What Is Mcfnsd.com – Mcfnsd.com Scam Or Legit Website?

By | March 18, 2019

Find Out What Is Mcfnsd.com Here – The ‘Mcfnsd’ Review.

Review to answer What Is Mcfnsd.com at www.mcfnsd.com. Is Mcfnsd com a scam, dishonest, fake, bogus or Is ‘Mcfnsd’ legit, honest, safe, real, genuine? This www Mcfnsd com review is a forum to discuss about that site from your customer reviews. We have already found an identical copy of that site called Ghrkps.com. We have found a ‘link’ in that review that may have us ‘suspicious’ of them. 

Those with experience with them, reviews, scam reports, complaints or positive reviews are more than welcome to add to this article below in the comments. We will discuss who the founder is, what their business address and contact information is and when they registered their site. Also, what it is they actually do with their sites, per their own words.



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Mcfnsd.com Review – Your Customer Reviews Are Welcome Here.

Let us find out more What Is Mcfnsd.com in this Mcfnsd com Review. You can of course read the review above on Ghrkps.com, because their identical, a review of one is a review of them all. Where we can not locate who the owner is, where they are from, contact information then we should be at least a little suspicious. Most businesses are usually very transparent on these issues.



www.mcfnsd.com scam alert? Above image is just another copy of their site.



We go to WHOIS first and we can see that their site was registered in 2018/01/05 and renewal date is the same time in 2020. Short time to register for an online business but of course they can renew. Short domain shelf life can indicate a site that is only around for a short time in order to scam. We can not call them a scam based on that one factor alone though.

Tower Financial Center Flr 35, 50th St y E. Mendez St, Panama is their address submitted at site registration. Founder name is not submitted and so now we have to go to their site to see if we can find that out. 

Bottom of their site we have another address. That is Staffordish Limited, PANAGOTI KASPI 3, FLAT/OFFICE 22, NICOSIA, Cyprus, 1095. We have already researched these addresses.

Ultimately our former research lead us to a complaint of an unauthorized card charge by fndtmc.com. That site is 100% identical to ‘Mcfnsd’ and that is a worrying connection we made previously, as said. The owner of dating website called FindTrueRomances.com

Their Cyprus address is what connects them. Actually, that Cyprus address has led us today to other sites that are also customer service based in nature. We will be looking into those at a later date.

We can also see another dating site called MusicFansFindLove.com where the exact same business address! How can two different businesses have the exact same address? This is why I am personally suspicious of all the sites named in this review. 

‘MusicFansFindLove’ is also connected to an unauthorized card charge from Mcfnsd.com! So we have good grounds to be very suspicious of Mcfnsd. You may read about that unauthorized card charge at theonlinedatingscams.com

OTA has also reported on Ghrkps, which is an identical site with the same address, and you may read about that HERE. Both of those links will open in a new browser so you may come back here if you wish 🙂 .



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Mcfnsd.com Scam Signs.

  • I keep finding reports on these sites that are linking one or more of them to charges from adult sites. That is worrying. Regardless, if you were defrauded then you need to contact your payment provider for a charge back.
  • No founder name on their own website. Their addresses are linking to reports about unauthorized card charges
  • I personally spoke to one of their  customer service representatives. They did not have any information on any of the products of their third vendor customers. But they still asked me if I had a billing issue. That strikes me as odd as they do not know what that could possibly be without knowing their own vendors products.
  • I asked them why their site has identical copies online and that is when I did not get any responses, where as before, they were swift to reply.
  • In our research we also came across a site called Crewedits.com. That has also an unauthorized card charge and perhaps they are all connected by the same owner?
  • The sites that look the same all have these highly generic site names. If it is an acronym then it really should be explained to their customers. So where site names do not make sense then that is something to wonder why about.


During our research in this article we have found 2 more identical copies! Please report all copies, or ‘customer service’ sites, you suspect of being a scam. Thank you.


What Site Did You Use That May Have Caused You An Unauthorized Card Charge?

Some sites are very smart and will ask for your card details in order to verify your age. That trick I have seen on ‘free’ movie sites. So never give your payment information to any site, when first they promised ‘free service’, and then they are asking for that kind of info.

In such sites Terms and Conditions there maybe hidden sneaky charges. In the case of the sites we are covering, there is reported of $39.95 to $170!  How much were you charged.

Typically, when we see something saying it is free sign up, they may have hidden their Terms and Conditions like. Such offers probably ask for your credit card details for age verification. Once filled out then you could be re-directed to multiple sites. The online dating site link we left above speaks all about this for those interested.





Final Thoughts.

Incredibly, we have come across yet another report about an unauthorized card charge ordrtrack.com. That is another customer service site that looks to be a scam. It is hard to see connections between them all other than they have adult sites in connection to them.

It is possible some people may have filled out such a form to verify their age. There is no embarrassment to be felt here as we all make mistakes from time to time. If this be the case with you then you must just get past that and contact your bank and alert them.

It seems these ‘customer service’ sites could be where you are re-directed after you fill out such forms once they have re-direct to others along the away.

Since we got no information out of one of their sites we have previously wrote on then it is possible to see them as a phishing site. Without your reports then that is only a guess, and a guess, that could be wrong.


Your reports are required in order we can make a correction determination on whether they are scam or legit. If we get too many negative reports then we will place them into our List of Internet Scammers. 

That is all on What Is Mcfnsd.com and looking forward to your reports below.

Over To You…


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