What Is Maroson.com – Is ‘Maroson’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | January 18, 2020



Is Maroson.com a Scam – Our ‘Maroson’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and welcome to our short non-generic review of Maroson.com where you are sure not to receive a ‘up to you’ vague answer. What Is Maroson.com? Is ‘Maroson’ a scam? Well, yes, www.maroson.com is a scam site. Ignore them. They are selling a KitchenAid Queen of Hearts 5.qt. Stand Mixer in Red for just $200, but actually, the starting cost for that precise mixer begins at $299 and I believe they can go up to around $800. You are invited to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1500 and counting.

Those defrauded are welcome to report them also in our comments. If you got some goods, from any site, then you are welcome to share the images of them in our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Be clear with the FULL URL and as much info as possible. Lets start this short ‘Maroson’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews, if any at this time.


So they registered their site 2019-12-06 for one year and that is too suspicious, given the other scam signs. And so one or two years is the mandatory required effort in most cases to develop your sites reputation and trust score leading to greater revenue.

An e-store can not get good revenue if they are losing $99 per unit! WHOIS.com shows us they are from Vietnam. On their site they are saying they are from  389 Lincoln Drive HARRISBURG Pennsylvania 17109 – US. Multiple addresses is the classic sign to tell us they maybe overseas scammers.

That address does link back to their site but Per Google it their address does not even exist. So that is faker and further confirmation of a scam site. They are using a privacy service to hide their real location and really KitchenAid.com would not be associating with such bad actors without knowing the identity and location of such people.

And so their phone number is 800-577-5576. That number does link back to their site and so that is a good sign, not that it matters in this case. support@maroson.com is their email address

There is no legal affiliation being displayed on their site that they have any association with any of the brand owner names. Therefore they are illegally pretending to sell those products and they do not have permission to be using them.

AnneFly.com is another scam pretending to sell the exact same blender we mentioned above for just $50. Remember, they start at $299 and so anywhere you see a huge reduction then that is a scam. This means that the manufacturers of that product would have to make a loss in order to provide it at a cost so that any legit vendor may make some earnings. Clearly, that is not how all this works.



Final Thoughts.

Maroson.com is an obvious scam to me. Those of you that gave payment information are advised to contact your payment adviser immediately. Put in for a refund and also cancel your card for a new one. There is not even a founder name for that site. Big problem for me to trust them with my payment info. Those of you that have reports we welcome below. If you know of more scam sites then we would love to hear from you.





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2 thoughts on “What Is Maroson.com – Is ‘Maroson’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

  1. Seymour Riis

    Maroson is definitely a scam. If you call the number shown on the website, 800-577-5576, you get a recording for the Ray Anderson Lumber Company in Kentucky. That is nowhere near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


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