What Is MakeInker.com – Is ‘MakeInker’ Scam or Legit? Our Review

By | May 21, 2019

MakeInker.com Looks To Be A Scam – ‘MakeInker’ Review.

MakeInker.com has a few glaring scam signs that indicates they may not be trustworthy. Should we trust www.makeinker.com? Is ‘MakeInker’ honest and legit? So we will detail the problems with their site that says they are from India. 

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments to help those with their own research. We do not believe anything will be sent to your address and we think they are only a phishing site. This clearly means they want your personal information to potentially sell onto other cyber-crooks for easy and relatively big free cash.







MakeInker.com Back-Ground Check.

  • We are now going to perform a quick check on their business information. This entails questioning who the founder is, where exactly they are from i.e. business address, contact information and also when they started their site. Legit sites will not lie about this kind of data or have it missing. Scam sites on the other hand are notorious for not having this data available.
  • WHOIS can show us a few valuable clues to the true nature of fake sites. 2019/01/29 was when they registered their site. 1 year registration is not very long and could indicate a fake site by that little piece of info. Dishonest sites will typically build shoddy sites, scam for 1 or 2 years, and at times just vanish over night. 
  • Of course, that is not always the case. We can see that there are legit and hard working e-store owners who register for this time period. I can only imagine it is because they want to see how their new business will perform before renewing, if at all.
  • 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA is not their address. That is a proxy address and so it is a substitute for their real location. Besides, their own site says they are from India so why are they using a USA address?
  • No founder name on their site or when they registered their business. They have a phone number for customer support and their email address of support@makeinker.com, This email comes back as undelivered from our end!
  • Phone number is  020 2620 53375. There appears to be no scam reports attached to this number. Usually, when scam sites appear in some time, about 2 or 3 months, there can be some reports to help warn others. Those that have been phished by this site are welcome to make this forum the home for discussing that website.
  • In their ‘ABOUT US’ section they say they have been online 2018. Perhaps they may have been working on that site since that time, but as we know, it is late January 2019. So that is a scam sign potentially.
  • They have also been accused by wegetscammedforyou YouTube Channel, where we first found out about this site, of not up dating their site in a month. That is a pretty bad sign and so they could be just waiting for all the personal information to come and then sell it on.

But, how do we know nothing will not turn up to you?

  • Well, when we go to try to pay we see that they only want us to pay by cash. That is very uncommon and actually I personally have never seen a site, legit or scam, do business with ‘cash on delivery’. So that is a major flaw scam sign.
  • Also, they are asking for your name, email address, home address and all of that personal information. Do beware of potential scammers trying to reach you in your inbox. Report as spam and delete, or better still, report them to us in the comments anywhere on our site.
  • We see the price of one of their mobile phones. We see the original price of 24,899.00  reduced to 8,799.00. That is far too much of a discount, and so too-good-to-be-true prices is a good sign of a fake site.
  • Now we try to pay at check out and we see what we have already said, they want cash on delivery. ‘Click’ to check out, fill out some fake details, and then we see that they have received my order. My order number is 167191 and no doubt fake.
  • Nothing will ever show up even if I had put in legit details as there is no company on the planet willing to process your orders for goods, and then accept cash on delivery. This is a scam site and they only want your personal information to profit from.





Final Thoughts.

We hope this article will help you not to have your personal details from being duped out of you. Be sure to know that it is very plausible that nothing is going to be delivered to your door.

Never give details to a site that is asking for cash on delivery as simply that is not how legit businesses operate. Those that know other sites you are suspicious of then we would love to hear from you. 

We routinely doing articles based on such reports that could help countless people from having their own cash being defrauded from them.

When we work together as one online community, sharing what we know, we can help keep local economies within their regions or help ensure we do business with honest e-store owners.

That is all about MakeInker.com. We hope to hear from you and many others regarding this site in the comments.




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