What Is Mikitata.com – Is ‘Mikitata’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 5, 2019

Find Out What Is Mikitata.com Here – Our ‘Mikitata.com’ Review.

This quick review on What Is Mikitata.com, found at www.mikitata.com, has us slightly concerned. Is Mikitata com a scam, fraud, fake or Is ‘Mikitata’ safe, real, trustworthy, genuine and legit? This www Mikitata com review has found out that their ‘ABOUT US’ section, once you copy and paste it into Google, throws up numerous other sites that are using that same word-for-word document, from the website called ChayYouOfficial. That is per one report on FB.




Is www.mikitata.com a scam?



Those with customer reviews about this site are welcome to leave them in the comments. This will help others with their own research and to find out more if they are safe or not. 

Their site was registered in late November 2018 and registered until 2020. That is a short time span for any business online or real world. No founder name, business address or contact information attached, at the point of their registration.

We see an address on their own website of:-


That address does link back to their site but does not give us a real world location. Please note the lack of care in their address. Legit sites would take more pride than this, typically.

Phone number of +8618688469927. Nothing shows up for this number in Google and so that may indicate it is a fake phone number. Anyone get through on this number?

Email of service@mikitata.com.

What has your experience been?

All are welcome to ask questions, report their experiences below, where I will be happy to respond to. Check out the comments, if any, for more info.

That is all on What Is Mikitata.com and looking forward to your comments. Where there are plenty of scam reports on them then we will place them in our List of Internet Scammers.


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