What Is Moncody.com – Is Moncody.com Scam or Legit Toy Store?

By | September 16, 2018

What Is Moncody.com and Why They Are a Fake Online Inflatable Toy Store.

 Have questions on What Is Moncody.com (wwwmondcody.com)? Asking is Moncody com fake, scam, fraudulent, criminal, illegal or is Moncody real, legit, safe, honest, genuine online toy store for inflatable items for the warm weather? In this Moncody review you will find out why I am calling they are a fake and fraudulent site, that even may try to download malware to your device. We will begin with the founder and where they are from . Even at this point you will see problems. Do You think they are legitimate?

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What Is www.Moncody.com and EVERYTHING that is WRONG with That Site!!

Moncody.com Fake Site

Don’t Buy From Them!

They are pretending to be suppliers of all things Inflatable for the warm weather for the whole family to enjoy. They are tempting new customers into buying inflatable bouncy castles, slides, inflatable water shooters and really the items do look like something many would buy for the nicer months of the year. But, don’t be fooled, you already have your answer on What is Moncody.com.

However, its obviously not enough to just say they are a scam but now I have to prove it now. Still think they are legit? I am going to leave you a little list very soon and then you see some similar sites that are doing the rounds as well. You can compare these sites and see how fake online inflatable toy stores operate so similarly. This way, in your own research, you don’t dodge one scam site just to walk into another fake online inflatable toy store.

Identity Check!

First, it is time to find some credentials by doing an identity check on site owner, location and contact information. Unfortunately, there is no legit address to trace there real location. There is also no Founder name that can be found inside the database called WHOIS nothing legit on their site. The fake address on offer is USA but not related to any business there that they own.

These are fine and excellent signs of a scam site as fraud sites will do all that is necessary to hide the real owner ID. This is so that when they are found out online by many people then they can just shut the site down and keep the profits. They are not promoting real offers and also there are more signs of a fake site to come.


Below I am going to BULLET POINT all that is wrong with their site:-




How can they make a profit if they are selling items, that look very high quality, and expect to stay in business legitimately and prosperously? To make their 70% Off more unreal they say they ship all items globally and for FREE! That is all their profits gone, because, they have to make a profit to stay in business. Not only they also have to make or buy the products in wholesale to sell on for a profit. Overheads to boring to list. Pay for their website etc. The just figures don’t ad up.

  • No Items!

Your item that you ordered probably just will not turn up to your door. You will be Charged Very Quickly to Your Card (immediately) and your cash is now gone to them – an unknown website owner that is located really in China.

Should you be lucky enough to get something from the, then the chances are very good, that it will be a lesser quality product. That is who they operate so they can say that they did indeed send you the product.Or, they can say they tried to negotiate a new product because they were out. Anything to appear they are legit to stay online longer without anyone thinking they are fake.

  • Multiple Card Charges to Your Bank!!!

This here is the biggest threat posed by this fake toy store. They may do multiple charges to your card, even though you have already paid them, while you may not notice. They may also charge for other ‘services’ per their terms and conditions. This is common with scam sites. In this instance you must contact your bank, payment provider etc and talk to them about getting those monies back immediately and putting a halt to unknown owner of Moncody.

  • Malware In Five Minutes Flat!

I read a quick report of user saying that he had malware on his device after being on Moncody for just five minutes. Such malware’s may be looking for all kinds of sensitive data to steal like your bank account password, social media passwords and really anything they can get their hands on. You need to update your antivirus if you believe you suffered such an attack from them.

  • Your Personal Data Stolen!

Here is another threat. Should you have paid for an item, then obviously, you would have had to give them your legit address. Now, that address, plus your real name etc, maybe put onto a scammers list. That list then is sold onto scammers for big profit. Only after have they collected many details will they make that big profit and is very worth their while financially speaking.



Similar Sites that are Fake Online Inflatable Toy Stores.

These Online Inflatable Toy Stores are seeming to be operating the same. They will say they are located in the USA and may even provide enough address details to find a business from it. However, there is no connection to any business that any of these sites claim they belong to. Most if not all are from China from the coming list and I have yet to expose them all individually. It is my hope, that releasing an early warning of them in this article, will help prevent fraud as I get round to them in time individually in time.

Should you find an address on anyone of their sites, and then cross check that address in any website registration database, they will not match. That is typical of how a fraudulent site hides its ID.

Please Share This List to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc – Especially Facebook as that is where many are finding these online stores and then being scammed:-



















Once again, all shares of this article really will help so many avoid these fake toy stores as many are falling victim. Thanks.


Report All Scam Sites to this websites email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com or below in the comments section.


Final Thoughts.

I really hope you Googled What Is Moncondy.com  before you bought anything from their site. The current site just reviewed, and all those other sites in that list, are online and reported as scams to watch out for. They will take your card details, charge you with swiftly, and then you won’t receive your item(s) – OR – you will receive a lesser quality item. Either ways, you won’t get to return it to exchange or get your money back. They really are very fraudulent. Do check your account to make sure you are not being charged without your knowing and put a stop to it if you are. As mentioned before, this website also shows others how to earn online. Those that are interested in 2 Free Websites and 7 Day Free Trial can get their account below. Alternative you can click HERE to learn to be your own boss from home, for those interested. Very much looking forward to all of your comments to come below.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Moncody.com – Is Moncody.com Scam or Legit Toy Store?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hola Maria,

      No son un sitio confiable.

      Solicite un reembolso y no vuelva a comprar en ese sitio. Reporte a BBB.ORG e IC3 también.

      Gracias, amablemente, María por tu informe de estafa de Mondcody.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maria,

      Awwww, lamento escuchar eso. Realmente soy.

      Eso es muy frío de ellos y no creo que vayan a enviarlo ahora.

      Puedes reportarlas en el enlace de abajo.

      También llame a su banco o a la fuente de pago que utilizó e intente que obtengan su devolución de dinero – devolución de cargo.

      Además, puede informarlos en el sitio web de rippoffreport. Scamadvisor com es otro buen sitio para reportarlas.

      En términos de recuperar su dinero, su mejor apuesta es la sugerencia que dije anteriormente.

      Realmente lamento escuchar esto. Esperaba no recibir un comentario como este porque sé que ahora hay una familia desilusionada en el mundo. Ugg, gracias también por informarlos. Ahora otros pueden ver que son malos y no son buenos para comprar.

      ~ Philip (testigo de estafa).



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