MicoBlue.com – Is ‘MicoBlue’ Scam or Legit? – Scam Warning Review!

By | May 22, 2019

Beware of MicoBlue.com, Clipzio.Shop, ClareLeo.Shop and LifeSpace.Shop – Our ‘MicoBlue’ Review.

MicoBlue.com is not a legit site. There are other e-stores online that are from the same cyber-crooks. So, what is www.micoblue.com? Are they safe, real and legit or a scam? We will give you the information to save you your cash from these scammers in our short review here. Also, do not shop at Clipzio.com, LifeSpace.com and ClareLeop.Shop. All part of a new batch of fake e-store.

We are currently working through our list to expose them one by one. Those that have information on more of their sites are welcome to leave the full URL’s in the comments. People who have customer reviews are asked to share what you know for the safety of the online community. From past experience of exposing their former sites, I personally know, how damaging this fraud network is.







MicoBlue.com Review Guide.

  • Registration date for MicoBlue.com was in 2019/01/06 and all other details concerning that site are fake. They never ever leave a founders name, where they are from exactly (though we do know they are from China), contact information could be attached to scam reports. Email address is catwths@gmail.com and that is not the name of their site URL.
  • Where customer support emails do not reflect the sites name, site logo name, then that is another scam sign to be aware of. No customer phone number and what kind of business do we know that does not even have this.
  • This particular version of their scam site we have seen many copies of. Only site name and site logo name changes. Sometimes there products are different but all are fraudulent. Those that have given payment information are advised to contact your payment providers now.
  • It maybe that they will  not send you anything for your money. If they do then those goods maybe damaged, unusual, wrong, pure junk, stolen, shoddy and so I would be very interested to hear from you about your goods in the comments.
  • We find with so many of their sites that they are just too-good-to-be-true for prices. Simply compare their prices with trustworthy sites online and compare. Of course, if they have given too much discounts then that is a major sign that you are not dealing with a legit site.
  • You may check out the other reviews above in the intro, for a review of one of their sites, is a review of all of their site. There is some additional information that does not need to be repeated forever.




Final Thoughts.

Take images of all com’s with this site and also of tracking info (if any) and e-receipts (if any). You are welcome to leave your damning reports in the comments to help warn others. 

That is all for now MicoBlue.com as we move quickly on to exposing the very next one. You may keep up to date with us in the link below. They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame for good. Looking forward to hearing from those affected by any of the sites we have already exposed.




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