What Is MegaDeals.Ltd – Is ‘MegaDeals Ltd’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | March 3, 2019

Discover What Is MegaDeals.Ltd – The ‘MegaDeals Ltd’ Review.

Our review on What Is MegaDeals.Ltd (www.megadeals.ltd) will answer questions like Is MegaDeals Ltd a scam, bogus, dishonest, fake or Is ‘Mega Deals Ltd’ legit, safe, real, trustworthy and honest? This www MegalDeals Ltd Review is to warn you about their site. Those that believe they were scammed are advised to contact your payment provider. Please also report them below in the comments to help alert others – thank you.

Those that paid cash on that site may not have received anything for  your hard earned cash. Or, you may have received a parcel that was damaged, incorrect item, replica, low quality, cheap and so you are entitled to put in for a refund. We will be doing a check up on the sites associated information to see if that is correct or even supplied as well.



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MegaDeals.Ltd Review – Scam-Check!

We begin to ask some questions on What Is MegaDeals.Ltd by asking also who is the founder of ‘MegalDeals Ltd’? Have they got a real world address and contact information? Fake sites seem to have a hard time to supply correct or any info of this nature. Where we find it missing then I believe you are running a risk with your payment information. It is important, if scammed by any site, to get your card cancelled. This will stop cyber-crooks from randomly charging your card. Watch your account for any withdrawals not authorized by you.




Warning for www.megadeals.ltd!



Registration of their domain happened in 2018/08/09 and that was for just 1 year. They do have the option of renewing, however, legit sites of this type tend to register for a greater length of time. Perhaps they are seeing how their first year in business goes? 

Founder name is not present when they registered their site. Only thing left for an address is ‘PANAMA’. That simply is not acceptable as that is clearly an incomplete address. 

Heading to their site we see that they have left two addresses. They are:-

MDE Commerce Ltd, 

1, Triq L Gherin,

Mosta 1462 MST,


Registration number for their company is:-

C 88613.

Their UK address is:-

Well, it is a PO Box. That is very unusual and businesses simply do not present a ‘PO Box’ address to represent their real world location. Anyways, their company registration number shows up nothing in Google. That is suspicious.

Per local.infobel.com their Malta address is associated with over 500,000 other businesses and and 21 websites. How then can they claim that address as their own? The address does link to their site but I do not see anything for a real world location.

Founder Name is Ricardo Pereirra. First page of Google shows up a Football Player by that name.





MegaDeals Ltd Scam Signs.

Contact addresses appear not to be checking out. That maybe mistakes by myself but usually addresses will return a real location to be viewed on Google.

I do not see brand names associated with these products. Moreover, they seem to be generically labled products that do seem a bit too-good-to-be-true.

Other sources online are claiming them to be a scam as well.

We have located a Companies House page for ‘Mega Deals Ltd’ but the address supplied is different to the one at the website.

Facebook Reports!

Going to Facebook and looking up their company name has some complaints of people calling them a scam. We can see one mans complaint says he never got what he ordered. The website never calculated for taxes (big scam sign and a common one as well). 

One other complaint did receive an order but it was of very poor quality. It cost him $60 to return that order. Incidentally, the people on Facebook are saying the company is actually from China! Big red flag right there, though of course, not all selling sites from this region are dishonest.

support@megadeals.ltd, per one report, shows that mails to that address are undelivered. So we can say that is a fake email address and another common scam sign.

We have located 15 further complaints about this site at reportscam.com. Here the first report details how their order never arrived. Furthermore it seems the item became ‘lost’ and megadeals said 60 days must pass before they can issue another one. Nonsense reasoning and typical of scam sites.

Per that website, the following names have come up:-

    • Anna Sousa.
    • Triq L-Gherin.
    • Christina Gabriela Onate.
    • Claire Louise.
    • Nicole.
    • Pablo Lessen.
    • Ricardo.

Did you deal with anyone of those people? Do you have other names not listed here?

Associated Phone Numbers are:-

    • +55 114 933 3469.
    • 351-888-2441.
    • +44 178 245 4716.

+55 is the country code to Brazil.

+44 is the country code to UK.

The phone number of 351-888-2441 has showed up at site whitepages.com. They appear to say they have the owners name and address and all associated info like that. I can’t access it as their ‘Premium’ function is only for USA citizens. So!

We appear to have 3 different countries per those numbers. Plus 1 more and that is China! Seems like a global scam network to me. However, that number is prefixed with the number ‘1’ and so they may be completely different people.

Another report details the package got ‘lost’ and now that person is down $120!

A customer received their order 30 days after paying for it. That is far too long to wait on any order from anywhere in the world. The item showed up ‘defective’ with an address from China.

ScamAdviser.com has labeled them with a Trust Score of 78%! That is too high in my opinion given the reports online. Even a comment was left on their site saying that they were scammed as well.

Per another source online they are or have been running other sites that have simila complaints against. Multiple sites running the same scam is to keep up their illegal earnings when one shuts down. The quickest way to get these sites to shut down is to report on them. I hope many will play their parts by sparing a few moments to help alert others per your own experience.


Final Thoughts.

So they are a scam site and they not delivering products or delivering defective products per online complaints. I advise you to put in for a refund and also to perhaps cancel your card for a new one. Those with complaints about them are welcome to report them below to help others know the full truth of that site. Those with positive reviews, if any, are also welcome to shed more light on this new company.

We are placing them in to our List of Internet Scammers for now given the above research. You are welcome to report any suspicious sites to us there or anywhere on our website. 

We have addresses that simply do not check out because we can not locate their address in Google. Using a PO Box is unheard of when it comes to legit companies. There are minimum of 3 different locations involved in this scam. They have at least 3/4 other sites operating right now pulling the same ‘drone’ and ‘air cooler’ scam.

That is all for now on What Is MegaDeals.Ltd and we hope this article finds you before you bought anything from their site. Looking forward to all of your comments to come. Having read some of the reviews below, we still have concerns. For now, we will change from ‘SCAM’ to NOT RECOMMENDED – What do you think?



We received an email requesting we up date the business details of  the site mentioned in this article.


Hi everyone,

inside this article, you have added a wrongful address:

What Is MegaDeals.Ltd – Is ‘MegaDeals Ltd’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

Can you please replace this address, with our correct addresses?

For postal contact:

MDE Commerce Ltd.

Unit 20106, PO Box 6945

London, W1A 6US

United Kingdom
For returns:

P.O.Box 70
Púchovská 16
Bratislava 35
830 05
Slovak Republic

Best regards

Best regards,

Ricardo de Sousa

MDE Commerce Ltd.

Phone/Whatsapp: +372 538 638 63

In my experience of exposing online scams, it is very rare that a ‘scammer’, will make contact with our site. So, this is why we always say look up other reviews in case we make a mistake… it happens, unfortunately, at times.

Please see reviews from real customers below and take that over our opinion of the site in question always. 

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






93 thoughts on “What Is MegaDeals.Ltd – Is ‘MegaDeals Ltd’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Debbie

    They have another business name now. I paid for a smartwatch from them with my MasterCard and I didn’t wait for delivery before I asked them for a refund. I was told my order had been cancelled and I will receive my refund in 3 to 4 business days. I’m really hoping I get it but after doing some research and reading these comments I don’t like my chances. Their contact details on the site are
    By email:
    By Phone:

    (888) 743-8103 (Toll Free)(24/7)

    + 44 178 245 4716 (English only – 24/7)

    By Mail:
    MDE Commerce Ltd.
    29, Triq il-Kbira
    BZN 1259

    1. Debbie

      This is the URL for the site. Technatic

  2. Matthew Downhour

    Hello! Just so everyone knows, MegaDeals now has a new site called ManyDeals. Looks broadly similar, but I’ve not bought any products from them (can confirm its the same company though; screenshots available if you need them).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Mathew,

      Can you provide the full URL please as I see a few ‘ManyDeals’. Thank you for the heads up as well.

  3. Stan Tall

    Big Scam. They sold a robot vacuum that didn’t have any electronics in it. That was ok it was suppose to just move around the room come to something and basically bounce off into a different direction. Only it didn’t work. Gets stuck against the wall, on rugs, even a little ripple in a hard floor. Dirt container only holds a cubic inch or two. Most of the time it wouldn’t move and the batteries while rechargable ran down fast. I paid via paypal so I esculated the return through them. Megadeals only cared that it was delivered. had to pay return shipping which was $60. Wouldn’t be worth it but I bought the three pack for $180 so got some $ back lost the return $60. Expensive lesson.
    Return address was

    MDE Commerce Ltd.

    Pallasti 28 PO BOX Tallinn 10001 – ESTONIA, EST 0000 MT

    Fortunately Paypal refunded without the item return being verified. Google maps shows the address as a post office.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Nice research Stand and I am glad you got a refund. Thanks for the additional information as well.

  4. Mel Adams

    This was a horrendous experience. I ordered 2 Robo vacuums from an ad on Facebook. What I received can only be described as the Dollar Tree version of it. It literally did NOTHING of what it advertised it should do! Nor was it the same Vacuum I ordered. It couldn’t even vacuum up a feather if it’s life depended on it. When I asked for a refund I was told to send it back to CHINA at my OWN COST which would be more expensive than the product itself. Save yourself the Headache and stress – stay FAR away from their products!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Mel for your warning and so you should probably put in for a refund. Let us know who that goes if time permits.

  5. Eric Moser

    I’m in the same boat. Ordered 3 of these vacuums. Bait and switch. What I got is not what was advertised.

  6. Jim

    I ordered 3 of these “vacuums”, they arrived in about 3 weeks. Upon arrival I noticed the customs tag (shipped from Singapore), was declared as a gift. This immediately made me very suspicious.
    Then I noticed the insured value, 5.00 each. So, now there was no doubt in my mind that this was a scam.
    I contacted PayPal and they gave me a refund. They asked to ship them back, but I pointed out that the address they wanted me to ship to had two country codes, so no bueno.
    Also, if I had shipped them back, it would have been about 75.00, much more than the “value” of these items.
    I did get a full refund, without returning the toys. I strongly recommend against purchasing from this company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am glad to read your got your refund Jim and thanks for taking the time to share your report with us all.

  7. Efthimia Tagaras Löfgren

    Hi everyone above! As You I was scammed by Megadeals and their robotic vacuum (what arrived was nothing like the ad) but don´t give up!
    I was lucky to find a facebook group called Scammed by Megadeals with now over 400 people who was scammed the same way and we have shared valuable info in between us, like files of the original ad etc.
    Many in the group has gotten refunds and the most important thing is to keep sending the company emails demanding your money back, contact paypal or your creditcard company and file a report of fraud, report to fraud bureau depending on where you live, write on trustpilot etc etc.
    For example, the one in Bratislava goes to a logistics company that say they have nothing to do with Megadeals.
    Good luck and stay on it! Don´t let the scammers win!

  8. Ellen Blackmore

    Ordered a wifi booster – delivery promised quickly. Took a month to arrive and does absolutely nothing. I have contacted their support and although they reply they do not address the problem. My fault for buying of a FB advert – would never do it again although I see the wifi booster being advertised on normal Microsoft sites (under a different name – techdiscountdeals.com) avoid any of these at all costs

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      40% discount to enhance you wifi seems too good to be true. I have seen some of these wifi booster sites and so be careful with them. Thanks for your report here Ellen.

  9. Matthew Downhour

    The Slovak address is also incorrect – that postal code is not associated with that address, and that address is associated with a logistics company (Swiss Point) that does not work with MegaDeals (I asked them).

  10. Lisa

    I also have the same experience with purchasing a robot vacuum after watching a very convincing ad and being sent something completely different and worthless. I had emailed several times with support@megadeals.ltd. After several no’s from them I did finally receive a full refund in the amount of $79.99. While I am thankful for the refund I am still unsure how they are still operating as a company. In addition to their website megadeals.ltd they are also listed as the contact for refunds under cleanbot.pro. There are several addresses floating around for returns to be sent to. I am considering calling the number listed for US and see if I can get clarification on which address is the real one to use for returns. What is confusing is the main product that seems to be getting negative reviews is the Max Clean (Super Cleaner) robot vacuum. I actually have not seen negative reviews on other products and I have not been able to find the Max Clean on their main website. It is listed under the cleanpro.com site with support@megadeals.ltd as the email to contact about refunds. Everything about this seems suspicious and shady. Buyer Beware!!

  11. Gary Johnson

    I fell for the Bait and Switch SCAM! I purchased a Maxclean robotic vacuum after seeing a video on Facebook of a great robotic vacuum with charging station that worked on carpet, hard floors, and programmed itself to do a room. What I got was a tiny toy sweeper that has no charging station and doesn’t move on carpet. I found out later the BAIT, the robotic vacuums used in their video were an Xiaomi Mi worth over $300 and a Roborock 5S worth over $600. The SWITCH was to a toy sweeper that is worthless!

  12. Debbie Keith

    I fell for the video. The pictures of the vacuum and its features. The 2 honorable guys who started their new business. I read their reviews on the ad (dumb) & I watched the unboxing review on YouTube. I got my vacuum and I honestly think a child’s toy would have been made better. I contacted them and they even though their add said returns welcome, the response I got was since it is a cleaning device and for hygiene reasons they couldn’t take my return. I told them it didn’t even work and they said I could return it. Well you know the cost to return is going to be more than I paid for it. I contacted Paypal and made a report and they gave the company 10 days to respond, which they did and they are happy to take it back, I pay shipping and I only get my refund if they get it. Thanks Paypal for nothing. Ok I got scammed and I am usually really cautious but they did a good job. I am out the money, but the thing that just bothers me is WHY are they getting away with this. Thousands or even more people are getting scammed and they are probably laughing all the way to the bank. I even checked out the warehouse where it was shipped to me from. It is in Chino CA. The reviews on that site are all like ours only it is not just vacuums, it is clothes, jewelry, ect. Why do the continue to get away with this???? The pictures of this item on the ad show a docking station, it didn’t have one, it has a USB cord. It showed a large dirt collector, the one this came with wouldn’t hold a tablespoon of dirt. The vacuum itself looks totally different!!!! Yea I am upset for all the people that are being ripped off and they get away with it. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

    1. Pat

      I ordered a floor cleaning robot. Paid almost $80. Took 3 weeks to get here. Opened package. It looked like a Tonga toy I use to play with as a child. Put it on the floor, hit start button. It ran into a wall and quit working.
      Contacted the mega deals Ltd. via e-mail.They offered a 20% refund.
      I fell for their advertising.

      I often wonder if people like this along with Solicitors trying to collect donations in the name of state troopers have mothers that are proud of them ( if they even have a mother)

      Credit card company said they will back charge them 👍

    2. M. C. Dennis

      I did the same thing and am so upset. What can I do to get a refund. I think I just used a credit card. My Stars!!!! No trust in anything anymore anyway.

    3. Lisa Davidson

      Please look up the Scammed by Megadeals on facebook and join!! There are close to 400 people there now that are sharing their experience and what they have discovered about megadeals. I persisted with them and after about four weeks of emailing back and forth they are finally saying they will refund me. Paypal has been zero help for me but has been helpful for others with a refund. Absolutely do NOT spend more money sending to their addresses. The facebook group has already proved two of the common addresses used are false and your package will not arrive.
      I am also encouraging everyone to contact Paypal’s corporate office at 2211 North First Street San Jose, California 95131
      The address Mde provided paypal that is in Estonia is
      Pallasti 28 PO Box
      Tallinn 10001
      Estonia, EST
      This has proven to be false. A customer sent her package and it was returned and the address is for Estonia and Malta apparently.

      The China address has been debunked as well
      Xiao Xing
      Room 1303 building 3 Block 2
      Baojiashangzhu ParkShaxi town zhongshan city
      Guangdong province
      Zipcode 528447

      1. Michelle Christides

        SCAM is too good a word for ManyDeals or MegaDeals — they are clever in their youtube video ad and now in sending this supposed address correction to the ScamWitness for the Slovak Republic — in order to prolong their scam. I have read all the stories above and mine is the same, so won’t repeat but want to add details for France:
        Product Support Team
        they wrote back pretending surprise and asking if I bought from: https://www.maxclean.pro/checkout (yes, and I tried to stop payment on my VISA, which tells me I authorized it so . . . ) MegaDeals is international theft and the E.U. has regulations against this. I told them that they are complicit with Chinese factory unless they do refund and got no answer.
        This lie is even more egregious, cheating using ethical considerations — and the Customs of E.U. and U.S. should be alerted to prevent importing by these distributors and from these manufacturers — major international thievery.
        Youtube.com should not accept the false advertising video, which dramatised a story of “two inventors — giving their names I regretted not writing down — who gave up their jobs at a big manufacturer which was making their designs with less and less quality materials and charging more and more! This makes me wary of ever buying from youtube advertising again.
        Many thanks to everybody who wrote here — am going to do what I can to help stop this!

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you Michelle for reporting MaxClean.Pro to us and so you may view our MaxClean.Pro Review Here where we have given you credit for the report. It is very much appreciated Michelle and feel welcome to report any more to us. Thanks again Michelle 🙂 .

          1. Michelle Christides

            And thank YOU for getting this page up to help stop this international theft. I found a form on Google that you can select for youtube video ads to be removed for legal reasons. The more of us who request, the sooner they will remove the ad:
            By the way, I informed the Megadeals support that unless they refund my money and stop distributing for this manufacturer, they are implicating themselves in the fraud. No answer.

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Very Nice Work Michelle. I did not know of this reporting tool and will add that to the side of our website to make others aware of it. Very nice find. We are currently working on a article to compile such links into one place and this link will be added to the reporting tool resources we wish to make available to all.

            Thanks again Michelle and you are very welcome indeed 🙂 . If you know of more people scammed by MegalDeals then feel welcome to encourage them to report their experiences here.

            Definitely apply for a refund if they do not resolve this issue for you. Also, you may see to the right of our website there is a link to Google to report all malicious sites.

    4. Mike

      I have reported this scam to MasterCard and emailed MegaDeals, but no answer yet to two different addresses supplied (?).
      Other things I have done :TrustPilot report filed, FB notified of scam ( ad seems to have disappeared), YouTube review filed as scam.
      FB group has been formed with lots of information: ‘scammed by megadeals’.
      BTW: MegaDeals has had the nerve to threaten a few people with the law for posting negative comments.

  13. maureen goodbrand

    i got caught out with robot cleaner-totally fell for the video-got a reply saying returns not accepted-due to hygeine reasons-i had paid by debit card-took over 3 weeks to arrive from china-contacted my bank-they gave me an immediate refund-item weighed 392 grams-bought a proper one -weighs 5kg!!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You spotted the ‘weight’ scam sign. That is good and I am very happy to read that you got a refund. Thank you Maureen for your MegalDeals.Ltd Customer Review and glad everything worked out in the end.

  14. Sharon Kay Torbert

    Boy, same experience almost word for word as others. 3 completely useless “vacuums” that they say I cannot get a refund for because they are not broken. HA! They just donʻt do anythingt! I feel so foolish to have ordered these, but I fell for the same sob story of the two guys just starting their own business. I just told them that KARMA is a ‘b’ and theyʻll get theirs sooner or later. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  15. vernon adams

    Wife ordered this for me as a gift. Received a robot that was not as shown, did not stop at stairs and looks like a piece of junk. Did not remove from cellophane just called Amex and started a dispute

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Wish you well Vernon with your refund and feel welcome to share the outcome of that dispute with us some time.

  16. Ron

    My experience is the same as many of those above, i.e. ordered the max clean robot vacuum and received a piece of junk that doesn’t even function on a carpet. Put it on a hard floor and it randomly bounces around without doing much of anything else. I’m usually very vigilant about ensuring it’s not a scam, but I blew it this time. I will contact PayPal to let them know about this so-called “company”. At least I only ordered one from an ad on facebook, and so my loss is limited to $79.95. Let the buyer beware!!!

  17. John

    I got suckered in on the maxclean too. I filed a complaint with paypal and they said megadeals would refund my money if I send back the “robot cleaner”. The return address looks very suspicious.

    MDE Commerce Ltd.
    Pallasti 28 PO BOX Tallinn 10001 – ESTONIA, EST 0000 MT

    This cleaner is not worth the postage to send it back and I also think the address is a scam too.
    Paypal says once the seller has received the item Paypal will issue a refund. But if the address is bogus no one will receive it! So I think I will not throw more money away.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you John for your report and I am sorry to read that PayPal is of no use to you in this situation.

    2. Lisa Davidson

      There is a facebook page called Scammed by Megadeals that will help walk you through the steps of getting a refund. The address you posted is apparently not a valid address. Be persistent with megadeals and do not put out any more money on mailing back the piece of junk they sent you. Good luck!

  18. Bernie Rubenzer

    Same issue with Megadeals MaxPro vacuum. Cheap piece of junk. Contacted Paypal and they said they decided in favor of the seller as the seller had tracking info. I did receive it bu it was not what I ordered. And since they have no verifiable address, BBB will not accept a complaint. I would be very interested in a class action suit if anyone proceeds in that direction.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very sorry to hear this Bernie but thank you for leaving your damning MegaDeals.Ltd Report here with us. I know, along with the others, it will help many others.

  19. Thomas

    ich habe die gleichen Erfahrungen wie viele andere in diesem post hier auch gemacht haben. Aufgrund eines tolles internet-videos einen maxclean bestellt und einen superclean (Spielzeug / Müll) erhalten. Es liegt hier also eindeutig eine erhebliche Abweichung zwischen Angebot und Lieferung vor. Ein Kaufvertrag ist somit rein rechtlich nicht zustande gekommen, da Angebot und Erfüllung nicht übereinstimmten. Es handelt sich daher rechtlich gar nicht um eine Rückgabe, sondern um einen Rücktritt vom Kauf wegen Nichterfüllung des Leistungsversprechens seitens des Lieferanten.
    Auf meinen Rücksendewunsch wurde mit dem Hinweis des Ausschlusses von Reinigungs und Hygieneartikeln geantwortet.


    I’ve had the same experiences as many others in this post here too. Due to a great internet videos ordered a maxclean and received a superclean (toy / garbage). So there is clearly a significant difference between supply and delivery. A purchase contract is thus not legally come about, because offer and fulfillment did not agree. It is therefore not legally a return, but a withdrawal from the purchase because of non-performance of the promise by the supplier.
    On my return request was with the reference to the exclusion of cleaning and hygiene products.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Thomas for your detailed report on MegaDeals.Ltd Customer Service Review. It is appreciated.

  20. Bob

    Got roped into this same scam. The vacuums received were basically a child’s toy vehicle that moves forward until it hits an obstacle at which point it backs up and heads of in a different random direction.

    There are no electronics to perform liar mapping, no drop-off detection, no charging dock and no multi-surface capability. What I got was $10 of junk that I was charged $179.99 for.

    Filed a claim with PayPal, sent Megadeals an email and now waiting for responses.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Geeze, that is a lot of cash and sorry to read about this Bob. Good luck with your refund and I really hope they side with you. Thanks again Bob and let us know sometime how this all ends.

    2. Louise

      I have experienced exactly the same thing. This company and its product are a sham. I have filed a claim with PayPal as well.

    3. helga

      Bob .good luck with Pay pal …i just got turned down ,they say i received what i ordered..let us know you they deal with you….. Helga

    4. DeEtta Schriver

      I just got mine in the mail today, Bob. WHAT A RIP OFF !! I shall now try to puzzle through a way to get a refund… We’ll see what happens. De

  21. Helga

    i am also one that fell for their sad story about those 2 engineers starting their own company ..you know at age 77 ,you would think i am smart enough not to fall for that ..well but i did, ..the robot sweeper i got is just about as useless as anything i ever seen ..oh maybe a nice CAT TOY…LOL i used Paypal .so i have filed a complaint with them …i did contact the company about a refund and was told they dont do refunds ,,they said i got what i ordered..i told them i was going to report them and they offered me a 10% refund ,,i told them they were crazy..so we see were this goes ..more likely i will not see any money but i hope that PayPal will stop doing business with them

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sites are getting more and more sophisticated that it can be very hard to determine if they are real or not. I hope your payment provider refunds you as well and thank you kindly Helga for your report. All reports help others out immensely 🙂 ~ Philip.

      1. helga

        i just heard back from Pay Pal ..

        Hello helga

        We received the case(s) you filed on May 12, 2019.

        We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because if an item is materially similar to the seller’s description, we do not consider it to be significantly not as described.

        We’re sorry for any problems you may have experienced with the transaction(s).

        Transaction information:

        Dispute Case ID: PP-D-30762979

        Transaction Amount: $79.99 USD

        Dispute Amount: $79.99 USD

        Transaction ID: 7NB61610P02967539

        Transaction Date: April 25, 2019

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Ug! Very sorry to hear about this Helga but at least you tried and it is only a shame they have not sided with you in this instance. Thank you kindly for informing us all here about the ending of your situation, though not favorable, least informs others. Much appreciated Helga and thanks again.

  22. Tammy

    I have the same story as soo many others here. Ordered Maxclean vacuums and got Superclean ones. Not what I wanted at ALL. Inferior product. So much for Mother’s & Father’s day presents!! Wasted hundreds of dollars, and all they can say is sorry for the inconvenience; we don’t return cleaning products. It is irrelevant to them that I got the “wrong product,” that it is within the “specified return time frame,” or that they are still in the original packaging. Total Scammers. Lesson learned, research any unfamiliar company you want to order from BEFORE ordering!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That is good advice Tammy and thank you for your report. You can put in for a refund from your payment provider and you are welcome to let us know how that goes. Thanks again Tammy.

    2. Carl Veilleux

      Ditto. I received a vacuum which had been crushed in a poorly padded envelope. Definitely not adequate for shipment of this cheap excuse of a robovac. The rotating brushes don’t turn when the unit is on the floor. I contacted MDE and PayPal and got the same song and dance. I provided pictures of the damage and a video clip of the dysfunctional vacuum. They said to return the item at my cost to the address in Estonia. I will submit these scam reports to Paypal. Shame on Facebook too for their complacency on this.

  23. Carol

    please remove my last name from my postings. Thank you.

  24. Carol

    I think I’m just going to junk these things and chalk it up to stupidity on my part. I’ll just throw them out with the rest of the garbage.

  25. Carol

    I ordered three of these worthless “robot” vacuum cleaners. I want to return them, as they certainly do not do as stated. However, there is no address to return them to! I thought I knew better than to do this, but some of us apparently have to live and learn, and learn, and learn! Please tell me if I have any recourse. With no address or any other info, my bank will not be able to do anything about getting my money back. HELP. Isn’t there some way to keep scum like this off the internet?

  26. Nigel

    I bought the robot vacuum cleaner after reading the touching story of the two men who decided to work for themselves. There was no docking station, it charged up via a usb cable. It’s about seven inches in diameter and absolutely useless. My credit card provider has stopped the payment on my behalf and they won’t accept any future demands from Megadeals.

  27. Ronald L Abate

    I ordered the MaxClean device, a robot vacuum sweeper. It does not operate as advertised and does not work on carpets. I believe it borders as a scam. Do NOT purchase!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Ronald for your report and you can apply for a refund from your payment provider by giving them full details of what has transpired. Hope that helps Ronald.

    2. Bert

      It doesn’t border as a scam, it’s a world-wide scam. Dozens upon dozens have been robbed by these skimwballs.

  28. Glenn Rollason

    wish I had read this first as I also ordered the robot cleaner and received the cheap useless super clean and I have received a response saying sorry they do not accept returns so I will try PayPal too as the lady above has done

  29. rox

    Please remove my last name from my posting. thank you Roxanne


    I too purchased the MaxClean but instead received the Supercleaner robo vacuum. In the advertisement for the MaxClean, it showed the product goes onto carpets and sweeps the carpets. The Supercleaner booklet states, “Please do not use it on rugged floors or carpets.” The Supercleaner, in fact, stalls when it reaches the border of the carpet and the floor. This is not what I ordered since I have rugs and purchased one each for two family members who have carpets. During my initial use of this Supercleaner on my tile floor, one of the sweepers fell off. The product is extremely cheaply made. It’s claim to have super suction is false because it’s so light weight. To further this product’s cheap design, it has a bar in the middle of the dust bin which catches dust and hair to block entry to the dust bin. This company has committed fraud in its advertising. I have filed a complaint with Paypal and hope my buyer’s protection will help return my funds. I have emailed and called the company explaining that my funds were taken under false premises, but have not heard from them. Can a class action suit be brought against them for the fraud they have committed against so many buyers?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Regarding the class action suit – I don’t know. Best seek legal advice on this issue. However, if we are unable to locate the company location and founder, it may prove difficult. So a solicitors advice on this point would be best.

      Thank you Roxanne for your MegaDeals.ltd customer review and wish you well with your refund.

    2. Nicole

      Me too!
      Almost identical story!!
      3 for the price of two.
      Completely different item arrived… the cheap, nasty and useless super clean.

      I emailed Megadeals and received the reply that they were “sorry to hear about that, but hygiene/cleaning products cannot be returned. “
      They also hope I understand…

      I have had no reply since responding that 2 out of the 3
      Boxes had not been opened, so I would have no hygiene issues with them…

      No response.

    3. Carol Ensign

      This is almost word for word what I wrote to them. Then they asked if I was sure I ordered from them so I sent a copy of the charge on my credit card with their name on it. Today I get an email saying I don’t qualify for a refund. keep it and use it (use it for what, surely not my carpets) Then they said they will offer me a 10% refund as a courtesy. That adds up to $9.08 Oh yes, like I am going to accept that. I tried being nice and dealing with them direct but after this I called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Thank you for voicing my exact problem with the piece of junk.

  31. Rachel

    Got scammed by them twice
    Ordered two separate items, about a week apart
    One took 3 weeks to arrive and the other four weeks
    Both times the items arrived completely different than advertised
    When I contacted them and complained they basically said too bad
    Cheap garbage, please warn everyone about these crooks

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      Your report is powerful enough to warn others. Your time to help warn others is much appreciated and it is likely it may save others from such an experience. You are welcome to let us know about any sites you suspect being dishonest.

      Thanks again Rachel and why not challenge any payments from your payment provider for a refund.

  32. Rh

    I purchased a robotic vacuum that was supposed to use lidar for tracking.. and thet sent this cheap dollar general vacuum. What a crock!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You know you can dispute any charges to your card from your payment provider. You are welcome to let us know if you win that dispute, if you decide to do so, or not. Thanks again and really very sorry you had this experience ~ Philip.

  33. Jack

    The mega deals started advertising a robot vacuum cleaner which they created a very touching story. 2 engineers got fired by the well known vacuum cleaner company and they started their own one. Those 2 men had a big heart they use better technology and also better material and programs which the other companies won’t do because those companies would lower the cost and make more profit from the customers.

    Well I am a business man and I started my own business 9 years ago. I got fired from my old wholesale company and I put all I have to start my business and had been working very hard for the past 9 years. So I thought we have the same life and experience and I purchase this vacuum cleaner just to support them ( I do not need that shxt)

    But finally they did not send me anything. I of course tried to contact them and they replied that “we do not have your purchase record”. I paid by paypal and I gave them the transaction number and they just ignored and never reply again.

    So I had took 2 actions: reported to ACCC, fair trading. And I will report to all social media once I see there is any.

    Mate, work hard, find a way to make money but not survive in this world with scams and lies!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I completely agree! Perhaps there will be some poetic justice in time like a ‘recoil’ of unexpected consequences. Sorry you had this experience and you are allowed to apply for refund from your payment provider where you find you have been defrauded. Thanks again Jack.

  34. Dennis

    Unfortunately I’ve been hustled by these crooks too.
    I ordered a robot cleaner and they did send something completere different. The thing I received was definetly not the one I ordered, so I wanted to send it back. This was not possible and they wished me good luck. That’s why I want to warn everybody for these thieves!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Dennis for your warning about MegaDeals Ltd and sorry to hear this. You may apply for a refund if you are dissatisfied with your order. Thanks again Dennis and, if you do apply for a refund, you are welcome to et us know how that goes. ~ Philip.

  35. ME


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello ME,

      You say you got your order as advertised and then you do not recommend them. Would you like to explain that? If you got your got, though perhaps it seems per your comment maybe late (?) but then why would you NOT recommend them even though you got your order as advertised?


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