What Is Mallcen.com – Is Mallcen.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 3, 2019

Find Out What Is Mallcen.com Here – The ‘Mallcen’ Review.

This is our review to find out What Is Mallcen.com at www.mallcen.com. Is Mallcen com a scam, fraud, deceptive, fake or Is ‘Mallcen’ legit, safe, real and good? This www Mallcen com Review is a scam alert. They have other sites like Nvvs.com and YeahSave. Those that have been scammed by any of these sites are welcome to report them below article. ‘Mall Cen’ was reported to us by one of our readers and so it is with thanks we expose them to help alert others.

Their sites seem to have a ‘knack’ of getting many visitors to their sites. They become popular fast because they lie about their prices. Already, even though they are a young site, they are a number of complaints against them online. We will do our own research to show you why they can’t be trusted.



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What Is Mallcen.com About?

So we know this scam network quite well indeed. Thought they may look different, their ‘ABOUT US’ section is verbatim to some of their other scam sites. How can separate companies have the same word-for-word ‘about us’ sections? So that is what is linking them as the same network so far. We will do our background check on them to find out where they are located, name of the founder, contact information and registration date.




Warning for www.mallcen.com!



Date of their site is from 2019/02/01 with only 1 year. That is a short time to invest in any business, online or real world, and that is something to consider. Business selling sites that are not scams normally go longer than this. However, we should also think that the owner is just seeing how things go in 1 year and then maybe renew their site.

Address in WHOIS is not theirs and that address is being used by countless other businesses online. That is an address that is hiding their real location. Found name is also not listed at registration.

We go to their site and we can see that their ‘CONTACT’ button only links us back to their home page.

There is a Malta address located bottom of their ‘about us’ section but that is not their address. We have seen that address being used by a different company before, well, quite a few times actually and so it can’t be theirs.

Already we can plainly see they have taken careful steps not to reveal who they are and where exactly they are from. There is not even a phone number by which customers may call them on behalf of their orders or to inquire about refunds. Honest sites do not do that.

We could of forgiven them for hiding information in WHOIS as that may be perceived as the founder is trying to avoid being spammed. But having NONE AT ALL is not the answer. You are only leaving people in a situation where they have no where to turn to when or should things go wrong.




Mallcen.com Scam Signs.

  • Location and identity covered up! That is really bad news because now you have no clue you may have given your payment information to. When sites hide all that info we have no way to determine their true intentions towards others, and so, that is enough for me never to give such a site my sensitive info.
  • They have multiple sites that are proven to be fraudulent already. 
  • Their ‘ABOUT US’ section is identical to other sites online. You only have to highlight and Google the first paragraph in that section of their site to see Nvvs.com come up – another one of theirs!
  • When one of their sites close down, whether its due to low interest or too many people complained against them, then the seem to be setting up new ones. This is to replace the revenue that goes down when a scam is heavily highlighted.
  • The brand name of Louis Viutton has not given these cyber-crooks permission to use their products to promote and to make sales from. It is common for scammers to steal images online to add to their own site. Then they will add their own prices (usually too-good-to-be-true) and make sales from other peoples product images.
  • There are no Trust Seals to assure us they are a legit and safe site to buy from. We should be looking for McAffee, VerifSigns Seals, that when clicked, gives us confirmation we are on a legit site.





Final Thoughts.

We stake out own online reputation to say they are not a good site and ‘you’ will only have a bdad experience if you go and purchase from them. Check out our other reviews in this articles intro for more information. Also, you may view our WoeMart.com Review where these sites were reported to us.

They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers where they belong. Those with reports on any of these sites are welcome to report them below to help alert others. Those with questions are welcome to ask as well. That is all we have time for on What Is Mallcen.com and I hope this article reaches you before you entered your payment info into their site.

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