so is it your habit to trust strangers with your payment information?





‘Moneey4Click’ Scam Signs.

You can sign up for free but you could of signed up with a fake email address. That in itself is an obvious sign of a scam. They are hoping to gain your personal email address with your personal password. Since you maybe using those same details for all of your online accounts then its a sure bet they can gain access there.

Change your passwords and keep 9 passwords across ALL of your social media accounts!

  • All you have to do is share your referral link. When someone ‘clicks’ on your link then you can get up to $1! That is too much. If someone signs up via your referral link then you can earn up to$10!! That is too much? Why?
  • $10 is earned by even before anyone has done any work on their site? How was that $10 generated to begin with? So there must be ‘work’ done before money is earned and someone signing up through you is not enough ‘work’ to generate anything of worth.
  • These kinds of sites, even when paying out, will only net you fractions of a cent per click and up to 3c per click. I see sometimes ‘rave reports’ about people earning circa $5 in such sites. I wonder how long it took such people to earn that money.
  • Actually, it can take too many hours worth of work to earn anything of worth from such kinds of tasks and so your time has to be worth more than fractions of a cent, or a few cent, per hour – is it not?
  • $25 Sign Up Bonus and yet again how is that cash generated just by you signing up to them? None of this makes any sense but only if we view it as it really is – a scam. 
  • Once signed up you must refer others and that is all. They are trying to get ‘you’ to work for them for free. The payouts no their site are not even real as well.
  • The image of the lady on their site is a internet stock image and that lady has nothing to do with their site. That is just a trustworthy face that they use to garner your trust and support. They have been using that image for other fake sites and I wonder if that woman even knows her picture is being used in this way.




Final Thoughts.

They never payout so stop sharing your link. You are only wasting your own time by doing so and you will only pull in others into that scam. Please share this article where you have shared your link to undo that damage inadvertently caused by you. 

Those needing to earn online must learn that it takes actual and real work to earn anything online. It can take some time as well. DO not let sites play on greed and laziness to pull you in to their scam. You can find out how to earn online for the long term HERE for those willing to build something that generates cash for themselves. 

That is all on What Is Moneey4Click.com and do report them below if they have scammed you. Thank you for coming by and contact your payment provider if you handed them your payment info to cash out, which by the way, is a scam if they are asking you for money to do so. Good luck!


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