‘MetaMasks’ Reviews – Is MetaMasks.com Scam or Legit Corona Virus ‘MetaMasks’?

By | February 13, 2020



What Is ‘MetaMasks’ – Our MetaMasks.com Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

The right to always do is look for reviews about any e-store especially when they are new. It is just the best way to save yourself from any possible online scams. So, welcome to our short ‘MetaMasks’ Review as we have spotted a few places that have sprung up recently online in the wake of the Corona Virus. Howe, is MetaMasks.com legit and safe or is ‘MetaMasks’ not to be trusted? Those defrauded by any e-stores are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1800+ and counting.

Further reporting options include using our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE where you can upload any images that proves you were defrauded. You can of course make good use of our comments to leave any additional information you deem relevant. 

Time to start our ‘MetaMasks’ Review and see comments for real ‘MetaMasks’ Reviews. If you see none at this time then why not leave your own review to help share some information about all these new sits claiming to have ‘MetaMasks’ that prevent 97% Protection from the Corona Virus.



Lets start with the very basics first such as their sites age, founder name, business address and contact information. We always go to WHOIS.com first as that is a website that houses the registration data of sites. 

We see they are not such a new site and have registered their www metamasks com site on the 2017-07-17 for the same date in 2020. And so typically when sites are fake then one or two years is what I am used to seeing. 

Its worth noting that on their site, given the overwhelming demand for these ‘Meta Masks’, that they are no longer taking orders for them. Moreover, they say they will get those orders out to customers who have placed orders already. 

Also, we see some good reviews for ‘MetaMasks’ on Esty.com but within the content there is not mention of MetaMasks.com. So perhaps those are just reviews for the ‘MetaMasks’ as a product.

Hawaii US is all they have submitted for a business address within WHOIS and typically that is not a very good sign. Why wouldn’t a company making such an important product to potentially save lives not put up their own business address potentially for their own customers?

On their site we have to now source this information and research it thoroughly. Many fake sites fall down with regards to their business address which typically is stolen or plain false.

We see some names on their site with some emails as well. That is a very good sign and we do not see any names on fake e-stores. 

So if you wish to contact someone in wholesale then your contact said to be Mark Biancardi at info@metamasks.com. The other contact name is Zen Joseph at media@metamasks.com for Media and Marketing.

There are some numbers and so for USA customers you an call on +19253858691.

The other numbers include +64210332553 and +628124635865. So that is a lot of contact information and is a very positive sign to see this. Once again I don’t see as much contact data on a scam site. 


Their Facebook Page.

Curiously though, we found a new number on their Facebook Page of +62 812-4635-8658. Just wondering why that is not on their site. But also we found some reviews about them as well on their Facebook Page. See image below.




One bad review does not make any site a scam. Also, there has to be proof of that complaint and we do not have it to provide it to you. So, that is just something to keep in mind in your own purchasing decision.


Having said that I spotted what could be a scam sign in their STORES Section. They referred to their stores as ‘UBUD‘. Why refer to themselves as another name that is in no way accurate to their sites URL and branding? I say this as we see this mistake, if it is that or perhaps it is their umbrella company name – I am not sure, all the time on fake e-stores.


Having done some quick research I see that UBUD is a Town in the uploads of Bali Indonesia. It looks really nice there also 🙂 . And so it is known for its shrines and other such amazing cultural sites. OK, it is just odd is all to see that name and so I hope they are not a scam site!




The Corona Virus is a very worrying situation for our planet as a whole. I can not in good conscience say ‘scam’ or ‘legit’ as peoples lives may depend on this article if I get it wrong. 

Better it is to create a forum for these ‘MetaMasks’ sites and see which ones are good and which ones are bad. 

I hope you will help those genuinely seeking a mask that could indeed save their lives as really this is not time be messing around and not chip-in your info, to this aim.

And so those that may have purchases from their site are warmly welcomed to leave your own reviews on your own experience. Thank You.





Lastly, if you spot other sites claiming to sell these ‘MetaMasks’ then please do tell us. Many fake e-stores never get exposed as there are far too many. So please do spare a second by leaving if only the FULL URL and we will take it from there. You never know, your report could save someone their cash or ~ save their lives.












list of scam websites.




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