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By | July 16, 2017

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Looking to Make Fast Money Online with Your Laptop?

If your are searching for an opportunity to earn fast money online then please reconsider your ‘Modus Operandi’ in ‘trying’ to achieve this goal. I will detail why responding to email chain letters is not worth your time. I will show your a real life ‘sample’ example, though, I am sure there are countless variations.


The First Recorded Example of Making Fast Money Online by Email.

The earliest recorded instance of an email chain letter was recorded in 1997 masquerading as the American Cancer Society asking for their email to be forwarded. Every time the mail is forward, the Cancer Society has a list of donors, that will give thee cents. This was to raise money for a seven-year-old girl called Jessica Mydek who had terminal brain cancer.

The Jessica Mydek Hoax played on the sympathy of the recipients of the mail who did follow the instructions. It wasn’t asking for money, so, where is the con? The heartless scammer was building a ‘sucker list’ that he/she could ‘target’ in the future for financial donations – at a guess – this would be my assumption. Honestly, I felt a little sick at this! Makes me angry that he’d make up the heart breaking scenario of a seven-year-old girl dying of brain cancer – truly sad and disgusting behavior!! Yes, your got it, the seven-year-old did not exist according to the American Cancer Society.

TIP:- Jessica Mydek, if said aloud, contains a rude pun. This is a ‘hall-mark’ trait that your are dealing with a scam. The above example is a pure ‘classic’ within pyramid schemes.

Chain Letter Scams In Your Inbox.

Chain Letter’s have migrated from your letter box to online targeting unsuspecting victims. Now we know the history, and the heartlessness of this scam, let us take a look of a modern day example.

You go to your email and notice an ‘opportunity’ to make a lot of money by following extremely easy instructions and then just wait for the ‘free-money’. Really? Anyone knows how I can get free money? This one goes something like this:-

  1. You receive a mail in your inbox.
  2. Email contains listed names.
  3. You are instructed to send a relatively small amount of money to the name at the top of this list.
  4. Money is sent via actual mail, not email. Though, I would say, that can vary to send money to Paypal instead.
  5. You add your name to the list at the bottom.
  6. Now the list is updated, your are told to send the mail to everyone on your contacts list.
  7. The one who created such a chain letter will tell your, in fantastic detail, as the list is updated by other people, when it comes to your name, your could make a substantial amount of money.

Here is an example, in part, of what such a scam would look like:-


Dear ‘Friend‘ – LOL!

Sounds good, right? Before reading, would your follow these instructions? Be honest and let me know in the comments section before reading on.

Where is the catch? The originator of the chain scam mail goes to much effort to make his own updates to the list. His name or name of others on the list (his associates) are permanently kept on top of the list!! They are the only ones getting the cash and your just helped someone else get ripped off while making a scammer that much richer!

This is it with regard to email chain letters. As your can see THIS is not honest and quick ways to make money online. OK, that is not particularly true. It IS a quick way to make money on the internet but only for the scammer!  Here are the Top Internet Fraud Scams within your inbox.

Don’t pay for someone else’s cocktails on the beach!

If your were looking into this kind of way to earn some money, chances are, your maybe interested in a way to make money in a legit and honest way. I have one. It does require work and learning. In time, your could have a website like mine to earn money from. Should your be interested please read my no money sign up opportunity. If your are not interested, no hard feelings, please consider leaving a comment and I will always respond to your.

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