This Is How Medical Phone Scams Scare You To Death

By | June 5, 2017

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How Medical Phone Scams

Scare You Into Losing Money!

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You need real nerve and confidence to be good at Medical Phone Scams and get away with it, as many do.  This post is for anyone that just got a phone call from Accident and Emergency saying that their loved one has just been in an accident.

Of course be very concerned  because it could  be real, however, should they ask you for money to pay for treatment, that’s when you should dig a little deeper before rinsing your bank account to pay for medical treatment that very well may not be really occurring in that particular moment in time.

Know How To Recognize Medical Phone Scams and What to do.

Their are a few notable and glaring signs that some one may very well be trying to pull a medical scam on you by using one of your loved ones as bait.

  • When the person on the other end of the phone can not, in Medical Terms, describe to you what is wrong with your loved one exactly.
  • When one of the first things they say, after informing and giving you the shock of your life, that PAYMENT is necessary before doing any surgery etc.  (No Medical Personnel would let ANYONE DIE or NOT TREAT THEM  straight after an accident because payment had not been received – it’s just common sense).
  • When you have never even heard of that particular medical facility or can’t find it anywhere in a search engine.

What To Do If Some One Is Trying to Defraud You With The Emergency Scam Con Trick.

Their are a few common sense things you can do straight away when someone is trying to dupe money out of you over the phone using this particular scam.  Here is a brief anti defraud check list:

  1. RING THE HOSPITAL! – Seems obvious but when your heart is racing with panic for your loved one it can very easily slip your mind to do so.  Remember, when your mind receives this kind of shock you are liable to be more suggestible and panic stricken.  This is how they get you to send them money.
  2. RING YOUR SPOUSE!  Again, another obvious thing to do but many just do not do this after paying thousands over the phone, just to see their husband walk in dismayed to see there is no dinner on the table and you forgot to record X-FACTOR! (YIKES!).  -not to mention the cash you just spent saving his life, needlessly.
  3. GOOGLE THE PERSONS NAME!  What Doctor’s Practice is not online nowadays?

These are just a few things you can do IMMEDIATELY to prevent you from being scammed by these heartless con artists!

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I would love to hear from anyone that has been a victim of the Medical Emergency Scam so as to help others avoid it.  If you have any questions on how to sign up or about this particular scam then I am here to further assist you in what ever way I can.



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