Website Reviews – Is ‘Masonoe’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 4, 2019

What Is about – Our ‘Masonoe’ Review / Customer Reviews.

This is our Review as a warning to all you would-be ‘Masonoe’ buyers. If you are asking is legit or is ‘Masonoe’ a scam then we have you covered. They are using the name of a Museum who keeps getting calls for customer’s orders. They are not doing any orders, taking money for goods or in need of any info from you. If you gave the site in question your payment info then contact your payment provider for a refund and also to cancel your card. Before we start, they are a duplicate of which is a scam site.

Those that have already fallen for this ‘Masonoe’ scam are welcome to report them in our comments or in this List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. If you want to report on a site we have not already then you can use our FREE SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE to upload your own images with your reviews. We will leave more scam reporting tools later. For now let us begin our review of below and be sure to check out the comments for real customer reviews also.



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 Real Reviews – All You Need To Know.

There are far too many fake e-stores nowadays and is definitely one of them. Their Duplicate scam site called is the same as them. There maybe others and certainly we would appreciate all reports about those as well. So we need to find out their business address, contact data like emails and phone number, founders name etc. Where this data can not be located is a good sign of a scam. Legit companies have not problem in supplying such info.

We go to guys and we type in the URL name. That site will show us all connected data supplied by the founder when they first registered their site. So we see their site was registered on the 2019/11/20 for one year. That is very short and actually we know it can take up to 2 years before your e-store becomes well established enough to be trusted.

But also, there are far too many that are blindly trusting new e-stores for reasons I can not understand. All new stores should be viewed with some level of suspicion until they have proven themselves, just like in the real world. But we see many giving payment info too fast without looking out for reviews, which would have saved you from the scam question.

So if you gave them payment info then just put it down to experience and certainly contacting your payment provider is the next logical step. Cancelling your card should be your first priority as this will stop cyber-crooks from accessing your funds randomly. Keep an eye on your statements for company names you are not sure off.

Typically fake sites will steal your personal info to harvest. They store these bits of data, sometimes for years to come, and then sell them onto other scammers for a profit. These profits are a sideline to a potentially already successful fake business which they could receive thousands of dollars for one list.

The founder of ‘Masonoe’ did not leave their name. That is not good and also there is no name on their site. Now it is very likely people are giving their payment info to a site who has no legit credentials. We would expect minimally that they would leave a contact name for their customers. But no, and so we see this all the time with scam sites.

There is an horrendous loop-hole online regarding websites. When a person creates a website there are some nominal fee’s. Wherein you register your site and it appears optional to leave any identifying data. This should not be optional and is how there are thousands of new scams set up daily.

Hosting providers do not appear to have effective features to verify new website owners identities etc, especially those that are in the business of stealing data from others along with their cash and so this will continue until that loop-hole is sealed.

There is also no business address when they registered their site and there is certainly no address either on their site. No warehousing addresses either and certainly we would expect to see such data. Again, this is all part of a very well laid down scam pattern perfected over the years by other scammers.

On their site we see they have an email address of That was not on their ‘CONTACT US’ page but actually hidden in their Return Policy Page. That is intentional as many will not look at that page potentially until something goes wrong.

There is no phone number, no addresses and no founders name. Still feel like giving them your payment info? So never do business with any e-store that has an air of ‘mystery’ of who they are and where they are from. Just look for reviews, and if you can not find any, then simply ask any scam busting sites like us. 

If those sites are doing their jobs regularly enough then they, or us, will research your concern and let you know. If your report contains a correct URL and they are a scam then we will be all to happy to expose them for you page 1 or Google for all to be warned about any new online threats.

Also, we mentioned they are a copy of ‘Suepas’. So that is common for scam networks to have multiple sites. But why have many duplicate copies? Some of their sites will yield bigger scam-returns than others. There appears to be no real reason for this other than perhaps a site name appealed to people more.

We know ‘Suepas’ is very popular and our site gets close to 100 people daily to that article since we wrote it. So that tells us their scam network at large maybe scamming a host of people at a time per site. You reports will definitely help those trapped in this scam-cycle.

I think they are being quite clever with their prices. I did a random price comparison check on their ladies GAP item and we see they are selling that for $38.

That price closely approximates the actual price of such a garment and so they have added an extra layer of ‘believability’ to their overall scam, as fake sites tend to give out deep-discounts that are far too suspicious.

We see a number of warnings about their site already online, despite how young ‘Masonoe’ is, and so they all agree with us. When you see so many warnings about a site then do listen, they can not all be wrong, and so we have decided to warn our own visitors about a new and highly effective scam threat currently lurking around online.



‘Masonoe’ Scam Signs.

This section is going to list off the scam signs you may have found with ‘Masonoe’. If you spot too many per your experience then this will prove to you that you were on a scam site and you should take immediate action of contacting your payment adviser.


Card holders will have about 60 days to put in for a refund. Do not let scammers run the clock down. They know the medium of your payment and so will or may try to stall for time for  as long as possible. PayPal users will have 180 days for a refund and so do let us know how that goes for you, as sometimes or quite regularly, such payment providers continuously get it wrong when it comes to refunds.

New E-Stores.

As we have said, do not just trust any new store that comes along. Too many nowadays are set up only to scam others. Look for reviews, customer reviews, warnings and really anything that will let you know if you are dealing with a fake site or not.

No Business Credentials.

There is no company registration number to let us know they have successfully gone into business for themselves. Of course, there are rare times we have come across work from home entrepreneurs who earn commissions per each sale, but that is not the case with the site in question.

So we always advise never to hand over payment information to a site that refuses from the get-go to be real and transparent. If you give such info to such a site then it is just a headache and you may lose some of your hard earned cash.

Many times also, fake sites will leave an address but it will or maybe fake. If it is real then the cops will be with them in due course but unfortunately that may not happen until many have lost their cash. If they are arrested, and they have already spent the money on cocktails, then it is possible not many will get refunds.

Ridiculous Returns / Exchange Policies.

Here you will find incredible statements such as ‘if your order gets lost, damaged or stolen, we are not responsible‘. Meaning, you will not get an exchange, replacement or even a refund. Hard Luck! Do not do business with such idiotic statements as this.

Now I see lately they want to charge you not only the returns fee, but also, they want to charge you to re-stock the goods. Again, just another way to scam you.

Often times they will say they will have that shipped out to you in 7 to 12 days, or something like that. Something reasonable in terms of a time frame. That rarely happens with scam sites and really you should expect about 2 months, if online reports are anything to go by.

Even recently we received a comment on person has been waiting for 2 months, with a different scam site, and he says that he knows of someone waiting 6 months and still there is no goods delivered long after payment has been received.

Look out for addresses as I rarely find any in these return policy pages. This is more than odd and certainly if a company does not want to give out its address – then do not do business with them. It ain’t rocket science…

Payment Take Fast.

One thing is for sure is that scam sites will take payment immediately. No doubt about that as I have read many reports of such. After which you may find out there are problems where there was none before. If you suspect anything then do contact us in the comments or a scam busting site for advice. 

Prices are too Cheap!

Recently came across a scammer site where everything was priced exactly the same – $12.50. We are talking about gaming chairs, expensive electronics and home-ware’s but still there are people who believed this. NO way are such items being given away at such low prices.

Prices so low that anyone could buy up all of their stock and re-sell it for a fortune. So no do not believe all the prices you see online as that is how fake sites become very popular very fast. The more clicks their scam ads get on social media, then on their site, Google will think they are relevant and legit.

Then Google allows them greater visitors by ‘upping’ their rankings in their search engine for various well known brand names. So be careful this time of year as there are more fake e-stores then I have ever seen so regularly than before.

No Receipt – No Taxes on Goods Charged for.

Those two points are very big scam signs. Where would you shop where you were not offered a receipt or at the very least where you know without a doubt you could get one? So if they have not automatically sent a receipt, or anything as proof of purchase, then do some research on them. It is more thank likely they are just a scam.

Then I have seen many sites claiming to pay your taxes on any goods you purchase from them. When you consider they may have cut their prices so low they would end up in debt, then clearly, this is just another ploy to entice money out of you.

But also, and finally on this one point, many times disingenuous sites will claim to give you free shipping or easy to reach minimum spend for it. I see that offer many times mostly by fake Chinese stores. The reason why fake e-store owners from China can give this is because their Government pays all or most of the exporting costs.

So this is another good scam sign to watch out for that could imply the real location of the e-store.

Customer Support is Rude / Broken English.

Legit companies would never tolerate their customer support being rude to customers. That would only lead to a bad reputation and a serious decline in sales. You may find that such rude customer support agents are working for a site with 1 or 2 years registration time frames for their site or sites.

They know it matters not too much if they are rude as they can simply shut their site down at any moment in time. All they want is to scam as many people as possible before it is too evident they are fake. At which point they may copy and paste their site into a new URL website.

When they do this then they normally copy-over all site errors with the same fake business credentials. Only this week I found 26 pages of scam sites owed by the same person or cyber-crooks. Same Scam Network. 

Also, if they are not rude, then a support agent with severely broken English is another sign. I have seen many job postings nowadays requesting your English be good and so I can not imagine people, whose English could be so poor, as to land a job in this role where it is vital to be able to speak clearly and accurately.

I for one only speak English so do understand I am not trying to be rude. It is just another scam sign.

Proof of Brand Name Affiliation or Ownership?

Do beware of e-store sites that have everything under one roof. I find this quite amusing as it can take a long time to build up a Trusted Suppliers List, and also, that list could change all the time as we find the good suppliers from the bad.

So when I see a site that is less than one year old, and they claim to be selling all kinds of fancy electronics gadgets, cloths, shoes, makeup, garden wares, and really just about anything, then that is very suspicious. 

Also, those e-stores that are selling Whole Sale Prices, that are new, then we should ‘cock-an-eyebrow’ and do some research before giving them your payment information. Whole Sale, if I am not mistaken, is the cost price of manufacturing goods.

Is it not? So, how can they sell you goods at Whole Sale Prices and still make a profit? This would not leave the in debt to pay staff, overheads, suppliers etc? That is another fine scam sign to watch out for.

Look for proof of the owning the brand names they are promoting or look for an endorsement link from the rightful brand owners. If you do not see one then that is of course highly suspicious.

Especially if their site is representing global brand names, and that site is not what you would expect from brand world leaders, then take a moment to do some research.

No way are big names like Adidas etc going to put their product on a sub-par website as that would only lower the brand name in customers eyes. They prefer to keep their ‘halo effect’ going by presenting their own products on their own professionally made website.

Website Suddenly Vanish?

If a site has registered their e-store for 1 year, and they are gone in no time like e.g. 2 or 3 months or sooner, basically anytime before their registration expiration date of their site, then that is nothing but a scam.

You should expect to win that refund case as legit companies do not just disappear. If you fail to win that refund then report your payment adviser to your nearest Trading Standards Operators as they too need to be made accountable for stupid, and yes I Do Mean STUPID, decisions they make at times at the expense of their own customers.

Point of example would be one customer gets scammed by an obvious scam site. They get a refund. Another customer gets scammed by the very same scam site and does not win their refund. What the hell is going on here PayPal?!! – And everywhere else that makes these weird contradictory decisions.

A site is either a scam or it is not! Have you any stories concerning refunds whereby it was clear you were ripped off? Let us know in the comments.

Delivery is too Long!

We spoke about this briefly but it is worth going over with a finer-comb. If your order has not arrived by the promised date then contact your payment company.

We all know that things can go wrong at times even when we deal with legit companies. However, anything over at least 2 or 3 weeks is time to ‘go to war’ for a refund. It is as simple as that.

This is only scammers trying to run down the clock to so you run out of time for a refund. Do not let them do that to you and take action immediately when it is too evident they are not interested in supplying your goods for your cash already paid.

Your Goods Arrive… But?

We are not saying because  site is a scam that you will not get anything for your cash. Not at all. But it is more than possible you will not get what you paid for. That really is the most common complaint with fake sites.

If only those sites are truthful about their items then perhaps they could be a bargain-basement e-store, which in reality is what most of them are. However, they promote high quality brand names, charge you next to nothing for them, and then say “what did you expect for the price?”. This is still fraud.

There are number of people online who got scammed and then incredibly defend the scammers! So a Doctor is needed here or, to save you that fee, a bit of free common sense. 

If you part with cash based on what an e-store represents, and you get an inferior, shoddy product, is this still not fraud? Gaining monies under false pretenses?

So do not legitimize illegal activity because you yourself are embarrassed to say you were scammed. Remove the ego and so this will stop giving out the wrong impression abut a fake site as if they were legit.

Record yourself opening the package, if you receive one, and make sure you get a shot of any addresses etc for a refund. If you show that video to your refund adviser then how can they say you were not scammed.

Tracking Code Page is Fake?

This is one of those very early scam signs to watch out for. There is no reason why you would be supplied a fake tracking code and so ask them for a new one. If they supply a new one, and it is working, then ‘something’ is coming out to you.

When scammers product what looks to be a legit tracking code it can lea to them winning any refund disputes. So do keep that in mind or let it be as further proof you were scammed.

No matter what, do take screen shots of everything you encounter no matter if you bought from a legit site. It could very well lead to a refund win for you.



Other Reports about ‘Masonoe’ and Where to Report Scams To. Reviews. Reviews. – 1% Trust Score!. Reviews. Reviews.


Report Online Scams Resources.


FCA.ORG.UK. Australia. <- Canada.






Final Thoughts.

There are more ways to determine if an e-store is fake or not but what is up there is more than adequate. We believe 100% that is a scam. We welcome anyone affected by their scam operations below in the comments or anywhere on our site. Thank you for choosing us for your researching needs and we are here to help if you have any questions as we are always glad to be of service.




Report Scams to US!








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16 thoughts on “ Website Reviews – Is ‘Masonoe’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Suzanne Stoddart

    Hey Philip and thanks for the great article!!

    I hadn’t heard of this scam yet, but I’m sure I’ll come across it eventually. I do a lot of online shopping.

    Personally I only purchase from reputable businesses like Amazon or those that offer PayPal.

    You’ve given a lot of signs to look for, which is awesome. These days it’s important to be wary of those “great sales” you may find. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!!

    Thanks for outing all the scams out there. Much appreciated.


  2. Strahinja

    Thank you for sharing this. I think i heard about them but never knew what they were all about. To be honest it really surprised me to learn that they are a scam website. I truly believed they were legit judging from their website. Good thing is that we have people like you investing these different online offers.

    Thank you for that.

  3. Thabo Khoza

    Thank you for such a thorough review about masonoe. I usually check reviews before going to Estores like you advice.
    However I have found that scammers are always upgrading their services to get money from you such as the count down of days or hours.
    One of my friend got scammed like this where he had to pay quickly since he was desperate. They took his money and he couldnt get hold of them because they had fake contact details.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Thabo for your comment about Masonoe and I am you got value from it. Yes those timers do work on some people but it is only a scam sign.

  4. Alex

    This was a great read!
    I usually avoid sites I don’t know, but the detailed info you put together regarding how to proceed when checking a site is awesome!
    It’s sad so many people fall for this type of scams.
    Thanks again for taking the time to dig all this info about them, but more important for sharing the way we can check for ourselves when having doubts.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sonja,

      Thank you kindly for your review concerning I am sorry to read this and I know your report will help others to know without doubt they should put in for a refund and cancel their card for a new one.

      Thanks again Sonja and definitely put in for a refund.

  5. Oana

    When I read reviews like yours, it makes me think twice before I buy anything online. Except for Amazon, of course. How can the small business in e-commerce to stay on if no one is trusting the new stores? There should at least be something that we can see who are trusted online stores. Nobody is looking for the owner name or address or anything. ( I am guilty of that too) I think if I want to open an online store, it might not be successful. This is a big problem for honest online stores owners or who want to open an online store.

    Thank you for your article.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Yes, it is very sad, but it does make it harder for honest e-store owners to make a buck in a climate where there are so many fake stores. But, I know it is more than possible, and once people find out honest stores are indeed honest, then they may end up earning more than usual.

      Thanks Oana for your comment here today on our review. It is appreciated.

  6. Moni

    Thank you for highlighting the Masonoe scam.

    Sadly, the number of scams online seems to be increasing daily and people need to be extra careful and, as you quite rightly say, they need to check out reviews online and research the company behind the website before parting with their credit card information.

    You mention hosting companies and in my opinion, hosting companies can be much more effective to stop these scammers by first verifying the person before activating hosting for the site. However, this is unlikely to happen unless the governments step in to make new legislation for this.

    Thank you again for a very thorough review and hopefully, some people may be saved from being scammed by this scammer.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Moni,

      Thanks Moni for taking the time to leave us a response concerning So there is little doubt they are not legit as there are duplicates of their scam sites online. So if anyone sees a site that looks like ‘Masonoe’ or then do let us know. We are committed to routing out fake sites to help others save their cash and also save them a great deal of hassle.

      Yes, the hosting companies. They are not holding up security at all relative to the onslaught of scams. The justification is, I read somewhere once, that it is impossible to monitor millions of sites.

      Yes, that is true if you are using only man power. For me however, what is wrong with creating software that detects fake sites within in their own hosting network, and if they get an alert some site maybe a scam, then they should manually ask them to verify themselves while putting a stop to their website until steps have been taking.

      So I most definitely agree with you there Moni as I am sure they make enough profits hosting others sites to afford this.

      Thanks again Moni for your comment here today as it is always appreciated.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  7. Justin

    Thank you so much Philip! I found the information really logical and easy to understand. It’s always scary, placing your trust into a e-website, especially with your payment details. I will definitely use those signs to see if the next place I buy at is actually legitimate!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Justin,

      Thank you Justin and I am happy you found value in our ‘Masonoe’ article. Certainly if only one remembers a few of those scam signs that could be enough to know if a site like is legit or is a scam.

      You are welcome Justin and thank you for taking the time to support our site by leaving us a comment. That is always appreciated.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.


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