What Is ModishShe – Is ModishShe.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 27, 2019

What Is ModishShe about – ModishShe Review.

Welcome to your answer on What Is ModishShe found at www.modishshe.com. Is ModishShe a scam, crooked, fraudulent or Is Modish She legit, real, genuine, good, safe? This www ModishShe com Review is a possible scam alert. I have my suspicions but we must complete the research fully so do read this whole review to find out more. Those that perhaps were scammed by this company are welcome to leave your own reviews and or scam reports in the comments to help warn others. If defrauded, then contact your bank for a refund and to cancel your card.

Many times fake and fraudulent shopping sits are coming from China and that is sticky point when making purchases online. So many times they will not give an address at their sites registration and then give a UK, USA address to garner legitimacy. Or give a UK/USA address (usually incomplete) and then give a China address at their site. We will be watching for any deceptive-tricks like this going forward in this ModishShe Review.



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ModishShe Review – Trusted or Fraudulent? – What Is ModishShe All About Anyways.

We are now going to be doing a quick analysis of their site for misleading, false information and to find out the owner name, location and contact information. Where this is missing at ModishShe.com then we may not be able to recommend them as a legit online store. Trusted sites will tend to leave such information freely and abundantly. Lets find out more in this ModishShe Review.



Let’s Find Out If www.ModishShe.com Is Safe or Not!



  1. Registration date of this site was in 2016/10/27 and registered right though same date in 2019. So scam sites will only tend to go online for 1 or 2 years and then shut down. Sometimes they will shut down well ahead of time, maybe even a few weeks or months, and do so without warning. 
  2. They have not left a full address and that is disappointing because scammers tend to not leave their exact location. Many times it is an incomplete address like the one left that is Shan Xi. That is not good enough for a professional and legit site (supposedly, yet to decide) and actually, there is no need for this. This is the problem. This only makes people very suspicious. 
  3. No founder name!! That is a huge one and already many would just assume they are scammers and leave their site. But, let us give more lee-way and check what information they have on their site, if any.
  4. So there is a complete address I am happy to say. That address is Room 816, 15th Building, 1122 Xinjinqiao Rd, Pudong Dis, Shanghai. That is East China Coast. So that is a bad sign as most scamming shopping sites are from China, as said. But, that is not to say all sites from this location are scams. We must take each one on their own merits – of lack thereof.
  5. Phone Number is 86-17301192901. So ’86’ is the country code to China so number and address match up. Email is service@modishshe.com. Anyone receive a response from that email address?
  6. I do not see a Founder Name on their Site! No name. That is not right and huge cause for concern. Now, I must say this without damning another site unfairly, but for me – there is not a chance I would order from a site where I do not know the founders name. 
  7. But also, for the few reports that appear to be online, there are more complaints then there are good reports. ACTUALLY – I have not seen one good report yet! Moreover, I saw in the Google returns, which I can’t find again 🙂 , 80% off of some of their cloths. That is too high and a scam sign to watch out for. Because that is a loss of profit if they are giving away their high quality looking cloths at such reduced prices – may just be too-good-to-be-true.




‘ModishShe’ Scam Signs.

So, lets recap:-

  1. No founder name.
  2. Address from China.
  3. They have merchandise that is of a high quality but prices, for me, seem incredibly low.
  4. There are reports online of dresses being delivered, out of six dresses, 1 was wearable. The rest were thrown out.
  5. Least 1 report of someone receiving their order where it was completely different to what was being advertised. That is common with scam sites.
  6. They have a Facebook page with plenty of likes etc, but hardly no comments. So, why no comments? With all those likes and shares? Perhaps too many complaints? I can’t know this for sure.
  7. The comments I did see where someone asked if anyone ordered from this company, and, actually received their order? That is an incredibly worrying sign. Why would anyone ask this? The owners of that page then asked if there was anything they could do for that person. The question was asked and they chose to ignore it by giving a glib reply. It just does not look right to me.
  8. There is also at least 1 BBB.ORG scam report not recommending this company for being a scam.
  9. Comments on the 2 YouTube videos I found are all Negative!



Below is a 2 and a half minute YouTube video of someone ordering from ModishShe. Do check out the comments if you want and you will see some very unhappy customers.




Thank you for the review from YouTube Channel Nautica Uptgrow! 






Do you have a ModishShe.com Review of your own or Scam Report? Feel Free To Drop That In The Comments Below – Thank You.








Not Recommended







Final Thoughts.

Even perhaps the verdict should be scam. However, since they have been online for sometime now, and the reports are relatively low, I don’t feel comfortable calling them a scam. Even good companies get bad reports. However, I don’t see much or any effort on their parts to correct these reports. They have many things going against them as well. So, you tell meSCAM OR LEGIT? What has your experience been?


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That is all we have time for today on What Is ModishShe at www.modishshe.com. I hope it has been of great use to you and saved you time in your own research. Those with questions are welcome to ask below. Those with reports are also welcome to sound-off in the comments and so let us get this conversation started on this company. I personally am not happy to buy from this company due to the reasons given above. Not recommended I believe is fair. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to reading your views in the comments below. 



5 thoughts on “What Is ModishShe – Is ModishShe.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Charnecea

    This site is a scam ordered pants a month ago and haven’t received them yet the emails they send is fake and no real company takes this long to deliver

    1. Salina

      I totally agree I ordered something on May 30th an never received my package yet now I’m going to get my bank involved an take legal action

  2. Victoria English

    I ordered jeans and they never arrived. When i contacted them they said to contact my mail carrier. My mail goes in a locked box. Shop no they were never delivered and i never received a refund or apology

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Contact your payment provider Victoria and tell them what is going on. If a site is a scam then it is too unlikely they will refund. Let us know how this goes if time permits when resolved.


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