What Is MoFastShop.com – Is ‘MoFastShop’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 24, 2019

Find Out What Is MoFastShop.com Here – The ‘MoFastShop’ Review.

Excellent research to find out What Is MoFastShop.com situated at www.mofastshop.com. Is MoFastShop com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, deceptive or is ‘MoFastShop’ legit, real, genuine, safe e-store? This ‘MoFast Shop’ Review may turn out to be a warning against that store. We will see. Those that feel they were scammed by them are welcome to report them in the comments below. We will source our info online to save you time. Ultimately, it is up to you what you do with this research presented below.

Presently the net is being swamped with so many fake online stores that it is becoming harder to distinguish good stores from the bad ones. Most of the fake e-stores are stemming from China. Where unwary customers purchase from dishonest stores then you run the risk of having your payment information being breached. You should contact your payment provider and seek a refund if nothing arrives, shoddy, inferior, replica goods arrive to your door for your hard earned cash.




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MoFastShop.com Review – Trustworthy or Not? – Let’s Find Out…

In order to determine if we can trust MoFastShop.com or not we have to take a few easy to do steps. We need to locate types of info that honest stores will have present either at their sites registration or on their site. Then we must see if that info checks out as legit or false. Where they have hidden too much of this data then we can’t recommend you shop with them. Lets find out about ‘MoFastShop’ in our ‘MoFast Shop’ Review.




www.mofastshop.com warning?



Registration date for their domain was in 2018/06/26 and 1 year is all they have registered for. 1 year online is a bad sign. Honest sites tend to register for many years going forward. They know that it takes time to make it online and have the ‘Internet’ learn to trust them through a proven record of good service and honesty. Right now, 1 year is typical of a hit-and-run site. But not enough to call them a scam.

Business address at registration is NY, US. Very bad sign and there is no need to hide their businesses real world location like this. It should always be a contactable address. That is not. 

No founder name and really now we do not even know who we are giving our payment information to. This is a disastrous start for sure. We must now go to their site and see if there is legit info. If not, we can not recommend them – at the very least.

service@mofastshop.com is all I see. Anyone get a response from that address? 17track.net is what they have put for you to track your order. If your order is not showing up there then you may be dealing with scammers – especially – if they said that it is with that company en-route to you.

If there is an address they have unnecessarily hidden it from view. It should be clearly place in their ‘CONTACT US’ section or something obvious like that. No phone number or owner name. I know that personally I could not give my payment information to a site that hides everything about themselves that customers simply need for support.




‘MoFast Shop’ Scam Signs.

  • The above is enough for me never to shop at an e-store without transparency, ‘transparency’, that we could easily verify. As said, there is just no need to hide all that information unless you are being deceptive. And yes, that is considered being ‘deceptive online for selling stores of any kind that provide a service in exchange for cash.
  • They are only 8 months old and already they can afford to give you 50% and 60% off many of their products! This sounds more like an end of season or closing down sale. I am not convinced by those reductions and so too-good-to-be-true prices is nearly always a sign of a scam.
  • No address,
  • No owner name.
  • Phone number does not exist for customers.
  • 1 complaint online that ‘water’ and ‘soap’ was delivered instead of the actual paid for order. Never a good sign to see a report like that. 
  • We found a very strange re-direct to another site that we will be exposing in our next article. Stay tuned for that.
  • Generously, on top of their huge discounts, they are giving away free shipping as well. All ‘scary’ scam signs for ‘me’ anyways. I am still not convinced.
  • Their McAffee Trust Seal simply is not clickable. This means they have not been endorsed by McAffee and this is only a trick to make you trust them. I see this on several scam sites regularly.







Final Thoughts.

I ma not recommending their site and feel that they could be a scam site. However, ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ is my ‘official’ stance on their site due to the overwhelm of negative reports online and for the reasons stated above. All are welcome to leave their own views in the comments below to help shed light on their site. That is all on What Is MoFastShop.com and looking forward to hearing from you and others below.


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