What Is MeLikeOne.com – Is MeLikeOne.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | December 22, 2018

What Is MeLikeOne.com Answered. Report Them Here If You Were Scammed.

It is always recommended to look for reviews to find out, in this case, What Is MeLikeOne.com at www.melikeone.com. Is MeLikeOne com fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, bad or Is MeLikeOne good, decent, legit, honest, real, safe, genuine, trustworthy? This ‘MeLikeOne’ Review is going to give you a warning against that fraudulent site. They are not good at all. Reports surfacing of no product(s) being delivered. Fake Purveyors of high quality sentimental memorabilia of loved ones on cups, wallets, pictures, pins, women’s jewelry, purses, light globes etc. Please Report Them Below This Article if you are STILL waiting on your paid for order. Thank You.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Many if not most of the fake shopping sites that are online are coming from China. It is a monitoring online shopping safety factor to know where merchants of goods come from. Where several addresses are given then we should dig deeper. Many times the fraudulent E-Stores set up over-night with the ability to already manufacture cheap, replica, knock-off, even maybe counterfeit items and then disappear when their reputation worsens. Images on their site maybe robbed from legit sites. What you pay will far exceed the inferior product(s) delivered to your door – if you receive anything at all.

Your Banking Information may very well at risk from scammers trying to defraud you further. Please contact your payment provider and make a payment dispute. It is always bests to pay with card for extra safety. Those that paid with PayPal have 180 days to file a dispute. The more that complain to PayPal then the quicker PayPal will chase such crooked sites to get that scam site to cough up!




What Is MeLikeOne.com About Fully Answered. Did ‘YOU’ Receive Your Order Yet?

MeLikeOne.com (www.melikeone.com) has come under fire for no orders being delivered to customers. Could this be just teething problems of a new online business? Or is this intentional fraud? Reports so far are all telling the same story – NOTHING IS BEING DELIVERED TO CUSTOMERS! It is up to you but at this point it looks like you could just lose your money. Given these reports it is time to get the full story on What Is MeLikeOne.


MeLikeOne.com REVIEW

Don’t buy anything from www.melikeone.com!


We start by looking up some standard information such as the business contact data, where their business is from and who the owner is. Now, this information is very basic for a legit online business to supply. Where we find zero, little or conflicting data in this area then we have the some grounds to be suspicious.

Their Domain was registered in 2018/07/10 and registered that domain name until the same date in 2020. 1/2 years online is not enough time to build up a long term business. Such a short life-cycle indicates a hit-and-run scam site where they defraud and then run off. 

California, US is the only address they have submitted. That is incomplete and does nothing to let us know where they are from. 

I don’t see an email or founder name attached to their website. That is not good and now we don’t know who the owner is. 

They have NOT placed any data on their site like where they are from, email, phone number or founder. That is all intentional to scam and not be caught for it.




Fake E-Stores And How They Typically Defraud Unwary Customers –  Scam Signs.

Be careful of advertisements on various social media platforms. People normally think because they see ads on these platforms that they have somehow passed some kind of ‘security check’ – surprisingly – this is NOT the case. Your best defense, until these platforms stop taking money from scammer advertisers and actually put some of their revenue into protecting their users, is to always look up reviews on any site you don’t and or is new.

Once an unwary customer hands over their payment information then they have just put themselves at risk of having that data stolen. Now the scammers may try further fraud attempts or sell that info to other fraudsters who may try to defraud as well. Alert your payment provider to cancel your card (if they advise).

Upon paying you might be given tracking information which could be fake and or disappear without warning. Contacting Support may just be a waste of time as they may not have any good answers. Furthermore they may just give you another fake tracking number and soon enough simply ignore you.

Two months is about the standard waiting time scammers will pretend it takes to deliver to you, though on their sites, its usually advertised as much sooner.

Those that got a delivery may find that the item is not correct, degraded, damaged, replica, cheap knock-off or counterfeit. 

Returning Your Order will set you back the shipping fee – even if they say they will pay it in their returns policy. Read it carefully as they may have that re-worded in a tricky way to confuse the situation.

So Far, MeLikeOne is getting scam reports of nothing being delivered despite full payment from customers.

Checking Their Site for Scam Signs and I do see a few to help you alert that they are not legit. See their copyright date bottom of their site? It says ‘2016′ to 2020. We already know that is a lie and so scammers pretend to be older at times to garner a sense of greater trust and legitimacy. DON’T fall for that.

Bottom of their Returns Policy Page they have a ‘Special Case’ for no refund:-


Because the reason of orders surge,The logistics slowed down,so the shipping time will delay,We do not accept this reason of refund or cancel“.


That is complete with all the errors with the statement on their site. That is a nonsense excuse and only a reason to delay you worrying to apply for a refund. Don’t believe it – they could be gone after the holidays, get your refund now!

They have made the comical mistake of referring to their own site as MeLikeOne.Mobi (Mobi?). When scammers shut down a site, they copy and paste that code for a new site, make a new URL domain and then – FORGET TO CHANGE THE OLD SITES NAME OUT OF THE NEW SITES CONTENT! I have this error many times and is a very clue of a scam/scam network.


Their Online Trust Rating From ScamAdviser.com IS:-


MeLikeOne.com Trust Rating







Do You Have A MeLikeOne.com Scam Report? You Are Invited To Report ‘MeLikeOne’ In The Comments Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Check your card to make sure you are not being stolen from. Contact Your Bank Or PayPal and put in for a refund. Take screen shots of all info like tracking info, communications etc. This may help strengthen your case for a refund. Certainly report them at scamwitness.com,  BBB.ORG and IC3. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

I hope this quick article on What Is MeLikeOne.com has saved you from being scammed. If not at least now you know and can quicken the refund process. Thank you all and of course you are welcome to further your research elsewhere to make sure this article is not trying to misinform you. Never take one site as the final answer and verify all that you have read here, if you wish. Thank you for visiting and looking forward to all of your scam reports / reviews below.


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