What Is ManiaProfit.com – Is ManiaProfit.com Scam or Legit? Full REPORT!

By | October 16, 2018

What Is ManiaProfit.com and What You REALLY Need To Know Before You Join Them.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

ManiaProfit.com is a site that is promising $500 a day! That is too high and not real. What Is ManiaProfit com Exactly? Is ManiaProfit fake, scam, crooked or is Mania Profit genuine, legit, safe, real and paying out? This ManiaProfit review should not be confused with ProfitMania.com  <<– Another Scam Site! Anyways, this article is going to show you why you can’t trust either site and why it is only a waste of time. Not only a waste of time but there could be some hidden threats lurking as well. 

While it must be disappointing news for some that have worked on their site, I can only hope this article will save many. While there are thousands of scam sites being made daily there are also good and trusted sites to earn from. Those interested in learning how to earn a full time income online, or even a few $100’s a month, are welcome to take a quick look at my #1 Recommendation. It is for those that have a real desire to work for themselves and create the financial freedom you maybe seeking. Free to sign up, many resources plus two websites to get you start, and there is  no cc required. So, you have nothing to lose by just seeing if it is for you. Let us continue.





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Why ManiaProfit.com is Not Real, Safe or Legit – The Many Flaws and How The Scam Works.

These guys are offering to pay you for easy social media jobs and that payment is $1 per task, or when someone clicks on your link, and goes to ManiaProfit.com’s website. That $1 is insanely high and usually you would only get some fractions of a cent if that was a real website offer. First we have to look into who owns the website as our first port of call to, 100%, determine if they are a scam or not.

Their website was created 22/09/2018 and only registered for 1 year. Sites that offer work from home paid jobs usually will register for years longer then just one and is considered ‘suspicious’ behavior. The founder’s name is not listed, with no real address listing for their business and no email support. They have gone so far as having REDACTED FOR PRIVACY all info!! They are using their registrar OpenTLD B.V. to hide who they are. This is how all scam sites are getting away with hiding themselves and running fraudulent sites. Even though this is a commonly known fact – nothing is done about it!!

Clearly, where we see all identity information hidden we have to wonder why. I have never heard of working for someone that I did not know the name of and so we can say the same thing about working for others online as well. Now, when this site is shut down, the owner can simply run away with all the cash generated by members and no one can stop him, her or them from doing so.


ManiaProfit.com Website

Go to www.maniaprofit.com to login – not recommended though.






How The Scam Works.

Everyone globally is welcome to sign up with their legit emails. However, you can also input a fake email address and they will still allow you to sign up. This tells me that their sign up form is nothing but a form for phishing your legit information. This is very bad news now because that email address, your name etc, can be sold onto scammers. This is called Data Harvesting and they will earn big, quick and easy cash for such info. When they have collected lots of data of this nature then they will make of it a list and that will be sold online on the deep web. Just report and delete all emails that look suspicious to you.

They will not ask for an email confirmation either which is very unusual to say the least and not standard operating procedure on legit sites.

OK, once you have signed up you will see that you are only required to share your REFERRAL LINK on social media. THAT IS ALL! That is the ‘Small Jobs’ and ‘Tasks’ required of you. They are teaching all to spam their links all across the net and Google will not like you for that. Once you get a bad name with Google once then its nearly impossible to repair it. Every time someone simply ‘clicks’ on that link then they award $1.

Their $25 sign up bonus is bogus as well and you will never get paid that amount for signing up to anyone’s website. Let us imagine that $25 was a real sign up offer, then usually what I find is they will require something, of relatively equal worth. Perhaps they will ask you to sign up to an offer where they will make some money and then give you $25 commission on that. Ultimately, there is no such thing as free money online and people who think so are only easy-scam-fodder-for-scam-artists!

THE MINIMUM PAY OUT IS $100! That is a normal amount but also some would argue it is far too high. SO when you see the payout is as high as that then you should know that is only to make you do more on their site. The more you do the more they earn. In essence, it is free labor and people are being used like this every day online 24/7! Honestly, I understand how people cna live with themselves scamming others. Oh well, moving on…



What Happens When You TRY To Cash Out!

You got to be very careful here. They may try some ‘funny stuff’ to get further monetization out of you before they boot you out of their site. Simply, when you try to cash out they may ask you to go Premium and requires and Upgrade fee. Or, they may ask you to fill out a survey or complete an offer. Its the ‘offers’ part that always you have to be careful with. 

You could be sent to another scam site where they will require your bank details. Once they have those then they can charge your card anything they like. Ring your bank and ask them to do charge backs to retrieve your money, or whatever payment method you used. Watch out also for small charges to your account that are regular and to a source you don’t know.

Once you complete whatever steps they ask of you then you will STILL not receive any money. Its all part of their con all steps before that point. 





Pay out is too high.

Founder can’t be located.

No email support or real world business address.

Bad English and many grammar mistakes.

Their sign up form and their support contact form are only phishing forms – therefore, they don’t have a real means for you to contact them.

They are running another site called UltraInvests.com.

Only registered for 1 year online.

Displays of cash on a site is another sign that is not good to see.

Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Icons, on the bottom of their website, only links to their Home Page. Another sure sign you are dealing with scammers.












Final Thoughts.

So, they have another site that is running the same racket. They maybe a new scam network I have not heard of before and so I will be keeping a close eye on them to expose them on page 1 of Google for all to see. Any site saying they are paying $500 a day for sharing your link, and even $5500 a month, you should just walk away from. I fell for all kinds of scams before I learned how to blog and now I am earning legitimately just fine. 

Those that have any questions on What Is ManiaProfit.com are welcome to ask below. Those seeking other ways to earn online should check out my #1 Recommendation. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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