Wha Is ManyDeals.ltd – Is ‘ManyDeals ltd’ Scam or Legit? Warning!!

By | June 11, 2019

Beware of ManyDeals.ltd – Our ‘ManyDeals Ltd’ Reveiw. Identical Site to Notorious MegaDeals.Ltd.

ManyDeals.ltd is a copy of fake site MegaDeals.ltd. Please beware and do not purchase from either site. We have received substantial customer reviews about ‘MegaDeals’ and we see they have set up a new copy to only defraud people. Do not believe them for a second. We thank one of our site visitors for reporting ‘ManyDeals Ltd’ to us as well.

People who have their own customer reviews are welcome to inform us about your experience with that site. We always ask fro reviews and so, to help steer clear many other from being scammed, we ask you spare a moment to leave your own reports below this article. Where many reviews exist online about a site the safer we help to make the Internet Safer.







ManyDeals.ltd Review.

  • ManyDeals.ltd is a replica of MegaDeals.ltd with only some difference in product images. Where we see sites not declaring ownership of other sites is a cause for concern. You are welcome to read the many negative reviews about MegaDeals.lt Here. They have been so damaging that an ever growing Facebook Page was set up to help warn others called ‘SCAMMED BY MEGADEALS’.
  • We see ‘ManyDeals’ was registered 2019/05/01 and only for 1 year. That is a scam sign by itself because 1 year is not long at all. This is indicative of hit-and-run fake sites whereby they defraud as many people as possible and can vanish at any time. Of course, legit sites can set up for this time to see how their new business goes before deciding whether to renew or not.
  • They declare they are from ‘PANAMA’. They however have not left a complete address nor a founders name. This is not a good sign to say the least. On their site we have some phone numbers of +13518882241 and +441782454716. Do not be surprised if they are fake or you are ignored. 
  • Email address of support@manydeals.ltd. Where we are not offered some business transparency then that is a major cause for concern. Before giving over payment information it is important we know and trust the site we are submitting that info to.
  • Maybe now you will be overcharged, multiple charges may occur or your payment info could be sold onto other cyber-crooks. We are basing our ‘scam’ verdict given how identical these sites are because, as said, their other site has some very bad and numerous reviews on our own site. If that is not cause for concern then I do not know what is.
  • Their sites content about who they are tells us nothing of use. They only have put some generic information about their products and about being suppliers of high quality goods. Google a paragraph or two of such sections of sites and see what shows up in Google. Many times we have found many fake sites by simply doing this. 
  • Where then you see scam reports attached to these other sites then that is a high quality clue you are dealing with a fake site(s).
  • We also see that no one else appears to have exposed ‘ManyDeals’ so it is of vital importance you consider warning others below in the comments.



Final Thoughts.

So that is all for now on What Is ManyDeals.ltd and they are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. Where we are mistaken we will gladly change that conclusion. As always, your reviews will confirm or deny our suspicions. Thanks for coming by and very much looking forward to read about your own experiences below.




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