What Is MallToSell.com – Is MallToSell.com Scam or Legit – SCAM ALERT!!

By | December 21, 2018

What Is MallToSell.com (www.malltosell.com) – Your Warning To Stay Clear Of Them.

I am glad you have sought out reviews on What Is MallToSell.com (www.malltosell.com aka ‘SuperBuy’). Is MallToSell fake, bad, scam, dishonest, crooked, deceptive or Is MallToSell good, legit, genuine, real, safe, honest? This Mall To Sell Review will not just warn you of them, but will prove, why they are run by scammers. Your banking info is severely at risk – contact your payment provider to take corrective measures and for a refund. Your MallToSellReview Scam Reports are very much needed to help warn others and you are welcome to place such reports below in the comments.

Most scam shopping sites are coming out of China and have done so for some time. Many if not most have a way to produce fake, replica, low quality, counterfeit products. The images on such fake sites tend to steal images and try to pretend that is what they are selling. Invariably they will not have permission to sell these items. We will take a look at the person or people behind their site, where they are actually from and relevant contact info left online by themselves. With that info we can search to see if they have multiple sites.





What Is MallToSell.com (www.malltosell.com) – Swift Report.

So far you are armed with the answer to What Is MallToScam.com found at www.malltosell.com. They are simply not legit. Try not to hand out your banking and other personal info to sites that you have not heard of before. Seek out reviews of any site that is new and selling goods online. Too many negative scam report reviews then you will know the truth. Let us now try to find out who the owner is, location and contact data.


MallToSell.com Review


www.malltosell.com was set up online on 2018/12/07 – just days before the holidays when everyone is panic buying. They have decided that they are only keeping their site online for only one year. Businesses that are real will have made significant financial investment for their real world business. In this instance then why pay so little to have a site, representing your real world biz, have such a short shelf life online? That is a sign of a hit-and-run site where they linger online for 1 or 2 years and then shut down anytime without any warning. 

The Address given is Yaohai District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, Hefei, Anhui. That is in China.

There is no address on their site. I do not see an email contact or a phone number for customer support. That is a black-out for ‘contact’ for when things go wrong. So far it is not looking good. Real and trusted sites will almost inundate you with such information.

The Founder Name is apparently YinYin Feng. Who knows if even that is a real name and the address submitted is their real location. I doubt it very much, though.




The Way Dishonest Shopping E-Stores Typically Operate – A Quick Guide Plus Scam Signs.

1). Social Media Platforms are allowing online scam sites, perhaps unknowingly, to advertise on their sites. This has the disastrous effect of that platforms legitimacy being imbued into these fake ads! Disaster!! People click and trust automatically in too many cases. 

2). Dishonest sites like to buy themselves in Google Search Results mimicking the (with slightest URL variation) of good and trusted sites. In most cases they will have a high traffic social media presence where much of their victims come from. Once again, seek out reviews of any site that you have  never heard of, and most vitally, do report them because there is not a whole lot of protection on platforms that appear not to vet advertisers.

3). Once you are directed to a scammers site then you will usually see huge knocked down prices. Mall To Sell has NOT made that classic scam sign error, but it is one to watch out for.

4). When you make a purchase then payment may be taken from your account FAST! Usually they will break their word on the actual date they said they would take payment. Many reports online, in general, of suck fake sites multi-charging and so do watch out for that. Even they can be cheeky enough to try and make you pay some kind of recurring charge every month.

5). The Delivery Time maybe a Joke, at best! Two months appears to be the time fake sites will mess their customers around who will spend much of that time wondering where their order is.

6). Tracking information should allow you to see where in the world your order is. It is not uncommon for this tracking data to be fake or to just disappear without warning. 

7). Customer Support make speak to you in broken and often nonsensical English. Requests to ‘SYMPATHIZE’, ‘UNDERSTAND’ is the usual kind of requests to be patient. They will or may use excuses that the courier has your package and now they are having problems making your delivery. Also, and very sadly, it is not uncommon just to receive an empty envelope as your order. Ultimately, they may prove hard to contact, long gaps in communication and also you may never hear from them again.

8). Those lucky enough to get anything for their hard earned cash may find the goods to be practically worthless. Certainly they are not not a pinch of what you paid for it or them. Goods could damaged, wrong sizes, colors, misspellings and color is off. Regarding electronics they may be shoddy, replicated, counterfeit etc. Always seek a refund when you find out you have bought from such fake sites.

9). Their Scam Signs on MallToSell appear to be quite a few. I tend to start looking for contact data and addresses etc. There is none.

10). Then I look at their site date, located bottom of their site. You may see bottom of this page to see this sites age. Their site says 2018 – that is fine, that fits when they actually registered. BUT!!! They have planted a huge lie, tucked away in their ABOUT US SECTION, where they say they have PROCESSED OVER 2000,000 ORDERS SINCE 2008! We have already proven they were registered in 2018, clearly, and so it is common for scammers to lie about their sites age to extract more trust and legitimacy from some of their unwary customers.

11). Their site contains info about themselves that is generic and actually does not give away anything about who they really are and where they are from. There is not a single point of legitimate contact, name or image of anyone who runs the site. They have a CONTACT US PAGE but usually that is just a phishing section. This is where they collect personal info, name – email etc,  to harvest and then sell on for a profit. It is just one way they illegally monetize their time and efforts.

We will leave it there. That is enough to know they are fake and not to be trusted.



Do You Have A MallToSell.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Report Below In The Comments Section To Help Warn Others – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Payment maybe taken ahead of time. The company that takes the payment maybe wholly different from their site name. Their returns shipping address, or where your items came from, maybe completely different to where they say they are from. However, since we have clearly established they are from China, you may get a relatively legit location. Contact your bank and probably they may advise to cancel your card – seek a refund. PayPal offers you 180 days to put in a pay dispute. Take screen shots, especially of your tracking info if it proves to be fake, and hand that over so your payment provider may have good evidence to go in your favor. The aforementioned site is going into my List of Internet Scammers for good.

I hope this article helps many people recognize a few things that may indicate, to your mind, that are indeed in contact with a deceptive as the answer to What Is MallToSell.com. Avoid www.malltosell.com (aka ‘SuperBuy’) at all costs. For the up to date threats simply click HERE to see the sites currently trying to scam as many people as possible right now. Thank you kindly for visiting scamwitness.com and I am very much looking forward to all of your scam reports to come.



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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Misael,

      Lamento escuchar esto. Simplemente puede ponerse en contacto con PayPal y poner una disputa por su dinero. Me gustaría saber si recibe su reembolso y, si tiene tiempo, espero volver a tener noticias suyas. ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Robert,

      Per some complaints on my site, regarding other scam sites that advertise on Facebook, people have asked the same question. The response Facebook apparently is giving is that such sites don’t violate their policies. I am not saying they are saying that about all scam advertisers, but seems, a response they are offering at this time.

      To answer your question then it appears that not much is being done.

      Thanks for question Robert. Is there anything else you would like to ask?


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