What Is ModestMint.com? – Is ‘ModestMint’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 7, 2019

What Is ModestMint.com about? – Our ‘ModestMint’ Review.

Here is your ModestMint.com Review to answer What Is ‘ModestMint, is www.modestmint.com a scam or is it legit and safe? This review is going to thoroughly route through their website and see all the attached info online to make a decision on them. There are things about legit companies that fake sites never adhere to. So if we see such scam signs then we will be sharing them in our review of ‘Modest Mint’.

Those that want to share your own reviews are welcome to do such in the comments. You can report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame if you are certain they are not legit. Those that may be interested, I show people how to make money online from their own work efforts. To this end, you are welcome to view our research into Ways to Earn Online – Start Up For Free!




Scam or Legit?




ModestMint.com Review – Scam or Legit.

  1. Now we must do some research before we can think about buying anything from any new website such as ModestMint.com. It is never advised you hand over your payment information to a new site if you are anyway uncertain of them. This is an excellent way to lose your hard earned cash and so always look for reviews before making purchases anywhere online.
  2. We see their site was registered online in 2019/06/22 and one year is all they have invested in their new start up at the moment. So with legit businesses they tend to register for about five years or longer. They know the first 1 or 2 years is a wash out in terms of building your biz and growing your presence / trust.
  3. They have listed ‘PANAMA‘ as their location but not given a real address in order to write to them. Certainly a business without a real contact address is only bringing suspicion upon themselves.
  4. Anyways, we go to their site to see if they have a phone number, founders name and email address. We see the email address of service@modestmint.com.
  5. That shows up in Google in a number of places. There are a few places on page 1 of Google for that email address I simply would not trust. Too many times I have seen reviews about sites that were glowing only to see the site itself is a fake.
  6. ModestMint.com has limited forms of contact for their customers and that is a very bad sign. We see many times fake sites will only leave an email address that you may or may not get a response from. How has it been for you with contacting them?






Final Thoughts.

So that now concludes our review or ModestMint.com. Were you scammed by them? Do you believe them to be a scam? Let us know below in the comments before we can make a sound decision on whether we can trust that new site or not. Thanks for coming by and why not check out our list of scam alerts over the past week to keep up to date below.





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