What Is MissinDress.com – Is ‘MissinDress’ Scam or Legit? Review!

By | May 19, 2019

Find Out If You Trust MissinDress.com Here – Our ‘MissinDress’ Review.

Welcome! Those that want answers to some questions like What Is MissinDress.com, Is ‘MissinDress’ safe or untrustworthy, have found your search ends here. They are a relatively new site and registered online since 2018. The only thing that has us worried is there is limited business transparency. However, does that make them a scam?

Let us take a deeper look into them, but before we do, those that have customer reviews of this Online Ladies Fashion Store are asked to leave your reviews below in the comments area. This is the sure-fire way to answer ‘scam or legit’ once and for all.







MissinDress.com Review.

  • There are limited reports online about MissinDress.com and so we see someone complaining that its taking more than 3 weeks, and another saying they are not a scam and they have received their goods. Perhaps the only problem, if we can call it that, is the time it takes to get your goods? Otherwise, they are legit? This could be so, like we said, your customer reviews will settle this for everyone else.
  • We begin to see what is what with them by seeking out some business information. As always, we are seeking founder name, business address, contact information and site date registration. We have already taken a look within their site and see limited forms of customer support. Typically, not a good sign.
  • We check out their FAQ’s and their cloths sizes are in Asian. So that is their region more than alluded to. They are shipping World Wide with 30 Days Returns. Why they are not charging Tax on their goods is not something I understand. Is it not normal to charge those taxes?
  • Returns are shipped to a Warehouse in Shanghai, and it should be said, most fake e-stores are from this region. Since there are not too many bad reports on them, then we can offer the benefit of the doubt and hope they are safe and legit.
  • Email address of service@missindress.com is all they have for customer support and so where is their phone number and exact business address? 
  • WHOIS shows us they registered their site in 2018/12/10 for just 2 years. So that is a short amount of time to set up any kind of a business. The person or people behind this site could be work from home entrepreneurs and so they do not have to supply their home address as their biz address. That is understood.
  • But, without such credentials, and also without stipulating founder name, how can we trust this website? These details are standard and are expected. Such e-stores routinely do not offer such information and it is like people are becoming sensitized to a ‘new normal’ of not expecting it either.
  • 10% off first order, plus 12% discount coupon, and we see high quality goods at prices that maybe too-good-to-be-true. Did you get exactly what you ordered for your cash? And no! Not did you get what ‘you were happy with’ – EXACTLY WHAT YOU ORDERED?
  • This is important as there are too many e-stores advertising high quality wears and then send out inferior products. We are not saying that about ‘MissinDress’ but only that it happens and so we wish to see it is not happening in this instance.



Reduced Prices on ALL Items on their Home Page.

No Founder Name.

Customer Phone Number Absent.

Business Address Not Apparent. 

No business transparency is an attribute of a scam site.Just so that is
not interpreted wrongly, it is an 'attribute' and not a condemnation that they 
a fake site. 

We Will Leave That Determination To Your MissinDress.com Customer Reviews.

Final Thoughts.

I hope that helps in your search to know more about this company. I see that their reductions appear quite reasonable but still I feel there are too many savings here. Even they do not charge tax on their sales and I am wondering how is this normal. 

I am not trained in that area and so welcome to an explanation in layman’s terms – thank you.

Those with questions are welcome to pose them in the comments where we will be very happy to assist you if we can. That concludes our short review about What Is MissinDress.com and look forward to your reviews below.




4 thoughts on “What Is MissinDress.com – Is ‘MissinDress’ Scam or Legit? Review!

  1. Shaniqua

    This website is a scam I’ve been going back-and-forth with these someone for two months and that person is telling me that I received my Packages I ordered three things from The website and I only received one item and that person is telling me that I received two how is that possible how if I don’t have it this person lied so much this is so crazy I didn’t receive my two birthday outfits and they don’t want to give me my refund They are definitely a scam

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You should probably then per your own report apply for a refund. Let us know how this goes if you like.

  2. frazier guy

    I ordered an item on the 28th of Oct. ’19, and is yet to receive it today is the 12th of Nov. “19. I suspect a scam. I paid using PayPal.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You have 180 days to apply for a refund with PayPal. Take screen shots of any communication receipts etc. Try to contact MiniDress and record such attempts and record them as proof. Let us know how this works out Frazier sometime – thank you for your report also.


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