What Is ModernPays.com – Is ModernPays.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 4, 2018

What Is ModernPays.com – The Risks with HYIP’s.

New to HYIP’s? Not sure what one is? You definitely need to read this then. Welcome, this article will lay out for you What Is ModernPays.com very simply. Those asking is ModernPays com fake, fraudulent and filled with malware, dishonest, a scam or is ModernPays good, honest, real, genuine and a great way to make a shed load of cash fast?! Well, some will do well. Most will just get ripped off. Their business model is so illegal and I am not expecting to hear a whole lot of truth on their site or about their ownership details. Below is vital research displayed for you if you are thinking about investing with ModernPays in this Modern Pays Review.

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What Is ModernPays.com – Why Most Will Lose Their Money.

ModerPays.com Site

I will not detailing their affiliate commissions or how much you can earn from them. They do that themselves. Instead, I will detail to you why they are a flagrantly dishonest investment opportunity. Let us first begin to see if we can find out who build up this amazing new “British multinational corporation” that “rapidly became one of the major leads in wholesale electricity” <<- not true.

All websites will have to, or chose to, leave legit details when they first register their own website online. This requires a real world address, email support, number and of course founder name. I can see that there is no name associated with this website, their address listed is ‘WA’, which is Washington DC – USA – and ‘someone’ created that site on the 29/08/2018. They are only listed for 1 year. Serious coporates would list longer. Anyways, their are no serious business details.

UK Company Registered?

They have no documentation to prove that statement. Also, one can go to the Companies House website and search their database to see if their company is registered under ModernPays. You will find there is not one. So, they are lying about that. They are not based in the UK either as we have already found out their real physical location, or at least, they one they have left in WHOIS.

Real Investment in Electricity Wholesale?

Nope, they are a Ponzi Scheme! That is an illegal scheme that just sucks money out of large groups of people and such business models have collapsed whole communities, and responsible for weakening currencies in the economically challenged countries. The owners are usually unknown and so you can’t even get them arrested. They promise big pay outs relative to investment. The chances of you earning are nearly zero!

Best Time To Invest?

Never, but many will. The best time to invest in any scheme of this nature is the first 14 days. After that then you are playing with fire. The most vulnerable group of people to be scammed are newcomers to this kind of venture. They end up losing thousands of dollars some times. There is no way to get your cash back without knowing the ID of the owner.

How it Works.

How it all Works

Simply sign up and choose your investment level. Then you simply wait for the assigned period of time and receive back your promised percentages plus your initial investment. Early investors may do quite well and then just leave. They are the experienced ones. The ones with no experinece may get paid once, some small amount, be tempted to try again and likely get taken to the cleaners.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

It is a scheme that does not provide anything of value i.e. no real product or service for monies exchanged. You input money into something like ModerPays and cross your fingers you receive it back plug profits. Should you be lucky enough to earn then someone else just got ripped off. Over 90% of investors will lose all of their moneystay clear!

Scam Signs on their Site.

Many of their page links are simply not working. When I click on their FAQ’s page then that page just crashes. They say they have been a registered company since 2017 bu that is already proven to be a lie by their own registration details. Who would invest money with people that lie to them from the get go? Well, many actually. 


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Know of another online scam?

You can report any sites that have scammed you, or ones you believe are a scam, to my sites email here at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. Don’t forget to check the comments for additional info if you see any.



Final Thoughts.

That is nearly on this website but to recap. They ask all to join up and recommend you give your real money to unknown people. That is blind trust. When sites like theirs begin to age then the chances of getting paid any money dwindle drastically. It is not uncommon to see your own account suddenly inaccessible. Support may become belligerent and blame the group as a whole, or my personal favorite, ‘the system’ for lack of payments. It is a disgusting, low way, to earn money online. Those that have been scammed are welcome to report them below.

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