What Is ModiFair.com – Is ‘ModiFair’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion E-Store?

By | April 6, 2019

What Is ModiFair.com about – Our ‘ModiFair’ Review / Scam Alert!

Welcome to our review on What Is ModiFair.com at www.modifair.com. Is ModiFair com a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘ModiFair’ Legit, safe, genuine, trustworthy and real? This ‘Modi Fair’ Review maybe a scam alert because they are using the same phone number as BohoShow.com. That number is 02085821259. You can Google that number and you will see other companies using it as well.

How can so many companies be using the same customer service phone number? It is obvious that it is one phone number per company and so always Google information of this nature on any e-store you land on. Below are more reasons why we believe ‘ModiFair’ is may not legit and may only be a scam site. We are open to discussion on this and so do let us know what you think in the comments below.




Is www.modifair.com a scam?



What Is ModiFair.com About – Maybe Its Not All A Scam?

What I find a little strange about all of these fake e-stores (where proven fake) is that, after people buy from these stores and clearly end up with something other than what they thought they were getting, seem to turn around and give such sites good reviews. So, it seems that people maybe cognizant that such sites maybe dealing in knock-offs and so rate them according to that standard. Is ModiFair.com one of these sites, and, what is your expectation of them?

Registration for their site began in 2018/07/24 and set to expire same date in 2019. Obviously the founder can renew that site if he, she, or they wish to. But, 1 year online as a registration length does cast some suspicion on such sites as a general rule. A low-key scam sign in my view though, given there could be a legit reason for this.

No founder name and really there is no need to hide this information. They have an address of only Bei Jing. That simply is not good enough to win our trust. Where are they from exactly?

It is not too much for their customers to know where they are based and it is actually normal to have this information displayed on businesses websites.

Anyways, they do not appear to have it on their site either nor do they have their own founders name. Now do you see why I am suspicious, and not to mention as we have already done so, they are using a phone number already in use. They alludes that the people behind this site are running multiple fashion sites.

We see an email of service@modifair.com. Anyone get a response from the phone number or the email?




Final Thoughts.

We do not see Trust Seals like McAffee that can be clicked to help us verify they have been vetted and cleared of any suspicion. This would really help if they had, to a point.

There are other things like the prices. Why have they discounted all of the products on their home page? That is too much and I imagine would only lead to a reduction or loss of revenue.

It would make sense however if they were sending out lesser quality items and so make a profit that way. 

Also, up to 60% off is a huge reduction! They are also giving a further 12% discount if you buy two items. That is a double-profit-hit to themselves. Maybe too-good-to-be-true? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Those that received their goods – would you recommend them?

Still waiting on your order?

All are welcome to report them below, positive or negative according to your experience.

For now, we will NOT RECOMMENDED this site until we receive an adequate amount of reports about them. At which point we will either give them a ‘legit’ or ‘scam’ rating.

Thank you for coming by and that is all on What Is ModiFair.com.

Over to you…



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