What Is MokoKu.com – Is MokoKu.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 5, 2019

What Is MokoKu.com about – Our ‘MokoKu’ Review. What Is MokoKu Closet?

This is a review to answer What Is Mokoku.com located at www.mokoku.com. Is Mokoku.com a fraud, scam, fake and bogus or Is ‘Mokoku’ safe, trustworthy, real, safe and legit? This ‘Mokoku Closet’ review has previously made a very odd connection to other sites by their phone number of +44020 3286 6639. How can so many companies online be using the same phone number?




Is www.mokoku.com a scam?



Clearly, that is impossible and so we should use caution. Least one of their sites that we have reviewed has been widely reported as a scam site. You may read about that site called VeniDress.com. Also, another site using that number is Eavah.com as well. 

‘Mokoku’ was registered July of 2018 and only for 1 year they have registered that site. That is not a very long time to invest in your own online business. It could be the founder just wants to see how their biz will go with the option to renew.

Typically though, that is indicative of an online scam. We are not convinced of their legitimacy just yet. So, we are waiting on your customer reviews to shed more light on that site.

If at such time too many bad reviews come through about them in our List of Internet Scammers.

Your reports are an invaluable contribution to online safety as the Internet is riddled with loop-holes putting customers at risk.

That is it on What Is Mokoku.com and look forward to your reviews below. Those with reports about other sites are welcome to leave them in the link directly below.



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