What Is MineFund.Club – Scam or Legit? Be Wise, Read Here 1st!

By | August 10, 2018


What Is MineFund.Club and Can You Earn Easy Money?!

Thank you for visiting our website today 🙂 as we begin to answer What Is MineFund.Club. Other questions like:- Is MineFund. Club real? Is Mine Fund Club false and risky? In this non-member MindFund Review we shall also seek to answer who owns this new HYIP Platform. Ultimately, we will consider how easy and likely you will earn the returns they are promising. In our examination of their offer and website we do have some concerns for your consideration. Let us now find out if your investments will yield easy money or not.


Company:- https://minefund.club. 

Founder:- Not Disclosed.

Registered Online:- 08/08/2018 and Registered for 1 Year Online.

Affiliate Program:- 5% Referral Commission Spends. ‘Regional Representatives’ earn 8%.

Scam/Legit:- SeeFinal Thoughtsat the end of this article.

Farewell Note:- Contains our Recommendation to Earn Online.



1st Article Online to Answer What Is MineFund.Club.

To begin, let us see if you can locate owner details. We have said that there is no Founder Name registered online in WHOIS. Then we look to their site. We also find there is no Founder Name relocatable. This is important as legit site, usually, have their owner mentioned somewhere in their online operation.

They have mentioned that they are registered with Companies House, UK Legit Business Registration, but they have not supplied any evidence of this. Bottom of their site, there is the Companies House Logo, and when you click it then the page reloads to the Home Page – Not Legit Claim!!


Investment Levels:-

There are Four Levels that run commissions based on 4 Hour Periods and they are as follows:-


Min Deposit:- $10.

Max:- $1000.

ROI:- 40%.


Min Deposit:- $50.

Max:- $2500.

ROI:- 63%.


Min Deposit:- $100.

Max:- $5000.

ROI:- 108%.


Min Deposit:- $200.


ROI:- 137%.



How They Operate to Earn Money for Their Members and Themselves.

Easy Money or a Fraud?

So! New members sign up and make their investment according to the four options. Obviously, the more you invest then the more is promised back to you. Once in it seems you just have to wait for 4 hours to gain back your money plus interest. 

This whole operation is completely dependent on new people signing up, making their investments, and then waiting for their own returns. This New Money is then distributed to some members (not all) where the bulk may very well be kept by the creator.

After just Two Weeks Online payments to members may just be dependent on luck. The older the site becomes the harder it is to get in New Investors. This is obviously going to lead to a sheer lack of funds to pay older investors. 

This inherent weakness, as dictated by their own business model, forever needs to replenish memberships or continue to fall into worse and un-payable debt to its members.

Here is the classic HYIP (High Yield Investment Program – an old con), otherwise known, as a Ponzi Scheme. Such Ways of Earning Money are Not Legal because 90+ end up losing their money

Many of these operations are cropping up daily and it appears you can buy a website template, of this nature, for around $210 – not a lot when you know how to hide your online ID, get free traffic, automated payment processor and blind trust from participants.


How it Ends in Disaster!

As you may know, when New Sign Ups Stop, then we see there are no more new investors. No more new investors clearly means no more new money. When there is no cash to give to older investors then we see they can’t get even their initial investment(s) back, never mind profits. At this point, such operations will just shut down their site and take the money. Some maybe lucky to get payments but it is very sporadic and vastly unlikely for most participants.

Sites using such a business model can collapse at any time!


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Glaring Scam Signs.

Below is a list of the things that I have noticed, that tells me without doubt, we may not be dealing with a legit site:-

  • Appears to have lied about being registered with Companies House.
  • No Founder can be located.
  • Rules and Agreements of MineFund take no liabiliy legally if you lose your money, and by using their site, you agree that your transactions are private and not account to any laws anywhere.
  • Their copyright at the bottom of their page is from 2018-2023 – but they are only registered online for 1 Year.
  • “Days Online 0” – per their own site, yet, they have paid out nearly $8000!

There are other signs, I won’t bore.



Final Thoughts.

We are not confident that MineFund.Club is Legit and Safe. Since most of their participants may lose all of their monies, we are safely classifying them as a scam, and warn others not to take the risk. Of course, the choice is yours. 

Were you paid by MineFund or Not?

Let us know your experiences with this website in the comments below to help inform others.


Thank you once again for checking out our opinion on What Is MineFund.Club and we hope it has helped you in your own research online. Those seeking legal ways to earn online may want to consider a site that has helped myself earn consistently. They have been online since 2005 and have shown newbies how to earn money online by having their own website. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they offer all new comers a Free Lifetime Account HERE for those interested. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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