What Is MassiveCart.com – Is MassiveCart.com Scam or Legit – Use Caution!

By | December 21, 2018

What Is MassiveCart.com – Report Them Here To Alert Others.

Nice work to find out What Is MassiveCart.com (www.massivecart.com). Is MassiveCart com fake, scam, bad, dishonest, crooked or Is MassiveCart good, real, safe, legit, honest, trustworthy? This Massive Cart Review is going to share a few of my concerns. Recently I have noticed a few scam reports surfacing. One report said that their order (2 quilts) did not arrive. Have you got a Scam Report? The more negative reviews a site gets then the sooner they may have to shut down. Right now, I am not too sure if they are just having some delivery difficulties or if they are actually a real scam site. Lets find out more.

There are a few things that premise to us a real online scam. The first thing we look for is their location. Most fake shopping sites come out of China and they seem to be the bulk that I find. They often pretend they are USA, UK based but usually easy enough to disprove that. Typically, but I can’t be sure in this case, they have the means to make their own goods with cheaper materials. Regarding electronics then you could get a replica, shoddy item(s), damaged, wrong item and generally speaking a useless order that is worth less than what you paid for.




What Is MassiveCart? Genuine Shopping Site – Place Your Review In The Comments.

I will be honest, I have already taken a cursory look at that site and there are a few things that would send me away from them, personally speaking. We will see if you agree with me or not 🙂 . In order to begin to answer What Is MassiveCart (www.massivecart.com) we begin with the founder, location and contact info. Where there is an unnecessary ‘mystery’ in this area then one has to ask why they are hiding that. Legit businesses are very open about where they are from, who the founder is and how to contact them. Its just standard stuff.


MassiveCart.com Review

DON’T buy anything from www.massivecart.com!

I should of said, so I will do that now, the entire scope of this article is whether they are trustworthy or not. Not about their products or anything of that nature. Of course, if you received goods then you are naturally welcome to speak on that.

www.massivecart.com began their online registration 2018/10/05 and paid for a 1 year registration. OK, so I have said this many times, but 1 year online is not long enough to build up a real online presence and trust. It is only the start. So that is a indicative of a fake site (not always) but so common it has become a point to monitor in working out a trust score.

Their address is ‘PANAMA‘ – now you see why I don’t trust them – personally, as said. There is no reason why a site will not show you their location and so you must use caution until you know who you are dealing with.

The Phone Number is +507 8365503. Google that number, go to ScamWarners.com, and you will see that number is or was attached to another site. And also, that number appears to be a New York number for a taxi. That is per one comment on that site. Not a good sign at all and another good reason for myslf to feel very worried about their site.

No Email and Zero Founder Name listed a registration. That is highly unusual if you are trying to convince the net you are legit. It is standard operating procedures for fake sites to hide those details. However, is there any identifying details on their site?

There is no name.

No owner picture.


Absence of cookie Policy.

Same with their Privacy Policy Page – there is not one.



Zero address, contact number, email etc. Complete black out, and even for sites that are proven scams, that is very unusual.





Bad Shopping Sites And How They Execute Their Scam – Plus Scam Signs.

So most fake sites are coming from China as said. However, ScamAdvisor places them 88% Unknown Location. So… … another very good sign that the the unknown owner has taken steps NOT to be identified online. Should the owner disagree then I am happy to be wrong and correct this article with all that relevant information.

I am solely running on the scam signs and the information the person or people behind MassiveCart have supplied. To avoid potential misunderstandings, for a site that is a business, then its always best and actual standard to supply such info.

1). Perhaps you found out about MassiveCart on Facebook, You-Tube, Twiiter etc? Well there are countless advertisements and many are not legit ones. Just be very careful on the ads you ‘think’ are trustworthy because they just so happen to be on a major social media site. Platforms appear not to be vetting advertisers in order to protect their members, but still earning tons of cash from advertisers fees 🙁 .

2). Was payment taken from your account before the agreed date? Fake shopping sites will commonly take payment ahead of the date they said they would.

3). Is YOUR CARD BEING OVERCHARGED?! Do be sure this is not occurring. Simply contact your payment provider to cancel that card and get a refund.

4). Was No Order Sent Out To You? Missing Or Fake Tracking Info? Support Is Rude And Now Ignoring You? Whatever your problems please be sure to report them below in the comments.

5). They have a few Scam Signs that are worth looking out for. Let’s List Them:-

  • No Founder Name.
  • No Email Address.
  • Phone Number Is For A New York Taxi, it seems.
  • Missing Vital Components On Their Site.
  • No Names Or Images Of Anyone That Owns The Site.
  • 88% Unknown Location.
  • Social Icons Link To Their Own Sites Home Page.
  • At Least 1 Of Their Quilt Images Comes From S3.amazonnaws.com.
  • Clicking On Their View All Collections, Then You May See Their Page Looks Like It Can’t Load Properly.

There maybe more but I think we have covered enough by now.




Do You Have A MassiveCart.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Place Your Reports/Reviews In The Comments Below – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Personally I am convinced they can not be trusted. You are advised never to take any one site words for anything and to continue your research to confirm or deny it. This is only my personal opinion as there is not a lot of reports on that site as yet. If did not receive your product it is vital you report everywhere online that invites you. Scamwitness.com ( 🙂 ) , BBB.ORG, IC3 are recommended. For me, MassiveCart is going into my List of Internet Scammers.

I hope that has been of help to you. For those interested, you may like to have a look at the 1 report revealing the actual owner of the design images HERE (opens in new tab and goes to Facebook). As said, I have seen a few now and so I thought I would start a discussion about that site to find out the truth – one way or another. Thank you for visiting and I am looking forward to your reviews, scam reports on www.massivecart.com. Also, if you still have questions on What Is MassiveCart.com – you are welcome to ask me and I will personally respond to you. Happy Holidays To All – Enjoy And Stay Safe 🙂 .



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10 thoughts on “What Is MassiveCart.com – Is MassiveCart.com Scam or Legit – Use Caution!

  1. Kimberli Frederick

    We ordered a quilt in late October 2018. It is now March and we still have not received it. We have had multiple back-and-forth emails with them but it takes them weeks at a time to respond. Now their website and email is not working.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kemberli,

      Take screen shots of those communications as evidence for a refund. They are stalling. Some credit card providers only allow up to 60 days to apply for a refund. Cyber-crooks know this hence the stalling tactics. If paid by PayPal then you have 180 days. I hope this helps. Check your tracking code and if fake that is further evidence of fraud.

  2. D. Ressler

    I add my experience, so similar to those I just read re: Wakandia.com with whom I originally placed my order for a queen size quilt, AKA Décor Perks Superstore/MassiveCart.

    Ordered a quilt December 3, 2018. I hadn’t received an order confirmation a week later, and started to check with them. Their website had disappeared! I filed a dispute with PayPal, and by now my order was showing from Paypal that it was thru a company called Décor Perks. They (Décor Perks) waited until the last day of the time allowed to provide information, and furnished PayPal with a tracking number. That tracking number showed up several days later in my mailbox on a business sized envelope with a USPS First Class PKG label. Not exactly big enough to fit a queen size quilt.

    What was inside was a little piece of cardboard which purported to be a 10.00$(their printing) “voucher” for MassiveCart. This was the first time the name MassiveCart showed up. PayPal denied my claim because they said the seller had provided a tracking number which showed delivered.

    I blame FaceBook first, for running this company’s ads incessantly over the Black Friday weekend. Then, PayPal for not responding to its longtime customer’s needs. PayPal is very aware that this company is a fraud, and according to one PayPal employee is under investigation. I think she realized she might have said too much and I couldn’t get any more information from her.

    I think that somehow this story of widespread fraud should reach the media’s attention.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi D Ressler,

      I absolutely can not deny that the truth needs to be made mainstream regarding social media platforms earning revenue from scam ads, and then do nothing, when people they have accepted onto their platform get defrauded via their own advertising features. Not OK. Almost daily someone is complaining that they have encountered an ad and then scammed by that ad on Facebook, Instagram etc. Its widespread and nothing even is being said about it in the media or anywhere else. They are too busy muttering over how to put a seal on fake news instead of putting a stop to fake ads that do more than misinform people.

      Thank you very much D Ressler for your highly illuminating comment regarding MassiveCart and the ensuing lack of support and understanding along the way from people that really should, and I have no doubt do, know better. ~ Scam Witness.

  3. Michelle Veronica Kim

    Hi Everybody: I like the rest of you ordered 3 blankets in December as xmas gifts, paid for it w/pay pal did not receive any item yet. I sent an email inquiring about my order, and I am waiting to hear back from them ASAP. If I do not hear from them, I will contact paypal and report as FRAUD, and cancel payment. Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences.

  4. Theresa Atkins

    I’ve been waiting for a reply myself from massivecart. I sent 6 messages and I’m thinking about canceling the payment. They took the payment from my visa right away. If I don’t get a response by the 3rd of January I’m calling my credit union.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Theresa,

      I wish you well on your refund. Thank you also for helping to warn off others about MassiveCart as well. It is much appreciated Theresa.

  5. Debbier

    I read this page last night and became very upset because I just knew I was scammed. I read other articles about Massivecart being a scam also. I was going to see if I would ever get a reply from them before trying to get my money back through Paypal. Then today when I got home from work. There it was. The quilt I ordered on Nov 8th, 2018. Yes, it took a while to get here. Yes, the lack of communication after my confirmation of sale e-mail was bad.
    But I am thrilled that it arrived and is EXACTLY how I hoped it would be. I will treasure my quilt for years. What an awesome find. Plus I got the king size quilt for less than what they are charging for the twin size right now.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Debbier,

      Well, that really is good news Debbier. I had to do a little more research to make sure a mistake has not been made but the reports don’t lie. However, I am thrilled for you 🙂 and really if nothing but good reports come in then I will have no choice but to rethink my conclusion.

      Thanks again Debbier and I hope you have a Great New Years 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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