What Is Momo Baby Shark Challenge Video As Reported By Spanish Police?

By | March 28, 2019

Find Out What Is Momo Baby Shark Challenge Video Here – Our Momo Baby Shark Challenge Video Warning To All Parents.

Researching What Is Momo Baby Shark Challenge Video? Sick individuals targeting children in children’s videos telling them to cut their wrists, legs, without telling their parents, within ”Baby Shark” videos. Please be vigilant to what your kids are watching and we advise you scan through the videos to ensure there is not a scary/creepy character called ‘Momo’ instructing your kids in this manner. Report all links you find with this type of content in the comments below to help alert all parents.

Imagine, if you will, your kid is watching a You-Tube video such as Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, while you are doing chores, and a creepy character shows up. This character is called ‘Momo’.

Momo’ is instructing kids to go get a knife, razor, blade of some sort, and cut themselves without telling their parents or ‘Momo’ will kill them. This is so sickening and vile I simply can’t believe there are people out there actually inserting these clips into kids much loved videos! 



What this cyber-attack is and how to recognize it.

What Is ‘Momo’ and where it has shown up online.

Oir Advice.

Final Thoughts – Have Your Say.




Momo Baby Shark Challenge Exposed













What Is Momo Baby Shark Challenge Video – Police Warning!

It is not just Peppa Pig Videos these disgusting crooks are inserting these disturbing ‘Momo’ clips into. As said, it is also being inserted into kids videos known as ‘Baby Shark’ videos. These are kids videos that are popular and much loved. To fully answer What Is Momo Baby Shark Challenge Video the following are examples of what to watch out for. We will leave our sources through out of this article for you to continue your own research.


Baby Shark” is a popular kids song about a family of sharks that has been favored on social media, radio, and online videos. It has been so since 2010.


Momo "Baby Shark" Video

Popular “Baby Shark” Kids Song Video.



Below is an image of how this video begins:-




The video starts off with the “Baby Shark” song being sung. Half way through the video then we can see this creepy character show up. ‘Momo’ appears in the woods with various ‘Momo’ heads appearing and disappearing floating behind and between the trees in a dark forest.

Then we see the Momo Head speak in Spanish instructing the kids to go and get a knife, razor or scissors, and to cut themselves or he will get them.




The following video depicts the baby shark Momo challenge threat to kids:-


Source:- DailyMail.co.uk.




Where Is ‘Momo’ Showing Up Online?

‘Momo’ was located in Mexico March 2019 as depicted above. However, highly disturbed individuals have placed ‘Momo’, specifically targeting kids, in the follow areas online:-


  • Peppa Pig.

  • Fortnite.

  • Roblox.

  • WhatsApp.

  • I believe also in MineCraft as well. There maybe other locations. If you know of one then please do let everyone know below in the comments.


All of this nonsense began in 2013 on WhatsApp. Other sources say it started in March of 2018. Either ways, it has made its route round Spanish speaking communities first and foremost.


This ‘Momo’ is actually just a sculpture created by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso.


Momo Sculture

Visitor Taking a Photo with Sculture of Momo. 



Per the website KnowYourMeme.com it was part of a CreepyPasta Series on YouTube. With all of these instances, in so many popular resources online, it has become somewhat of a an urban internet myth, however, it is estimated that 130 fatalities have occurred due to it. Apparently, this has NOT be substantiated per our research.


Here Is One Of Those CreepyPasta Videos Below:-




‘Momo Challenge’ – Fact or Urban Myth?

In 2018 there is an Indonesian Newspaper that reported a fatality due to this kind of challenge. Sources online are conflicting tremendously over this phenomenon and many say it is a hoax.

This ‘hoax’ was driven by social media and media outlets over estimating the actual harm it was causing, per relatively few reports.

The ‘Tasks’ tell adolescents and younger to self harm, attack and even worse. 

Despite the apparent lack of actual reports of self harm then maybe we should take this all with a pinch of salt. However, it would do no harm to take a few steps to ensure kids are not being exposed to this kind of ‘pranking’ – as some have called it.

Either ways, authorities, schools etc, have put out their own warnings about this kind of challenge. Another apparently fake challenge is called the Blue Whale Challenge.

It appears that all of this is fueled by unsubstantiated reports and driven by ‘Moral Panic’ from parents worries about what their kids are doing on their own devices.


What Is Your Opinion On This?



Our Advice.

Don’t let online reports cause you to panic. It is this ‘panic’ that is inflating what many deem as a hoax. The reports of self harm do NOT appear to be proven and so simply watch over what your kids are viewing online.


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