What Is MassiveProfits.Club – Is MassiveProfits.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 9, 2018

What Is MassiveProfits.Club and can you Earn Money with them?

This article will answer What Is MassiveProfits.Club, is MassiveProfits Club fake, scam, fraudulent or is Massive Profits Club good, honest, real, genuine and a legit way to earn big money without risk? They claim they can invest your money without risk and they invest in insurance, Forex Trading, Crypto Currencies etc. They also claim to be registered in the UK but the company registration number belongs to a different company which has been dissolved. By the end of this article you will know if they are real or just another Ponzi Scheme trying to fleece their members.

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What Is MassiveProfits.Club, Owners, How it Works and Why it will Collapse at any time.

MassiveProfits.Club Site

In my search to answer What Is MassiveProfits.Club it is prudent to find out who owns it first. Their sites registration details reveal they registered on the 23/08/2018 and is registered for just 1 year. Businesses of their kinds tend to set up for many more years than that and is indicative of a hit-and-run site. The address supplied is Panama. The Founder Name is not disclosed. We nothing by way of identification, which by the way, is deliberate for when they get reported too many times for fraud then the site owner can not be found to prosecute.

They state they have 20 years worth of combined experience and have been operating since 2013, undoubtedly, they don’t mean online because we already covered they started much later than that. They assert that your money is invested in crypto currencies, insurance, Forex Trading, Stock Markets but in reality there is no proof of this.

There is no digital trail of their companies name cropping up anywhere online to do with such activities. Furthermore, of all the employees they say they have not one name is mentioned of them, also, no payment proofs or documentations on how money is really generated. All of their sites description is purely at face value.

Companies House Registered?

I am afraid that is not true either. They supplied their company  information saying they have registered with Companies House online but they have failed to provide sufficient proof of this. Besides, why would you say you are registered in the UK and then put your sites physical location address as ‘PANAMA‘- BIG SIGN something is not right here.

How Profits are Really Generated.

They may not state this, but their site runs just on new sign ups who then invest. Newcomers to such investments may very well believe there are financial experts taking that cash, investing it somehow on the stock-markets, and reaping financial success. Yet again, there is no evidence of this. They have listed out their investment levels as follows:-

Plan 1.

Min Deposit of $5 and Max is $30,000. 36% per hour for 4 hours.

Plan 2.

Min is $25 and same as above for Max Deposit. 58% hourly for 4 hours.

Plan 3.

Minimum Deposit of $30 and same Max Deposit. 76% hourly for 4 hours.

Plan 4.

Min Deposit of $100 and same Max Deposit. 88% hourly for 4 hours.

Plan 5.

Min Deposited is $300 and Max is the same. 104% hourly for 4 hours.

But profits are not generated by any form of real world investments in Forex etc. They come from people who sign up, choose an investment level, invest and wait for their promised returns. Then when new members join up and they also invest then one hopes to see a return on their investment plus their initial money laid down. There is no real world product or digital services in exchange for real world money. When new sign ups stop coming in then the platform will become slow to pay. Should this trend continues then the site will simply shut down leaving their members fleeced and without their questions answered.

Best time to invest?

You should never invest in these schemes because no one knows who the founder is and so no one knows who to contact when the whole operation shuts down. But, for those that just can’t help themselves, then the best time is in the first few weeks and eve up to 1 month. After this point payments to members will become more and more rare until finally no payouts occur at all. They have provided payment proofs on their site but that is just static information and not looking like real proofs at all.

Deposits and Withdrawals?

Here, by date of this post, they have already received $24926.13 and paid out 11734.08. It will be interesting if those figures stay the same over time. Where we see high deposits and low returns then it is one sign that the founder is not paying out much at all. While I can’t prove those figures to be real or not it seems the founder would have us all believe that they are keeping good to their word so far.




Final Thoughts.

I can’t locate any founder name. There are no employee names listed anywhere on their site either. There is no proof of them working in any investment fields. They have not provided any documentation of being registered in the UK. This is my research and also my opinion. You should research further if you are not satisfied. For me, they are a scam site and I would not recommend you invest with them. As said, some will get paid and get paid good money. But, only at the start. The more aged the site becomes the less likely anyone is getting any money per investment level. Be warned and good luck if you decide to invest with them.

Report all online scams and suspicious emails to scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com.


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