What Is MillyMall.com – Is ‘MillyMall’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | February 10, 2019

Discover What Is MillyMall.com – ‘MillyMall’ Review.

Welcome and your ‘click’ has brought you to the answers on What Is MillyMall.com found at www.millymall.com. Is MillyMall a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest or Is MillyMall legit, real, safe and genuine? This Milly Mall Review may turn out to be a scam alert! Below is real time research to help you decide for your self. If ‘you’ were scammed then you are welcome to leave your own reviews below this article to help warn others. For now, I can say, there are negative reports online about them. Let us find out if they are real of fake

The Internet is hosting a too high proportion of fake shopping sites relative to legit ones. Fake e-stores mostly come out of China. The replica clothing industry online is so popular people are actually looking for ‘good’ replica clothing. Just know, you may receive goods where the stitching is too poor, too inferior to real version, damaged goods and perhaps even stolen goods. Those whom have been waiting excessive delivery times (if anyone) may want to contact your payment provider for a refund and also to possibly cancel your card. 





More On What Is MillyMall.com – ‘MillyMall’ Background Check, Complaints – Verdict.

Right now I am still not too sure on the answer to What Is MillyMall.com. Usually we give the answer right off the bat but in this case as we have not done the research yet. So, we are going to do it together. You may follow along if you like to have some fun practice is determining the legitimacy of this site. These steps can be applied to any site that offers services in exchange for cash or anything of monetary value. Lets begin this ‘MillyMall’ Review for real.


scam or legit

Analyzing www.millymall.com. (image taken with thanks from clipart.email with their permission.


So we begin with their registration date. That one piece of information will or may tell us something valuable about their state of mind when registering their domain. You see, legit and honest sites know it may take some years before they become a pretty well known brand online in their niche.

1 year online for instance is considered deceptive, and I suppose it would be akin, to applying for a long term career job and telling your future employer you only want to work for him/her for 1 year. It is considered suspicious at best.

I see that their registration began 2018/12/12 until 2019/12/12/ and 1 year is all they decided to make a brand name for their merchandise online. Bad start. But then again, maybe they just want to see how the first year goes and if it is worth the effort. Two sides of the coin type of thing…

96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, M6K 3M1, CA is not their address. Many other online companies using that address currenty. Seems like an address supplied by a hosting provider. This has the negative consequence of hiding online scammers or even legit online businesses. 

Now we must rely on the information supplied by ‘MillyMall’ site and verify it is legit and they are who they say they are.

Hmmm, the address on their site of International House, 64 Nile Street, London, England, N1 7SR looks suspiciously familiar. It appears to be the address of a computer repair and maintenance business in London and not theirs. One Google search of that and you will see that info for yourself.

However, I can’t think for the life of me which other site we recently exposed using that as well. Just know, and of course, how can more than 1 business be using and claiming the same address as their own? Bad sign indeed.

No founder name is listed anywhere online for the site in question. Email support is cooperation@millymall.com. Has anyone got a response from that email. Their business name also is called QUANDIES LIMITED and there are many other online e-stores using that name as well.

For me, that is a complete fail for transparency on who they are and where they are really from. There is too many conflicts of address ownership. I have reviewed legit sites, and time and time again, I see them listing off several addresses per global location per offices.

So not seeing real addresses would put me off buying from such a store. Do be careful with them and do further research to be sure of your own purchasing decision regarding them.





‘MillyMall’ Scam Signs.

Knowing where to look on any site and what to look out for can save you from all future scams. We will look now at ‘MillyMall’s’ scam signs and see how many we can find. If too many then we should think long and hard before handing over our payment info to a site that has not even a listed a founder name.

No phone number! Do you see one?

Only an email for contact.

Using another’s address. Used a different address at site registration in WHOIS. Why the conflict of this information? Multiple addresses can indicate your order maybe coming out side of your country. Those with addresses on any parcels received are welcome to let us all know in the comments below.

Up to 50% Off seems a bit too generous to me. Of course, we have all see ‘50% off sales’ before, but please remember, they only just registered their online business. How can they already be so fortunate in online business to give away such heavy discounts?

It takes time to even make one sale online as a legit business because the ‘Internet’ population is still getting to know you i.e. unknown reputation.

Did anyone receive a damaged or faulty product from that site? Well, the are promising a refund or replacement at no cost to you. I’d be very interested to hear if they have kept that promise to anyone.

10 to 20 days for some countries and 28 days for others for deliveries. That is too long as it is. Scam sites can keep people waiting for as long as 2/3 months. It your order is not with in the allotted time frame then make reasonable attempts with that site for a refund etc.

Take images as proof for a potential refund claim. I say this because your payment provider will probably tell you this anyways so I hope it may save you time, with any fake online store.

When landing on their homepage they are saying ‘NEW YEAR SALE’ – we are in February now (see date of this article).

When you go to checkout you will see that they want all of your information like name, address etc. Then they leave a big scam sign for us! They give you 10 minutes to make your order or it may seem you can’t buy that item. Scammers will try to pressurize you to purchase with such tactics. Lets just say I have not seen this on legit sites that I can recall.

On their check out page, once again, they have made 35.245 orders delivered. That makes no sense. Can someone explain that to me if it does. Thank you. For me, that is another scam sign.







Final Thoughts.

Company information hidden. No owner name. Only email for contact and no number. There is no way I would hand over my payment information to a site like that, BECAUSE, there is no reason to be so ‘mysterious’ on such basic information that customers will naturally look for. Because they are new, we will give them a fair shake, and only say NOT RECOMMENDED based on my own personal concerns. Please do not take this article as the final word on that site, or any site at scamwitness.com, as these are based on my personal view and experience of exposing online scams. I would hate to be wrong and either cost you money or deter you from a potentially good site.


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I hope that was of use to you in your own decision on What Is MillyMall.com. All are welcome to leave their own ‘MillyMally’ Reviews to help bring greater clarity on that site. Those interested to alert us all about other sites, that you may find suspicious, are welcome to leave the full URL with some info on why you think they are dishonest. For those interested, you may view our most recent Scam Alerts Here. View our sites Promotions HERE for 2 free websites and some free training to earn online for the long term. Please do Report Online Scams HERE as well. That is all and do bookmark this website to keep up to date on all the latest scams around. Stay Safe 🙂 .


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2 thoughts on “What Is MillyMall.com – Is ‘MillyMall’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Scott Schoemann

    Just for fun, I went to check out millymallDOTcom. That url took me to this site: .musmia.com/ . It gets more interesting as the story moves forward…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Well Spotted Scott 🙂 . Thanks to your own research we have done a very short MusMia.com review so unwary customers may leave their reports there about either site.

      So, and clearly, legit sites do not re-direct to another site they own when their sites domain end registration is in December. Huge scam sign. I am not recommending either because something seems pretty ‘off’.

      Thanks Scott for sharing what you know – much appreciated ~ Philip.


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