Review of – Is Scam or Legit?

By | January 17, 2019

What Is About – Quick Review.

Delighted to see you have opted to do research instead of just trusting at Is ManKindBig com good, safe, real, legit, genuine, honest or Is ManKindBig bad, scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest? This Man Kind Big Review is a warning, not just about the site in question, abut also about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Owners are the same as ManKindBig and so you should avoid the lot of them. Please leave your scam reports below this article to help alert others – thank you.

These fake sites are coming out of China at an alarming rate. They have potentially 100’s or even 1000’s of these sites defrauding 24/7! Typically they can produce poor quality, substandard, inferior, shoddy and even maybe counterfeit goods. These goods are what do be delivered to your door instead of the item you ordered from their site. Since the order is going to be so low in quality then you overpaid on a misrepresented product and therefore still due a refund. Contact your payment provider to see about a refund and cancel your card to stop unauthorized withdrawals from your own funds.


List of Internet Scammers.

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Background Check on – Things that should not be.

There are few things you should know about before you even consider purchasing from their too-good-to-be-true offers! First off, we will try to find out the owner, contact information and where they are based as a real world business. Businesses that hide that information are considered behaving deceptively and really should not be trusted without extensive researching first. Just to be clear do not purchase from MyLoveGoods, ActionSallyhy, Morderneo, Rena1ssance, Easious, InnovGoods, Tylious, InovGoods, Conglide, Setcoming, YouthForSome, LucuryBuy, GadJetMart, VsTroll,, SuperGoMall, NuxtFit ETC! None of those sites are trustworthy. / Review

Scam Alert at! – Another one of their identical sites above.


The site in question was put up online in 2019/01/07. 1 year is all they have opted for that registration. That is odd in itself because legit businesses do not want to exist for only 1 year but for many years with their marketing efforts. And so that is typical of sites that have no other intention than to scam you of your hard earned cash.

The address left is not their own and used by too many scammers online to convince it is theirs. They are frequent liars regarding their real location but they are actually producing these sites out of China, as said. No founder name located!!

Between their online registration, and their own website, there is no a word of truth that exists! I see also they have no address on their site, no contact info other than email address that you probably won’t get a response from, and a telephone number that is already in use by tons of other online companies.

So that is all lies and why would they be so devious about those details if they were not trying to fleece innocent people? So, no one knows the owner of this particular scam network. This is beneficial for these cyber-crooks, as they can defraud for the whole year now, and perhaps never get caught for fraudulent advertising for illegal earnings.



ManKindBig Scam Signs.

Here we will quickly run through a few scam signs so you can see why they are further fraudulent and why they can’t be trusted.

  • They have misrepresented the age of their site to their unwary customers. You can clearly see that they state it is online since 2010 at the bottom of their own site. That is not true and we have already stated they started in 2019. So sites that lie about the age of their property are doing so to convince you to buy something from them. I mean, how can a site be online for so long and still be a scam? And so that is the logic that they are hoping to get from you to further increase their sales.
  • Images are not their own and because they don’t have permission to promote them. This is a classic way I have seen other networks work as well. They will take high quality product images, set up all over Facebook etc, and promote their own scam links. Facebook gets paid, scammer gets clicks and gets paid but the customer loses their cash. Even too many times banks will not issue a refund even though people are clearly being scammed – makes no sense to me either!
  • There is a clear lack of ownership info, location and that is all very bad news. Their email address is – that is a former scam site that has now closed after scamming people. So they have made a mistake and used an email from another one of their fake sites. 
  • The number on their site of 1 626 456 6688 is not operational or you will not get an answer. All for show folks!
  • Should you wish to go to their about us section, on two of their fake sites, you will see the same wording all the way through. Sometimes they will even forget to change out the last site name and so that is another scam sign. Simply the scammer copied from an older site, a site that they are closing due to ever decreasing online reputation leading to lesser sales, and start a whole new URL website. This has the advantage that Google will not consider that a bad site until scam reports surface – that can take too long and in that time many may have been defrauded.
  • One item has $200 off of the original price! That is just plain untrue and you will not get that item as advertised on their site. All orders maybe so low quality that it maybe hard to see if they are fit for purpose.





Do You Have A Scam Report? Please Leave Your Reports Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

You may read the other reviews to find all the evidence you need to further know that these sites are not trustworthy. Ultimately it is up to you if you wish to risk you cash with any of those sites. For me they are scammers and are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please spare a moment to report them below – thank guys.

That is all on and I hope this short article has stopped you losing your cash to an online scam. If not then least you now know to apply for your refund and not to shop with such sites again. Taking questions for those that have any and looking forward to your comments to come.


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4 thoughts on “Review of – Is Scam or Legit?

  1. Donna Williams

    I order an item on Jan 15, 2019, I emailed them 4 different times with no reply when will my item be delivered with no response from them. I than tried to call there phone number 1-626-456-6688 and got the number is no longer in service. I brought it from an advertisement on Facebook.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Donna for your report on ManKindBig. Thank you also for verifying about their phone number – it is useful to know 🙂 .

  2. Lida Muldoon

    I also sadly bought from this site and receive no answer back from my emails and the tracking number is nowhere to be found. I am calling my bank to stop any possible future claims on my card.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Lisa for being the first one to report on I am sure it really help confirm to others that they are no good and to put in for a refund ASAP. Thanks again Lisa and I wish you well with you refund.


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