Beware of Medical Negligence Claims Jobs Online from Home

By | May 28, 2017

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Researching the Validity of Medical Negligence Jobs Online from Home.


Let’s see if online jobs for Medical Negligence Claims  are legit jobs online from home or potential scams!  Please Note:  It is impossible to say all such opportunities like these are scams,however, I am making you aware that they are indeed rampant within this area.  Generic title of such a job can be called ‘Medical Processing Claims Officer‘.

What are Medical Processing Jobs Online from Home Anyways?

Simply put, it is an insurer who is keeping his contractual word to accept, look into, and take action on a claim put forward by an insured individual or business entity.  This requires many admin and customer service points of contact.  This includes:

  1. Review.
  2. Adjustment (should it be necessary).
  3. Remittance.
  4. Or denial of such a claim.

What is Causing the Rise in Online Job Scams?

Since the horrible financial crash of 2008 many people globally are looking for part time or full time employment online.  Why not?  More power to you if you are successful.  If we look at how many people there currently is in the world, 7.5 billion plus, and then consider how so much more efficient companies are at making their product, whats left to do except go online to create your own business.  At creation of this post here is where the Global Population stands:

Current World Population Clock. of births and deaths.

Deaths and Births. 33 million more people are born than what are dying.




The difference in the births to the deaths is startling.  Their just is not enough real world jobs to go around, it is as simple as that.  Scam artists know this and are preying on out-of-work-job-seekers who have turned to online business opportunities.

How are Online Medical Processing Claims Jobs Scams?

It is not rocket science but it is tempting.  You respond to an advertisement for a Medical Processor Vacancy, of course, and typically this is what you encounter.  You call or Sign Up invariably for a fee.  The fee is usually in the hundreds but the advertisers of this scam will tell you will earn thousands from home.  Fee could be $200, $300 or even up to $500 a pop.  They tell you that Doctors are in need f this service and may have the cheek to supply you with a list of Doctors names.  What you are paying for is ‘special’ software to help you be a Claims Processor to start your online business from home.  This is a scam!

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware.

You will receive your software and or training necessary to do your job from home.  You and your  wife/husband will be very excited indeed.  But this  medical processing home business is typically fraudulent with no way, and I do mean, No Way of getting your money back – despite such advertisers who say they will refund within thirty days if you are not happy.  Their are no Doctors looking for your service as they already have that automatically in place and have done from day one of their practice.  You honestly think Doctors would not think of such a thing as this, or Solicitors or Insurance Companies?  Course they would!  This is their bread and butter.

Surely their still some online work opportunities on the internet?

Yes, their is.  If you are looking for an online job, not one that makes you loads of cash in an unrealistic amount of time, then you have come to the right place.  If your willing to learn about SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Website Creation and and How To Provide Rich Content to your readers, and so much more, then have a look here:-  Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Legit Or Not?







You can sign up with no pressure or requirement to pay anything. 


Read Wealthy Affiliates Review 2017, Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What?




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