Review – ‘Buyer Beware’ or Safe E-Store?

By | May 8, 2019

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Nice work on looking out for yourself regarding online shopping. So many people fail to perform a quick search on sites they do not know, and unfortunately, that is how so many get scammed. So we are trying to answer if is real or just a fraud. Do you think is genuine or designed to trick people out of their cash?

This quick review is simply going to list our own worries about that site. Those that feel they were scammed are welcome to report them in the comments below. Where many reports exist on an e-store then we can build a better picture of them for the safety off all.



 Customer Review Guide.

So, before making a purchase on sites like Meditica, a site that is new and still adding products it seems, it is always worth while to do some research. People who may not have received anything for their hard earned cash are welcome, as mentioned, to report them below. If you received a delivery, but not what your ordered or the product is not working as described, then that is good cause for a refund.

  • Contact your payment provider in this instance where any site has delivered to you products that are shoddy, defective, something other than what you bought etc. What has you experience been with ‘Meditica’.
  • Their site was registered in 2019/05/03 and 1 year is the registration date. That typically is not considered a good sign. What business goes through the trouble of sourcing products for their e-business, but only gve themselves 12 months for success? So that is why 1 year registration for e-stores is considered a little suspicious.
  • However, there are times where such e-stores are set up by legit founders who just want to see if the first 12 months yields good results. If so, I imagine they can and will renew their domain for longer.
  • We see in WHOIS there is no founder name registered with their site. I have seen this with some few legit websites also. Its confounding because that clearly brings suspicion as people may now be giving payment information to a site who’s founders name is still a mystery to them.
  • Anyways, business address is not stated and is only a PO Box. What legit business uses a PO Box? So that is another concerns.
  • On their site we only have an email address There is no customer phone number, founder name on their, business address and really where is their business information. So now that is a big concern because, as said, people maybe giving over payment information to a site who’s founder is not known. Moreover, we do not even know where they are really located.
  • Another point of worry is that they appear, at the time of writing this article, they have only 1 product for eliminating bed bugs. Just 1 product? Maybe they will add more as time goes by.
  • The original price of the only product they have (SonicGuard v2.0) was $53.37. Random pricing like that is also not a good sign as it is common with fake sites.
  • Another common with fake sites is the relatively huge reductions. We see now that this same product is now only $19.06. How can they make a profit with such a big discount? I really do not have a good feeling about this site.
  • There clearly are too many pieces of information for identity. No Trust Seals like VeriSign or McAfffee etc.
  • Even though WHOIS shows us they say they are from PANAMA, clearly, their site is priced in British Sterling Pounds. So, where are they from because this is the kind of contradictory information that is common with fraudulent sites!



Final Thoughts.

Not Recommended! It is of course up to you if you want to risk your own money. There are next to no products, and the only product they have, has a huge discount. No business transparency at all and only an email address.

We urge you to report them below if they have not delivered anything to you or if you have any kind of complaint. Conversely, if you have had a good experience, then that would be good news to hear from you . That is all for now on and looking forward to your customer reviews below.





8 thoughts on “ Review – ‘Buyer Beware’ or Safe E-Store?

  1. keith hewitt

    ordered a pair of Polar-Tech night driving military grade glasses, or a least I thought I had. The glasses that they delivered were the cheapest, flimsiest, poorest quality imaginable and obviously never even had a hint of military grade functionality. The box that they came in made absolutely no mention of nightime driving or Polar-Tech and reminded me of something you might have won at a fairground 30 years ago. This company, site or whatever, is there solely for the purpose of scamming. dont get taken in by these people. OK so I’ve been ripped off, my main concern is that they have been privvy to my financial info, and not being a reputable company I can only hope that this info doesn’t end up in the hands of someone equally unscrupulous. MEDITICA NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!

  2. Jery

    This is surely a scam site. No contact no or access details. Be careful in dealing with meditica. Don’t make any payment.

  3. Lloyd

    They are scam. Just like Perfect Saving Store. Advertise their products on same games site

  4. Gretchen Avendano

    I ordered from them but didn’t received the confirmation. It’s a scam site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Gretchen for your report and alert your payment provider for a refund. You are welcome to let us know if you are successful. Thanks again Gretchen.


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