What Is MCPlazy.com – Is MCPlayz.com Scam or Legit Entertainment Site?

By | September 2, 2018

What Is MCPlayz.com and How they Trick Money Out of their Customers.

You have found the right article here on What Is MCPlayz.com. Those asking Is MCPlayz com safe, good, real, genuine or is MCPlayz.com fake, fraudulent, and only only scamming people? Those answers will be provided in this MCPlayz Review. The owners are not delivering the services they promote on their site and charge people for. They are pretending to be providing the service of entertainment to people, but if the online complaints about them are true, then this does not bear out in reality. They are a scam site and so do stay well clear of them. Those that were defrauded from their money are welcome to let us know below in the comments section to help alert others.

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What MCPlayz.com – The Complete Guide.


Already, you have the knowledge on What Is MCPlayz.com so below is for you to make up your own minds. Let us begin to find out who actually owns this website. When sites are clearly scams then the founder is always be missing in their site registration details. This is obviously to avoid prosecution for stealing from people for a fake service.

I can see that the founder’s is absent, as expected, and there physical location is not stated. These guys are so brazen they did not even bother to put a fake address in an attempt to lessen scrutiny. Anyways, the owner is not listed on the MCPlayz website either and so now people are handing over good money for a service they are not receiving.

There website reminds of another that is doing the rounds called BoinkPlay and so you should definitely stay away from that one as well as the scam is pretty much the same i.e. taking money for no services. And also watch out for Msucy.com, they are also a fake entertainment provider, scamming real money out of people.



How Bad is this Fake Entertainment Website?

Their site has been online since 2015, which is surprising, because fake sites will usually just hang around ripping people off for only 1 year, and then shut down. This a more confident and brazen scam than most I expose online. Some searching on Google will land you in a few places where people are complaining of having paid to view the content on McPlayz. However, once payment is receive then you don’t get view anything of value.

Even worse than this, people are unwittingly handing over sensitive data to this website! Data like their banking info, name and email etc. Those details will now be kept until such time they want to sell them on for additional. Though of course, I can’t prove they are doing that, it is just another common way for scam sites to earn from their traffic.

Furthermore, it is evident to say these guys are in no way connected to any portion of the entertainment world and so that claim is an obvious lie. The information used to make others sign up to their membership then is not in their account once they sign up. This is a startling discovery for those that were convinced they were joining a legit entertainment website.

All payments are received immediately but unfortunately they have been reported to have charged people several times. They may continue to do this until you contact your bank and make sure this fraud stops immediately and try to get your bank to claw back that money, as well.

The old trick of asking for your financial information to verify your age is not something to be convinced by. Sites will pretend this information is required to gain members to make sure you are only 18. However, that is only a clever way to phish out those highly sought after and valuable financial details for fraudulent purposes. Don’t submit them. Those that did may just contact you bank if you are worried and seek their advice.

Really, the only thing you need to know about them is they operate to scheme money out of everyone. That is all that there is to their site. There is no content view-able to anyone no matter if you pay or not. And since we don’t know who owns McPlayz then we are at a loss to tell you where to go and file a complaint. Certainly place your experiences with that site below in the comments and tell everyone what you experienced so we may get them shut down sooner and alerting more people.

So, these guys are pretty bad and very rampant with exploiting people online. Do stay clear of them.




Final Thoughts

They are not legit! That is the bottom line and many complaints on Google will verify that for anyone. Those that fell for their scam should contact your financial institutions to see no payments are being taken from your accounts. Also,  check your accounts regularly for unusual activity like small amount withdrawals. They are displaying information on their site on what  you will receive should you sign up with them. Just know, any site like this asking for your financial details to know your age, is probably just a scam site. They can ask for other forms of ID and so why those details are chosen only tells me they are seeking to phish out all of your vital data for their own ends. THEY ARE A SCAM SITE!!

Have questions still on What Is McPlayz.com? That is fine and so do ask me below where I will try to help you out. Ever thought about making money from home? Check out the link below for  your free account to learn to make a full time income starting from today! Thanks for stopping by guys and really looking forward to all of your comments.

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