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Don’t Be Tempted by’s Investment Plans.

Hello and you are very welcome to our take on! We will answer such questions as:- What Is Maxi-Income ( Is Maxi Income a lie? Is MaxiIncome com good and paying? Is this non-member MaxiIncome Review we shall be details how one is to make money and – what you all want to know – how likely it is you will earn anything, or, will you just lose all of your investments?! Well, let us begin by asking – who owns Maxi-Income?



Created:- 03/08/2018.

Founder:- None Listed!

Affiliate Program:– 5.5% Referral Commissions on Referral Investments.

Scam/Legit:- See ourFinal Thoughtsat the End of this Article.

Farewell Note:- Contains Our #1 Recommendation.
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Let us begin to break down how is promising up to 400% ROI!! Clearly, that is a lot to get back from any investment. Let’s see how real this claim is.

But first, who owns the site?

One can see site registration details at WHOIS. There site owners can put in  ID Info. Honest sites, that are offering work from home paid jobs (does not include affiliate blogs) will usually put in legit info. Such info would be the Founders Name. Good honest are normally very proud of their Founder and so we see Maxi-Income as their Founder nowhere listed online.


How does it all work?

The Investment Levels go as Follows:-

Level 1).

Min Investment:- $8.

Max Investment:- $8900.

ROI:- 188% AFTER 1 HOUR.


At this point, their website does not detail their investment levels. Actually, we had to source the Minimum Investment Info from another source online.

We have to assume you can make various levels donations, opps, ‘investments’ and they are promised to return the following profits per stated hours:

  • 226% after 3 hours.
  • 264% after 6 hours.
  • 342% after 12 hours.
  • 400% after 1 day.
  • 850% after two days.

I don’t believe anyone can generate those returns just by placing an investment online to a website where next to nothing is known of ownership! Anyways, I fear many will still invest because many will know that some do earn a great deal of money this way.





How Can They Afford to Pay Anyone those Returns?

This is how the process of earning is meant to go.

‘YOU’ sign up and invest your money. Then you wait -your part is done! Now we must wait for someone else to join, they invest, and the cycle endlessly continues. These people are known as ‘Investors‘. 

Now, we have said they are running an affiliate program. So, perhaps you refer a number of members to their site and those members now invest. You are now set to get your initial investment back with promised returns per their criteria.

However, such business models have a tendency to run out of New Sign Ups quite fast! This makes such websites very unstable platforms and can collapse anytime, leaving their investors without profit – most, anyways.

All New Money Invested is simply distributed to some older members. However, most of it will go to the Top and to the Founder! The older the website then the more unlikely it is you will see even your initial investment back, never mind any profits.

Ultimately, they are a HYIP – High Yield Investment Program. That is just another way to saying they are admitting they are a Ponzi Scheme. As most may know, Ponzi Schemes are very illegal, and with good reason. 90%+ will lose all of their investments. Should you wish to gamble in such an illegal online website, please do only invest what you can comfortably lose. Of course, we do not recommend this way to earn.

Those that do not feel comfortable potentially losing their money may want to consider Learning to Blog Online to Earn Money. This can be shown to all newcomers in a relatively short period of time.



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Further Causes Not to Trust Their Investment Platform.

Below will briefly list our concerns that we are dealing with a scam site. Though they may make some payments, it is only a matter of time, before such payments stop – BARRING potentially a few:-

  1. As stated, No Founder Name. When Payments stop and peoples money is gone, then no one knows who is accountable for this fraud.
  2. No Payment Proofs – but then again, they are a new site (see date of this post).
  3. Their FAQ’s section is pretty much the same as a number of other sites we have recently exposes. Check out VastPower.Bid, PVP FUND, CredibleFunds.US,, IntroPay.Club, HourCoin.PW, to see what we mean.
  4. “CONTACT US” Menu Button does not lead to contacting anyone.
  5. Their Email Support is not a legit email.
  6. MAXI TRADING COMPANY LTD was Dissolved in 2016, per Companies House Database. Maxi-Income is saying they used traders from this company when they only started their new venture recently. 
  7. Their “RATING” Menu Button only loads the Home Page. These are not mistakes but an attempt to make seem like their site has content.



Final Thoughts.

Clearly, we are not recommending you invest money in a completely illegal scheme! Maxi-Income will only end up taking your money and not showing you returns. This will happen to most. Some may see some returns but this is only to provide payment proofs in time to lure in more victims. However, I am not naive enough to think some people don’t know the risks. This article is for those that genuinely don’t know what their site entails.

Were you paid by Maxi Income?

Let us know below so we can see if they are paying or not, thank you.


That is all we have time for today on and we sincerely hope you have learned what you came here for. Those that are interested in finding a no risk way of earning online may sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. They offer all new comers a Free Lifetime Account HERE to learn how to make money running your own website. Thank you for stopping by and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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