What Is Modiboho.com – Is ‘Modiboho’ Scam Or Legit Ladies E-Store?

By | March 19, 2019

Find Out What Is Modiboho.com – The ‘Modiboho’ Review.

You are most welcome to our review on What Is Modiboho.com found at www.modiboho.com. Is Modiboho com a fraud, scam, deceptive, fake or Is ‘Modiboho’ real, safe, legit, genuine? This www Modiboho com Review is going to try do some research to try to find out if they are legit or not. We do have some concerns. Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave that information in the comments below to help others decide or themselves.



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Modiboho.com Review – Your Reports Are Needed.

As you can probably tell for that title above, there are very little complaints online about this website. We have to do some research, simple to do that anyone can do, to make up your own mind. It is typical for honest businesses have to have displayed their business address, contact data, owner name and when that site was registered. Where this info is not available, or falsified, then should use caution.




www.modiboho.com scam alert!



Registration was in 2018/09/17 and only for a year is all they have invested in this online business. Those that go into business know that it can take some years before you brand is trusted and to make good profits. 1 year or just two years is not a lot of time. So this may indicate a hit-and-run site.

Not always though. It could be this person wants to see how their online business will fair. So they have the choice to renew their website and so we must keep that in mind as well.

The address left in WHOIS is Bei Jing and there is no founder name. We must go to their site to see if there is  more information on this. Sometime founders may not submit this info at site registration to avoid spam.

But, once again, not always. It could be that such sites are trying to hide their real location. If this is the case, why is this so?

We do have an address in their ‘CONTACT US’ page. That address is bogus! IT IS NOT THEIRS! I have personally witnessed this address being used by many fake sites online. MANY!!!

So that is a very bad sign and our first ‘signal’ to be use ‘caution’. You may Google QANDIES LIMITED 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London England, SE13 6EE. Here is just ONE REPORT on that address by a clearly different site.


HERE IS ANOTHER REPORT about another website business using that address.


YET ANOTHER REPORT ON THE SAME ADDRESS from another online business.

THERE ARE LOADS OF BUSINESSES ONLINE USING THAT ADDRESS! That address is notoriously used by online scams. Right now, based just on the fact they have used a scammers address, in an attempt to hide their real location (because ‘Beig Jing’ is an incomplete address) I am ‘leaning’ towards ‘Modiboho’ being a scam site. If I am wrong I have 30 days to make corrections per my sites Privacy Policy Page.

Use ‘Caution’ with sites that use that address!

Per website addressesandpostcodes.co.uk the phone number of 0919 113 3000. Now, if that number is a service that provides digital addresses for businesses then clearly that is not going to be useful to make contact with the site in question.

service@modiboho.com is their email address. Anyone get any response from this email?

The phone number on their website is 02085821259.

So I have not yet counted the number of other websites that are using the phone number they have clearly displayed on their site.

How can so many different companies have the exact same phone number?! – SCAM! – AND THE SAME BUSINESS ADDRESS!


Bongwig.com  is using the same number. De-Reviews Review Here calls them a scam site. They too recognize that it is not right to see so many other companies with same business details.

You can go ahead and Google that phone number and see what we see. 



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  • The research above is enough to call them a scam site. That is not right that so many different businesses be having the same business addresses. With scam networks they tend to use the same info of this nature. Always Google addresses, phone numbers, emails etc, and see what Google turns up.
  • When many sites use that info, and or you see negative reports attached to said info, BUYER BEWARE!
  • Not everyone can be lying about the same data.
  • So we checked out their Facebook Page and we can see that most of the comments have been ‘filtered’. Why would a legit FB page ‘filter’ most of their comments? That tells me that they maybe hiding complaints. For me, that is a dead give away.
  • I have seen legit sites get bad comments and have seen the FB admins respond to help. 
  • WHOIS registration says ‘Bei Jing’. Then their site gives us an address in Lewisham. One resource we listed gives us a phone attached to that address. That phone number is different supplied by ‘Modi Boho’. Nothing is ‘syncing’ right regarding their business info.
  • Some of their prices are just too-good-to-be-true! I see over 50% and 66% off of certain items. That is only to lose profit if their original prices are to be believed. Always Google the names of the goods to compare prices because many times, when sites are fake, they will lie about prices.
  • So where we see cheap prices, then we see high quality goods, WATCH OUT! I have seen one scam site say that ‘you will get what you pay for’ on their Facebook Page. That is the truth when they are falsely advertising high-end-wears but really you are sent shoddy, inferior, damaged, cheaply made goods.







Final Thoughts.

I am not convinced at all they are a legit and safe site. They are a scam site! Too much is wrong by design here. Prices too cheap. No founder name. Some info attached to many other websites. Some bad reports attached to their sites info as well. Not good at all.

They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers.

We are not saying you will not get your order. But, it may be so you may get cheaper versions per their prices. Returns may be hard to achieve as such sites will put that cost on their customers. In this event then it is mostly not possible to make returns when it may cost more than the order costs.

That is all on What Is Modiboho.com and I am looking forward to hearing from you and others below in the comments. Thank you for coming by and you are invited to share this article to help others avoid their site.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!







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    there is a company mykedd.com selling very cheap massage tables…I paid for one, and never get my order delivered. nobody answer on emails, there is no phone to call . WHAT TO DO?


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