MartinBoot.Club Review – Is ‘MartinBoot Club’ Scam or Legit Dr Martens Vendor?

By | November 11, 2019

MartinBoot.Club Exposed as a Fraudulent Duplicate Site – ‘’ Scam.

There is a brand new e-store called MartinBoot.Club. In this review we will answer quick if ‘MartinBoot Club’ is legit or if they scam hustling scam out of people. So they have many other sites using the same as them which is SERVICE1@VINAYOTAP.COM. We are currently keeping a list of all the sites we have exposed using that scam email. So do beware of,,,,,,,,,, and so on. Feel free to report any site with that email address as they are all scams.

Those that were scammed are welcome to report them in our comments or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I also show others how to make money online for the long term, and if this sounds like something you could see yourself doing, then why not read our article on Ways to Earn From Home – Free Start Up!



do not login into!





MartinBoot.Club Revealed as a Fake Dr. Martens Vendor Online Shopping Scam in 2019 /2020.

  1. So those that handed over payment information really do need to contact your payment adviser for a refund and to cancel your card for a new one.
  2. If not then these cyber-crooks have good chances to empty your bank account. Cyber-crooks will typically hold onto to important information like your payment details, name, home address, email etc etc and so they store that on a list. Then sell that list for easy, quick and big cash.
  3. We are now seeking out some information that is all to common with legit sites to have displayed. We go to WHOIS and you can see some info the founder has left for us. Their site registered on 2019/11/07 for one year. 365 days is not enough time to develop a long term business opportunity.
  4. You are looking at least two years, in probably most business start ups, before you can actually start seeing real results leading into a full time income business. So 1 year is only part of the start up time, and for that reason, it is widely considered suspicious. 
  5. If you are not sure about any site with 1 year reg’s then look for reviews. Many times there are bloggers working hard to spot and alert as many people as possible to online scams. But in this case of MartinBoot.Club, this article will be the first to expose them properly.
  6. And so where you do not find any info then just go to a site like ours. Ask the owner of that site in the comments if a site is good or bad. Then the owner will research it and hopefully quickly expose that on page 1 of Google to help alert others. Most importantly, only ask sites that respond to comments – far too many don’t. But I do. Everyone.
  7. So, they have not allowed themselves to put up their founders name and that is never a good sign. It is the same on their site. They are mostly definitely from China. That is a very bad sign as most fake e-stores are from this region. Its a shame for the legit e-store owners from this region though.
  8. Moving on we see on their site the scam address of SERVICE1@VINAYOTAP.COM. I can not stress it to you enough, that where this email appears, then you know that site is 100% fake and only a criminal website. It is mostly they are selling counterfeit items. 
  9. The goods you see displayed they have not even the permission of the brand owners to being using. This is clearly very illegal and so that is another reason why they are scammers. You may contact the brand holders and they will say the same as us.
  10. You can see the reviews in the intro and that is enough evidence to prove all sites with that email is false. You may continue your research from those sites listed in the reviews and you will or should see many scam reports about those sites, since time of writing them up.
  11. There are at least 100’s of these fake sites using same email and maybe even thousands. They will be going into our list for future reference. 
  12. There is no business address, no phone number and of course no founder name on their site. So how are we to trust a site that we nothing about? We do not even know who the founder is other than that they are from China. Where there is no transparency then you should NEVER part with your payment information.
  13. This is the same as giving your most sensitive information to a complete stranger on the streets who just so happens to have a stall, promoting some nonsense. Where you have done this then do take immediate steps to safeguard your own finances.
  14. Besides all of this, Dr. Martens Brand Owners would never allow their products to be listed on a site with a ‘dot club‘ extension. That is not how Global Brand Names got to be successful or stay successful. Stick with dot com’s, dot org’s, dot net’s seem OK as well. But really, try to go for dot com’s and anything else aside from what is listed always makes me suspicious.





Final Thoughts.

Their prices on these fake ‘’ scam sites are always lies. They can afford to even buy them from the manufacturers at the unreal deep discounted prices they pretend to sell them for. Only I believe you are opening yourself up to getting no goods, shoddy goods, inferior items, counterfeit, damaged and at times even stolen goods from fake sites. Be warned and I hope to hear from you and others about them in the comments to help alert others. Thank You.




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