Review – Is ‘MadDeals’ Scam or Legit? Review

By | June 14, 2019 Exposed! Same as,, MaxClean.Pro, Scam Sites. is fraudulent as,, and MaxClean.Pro. We are advising you to stay clear of these sites as they are running a vacuum cleaner scam. They have defrauded many people and still we are finding more sites. Those that know of more are welcome to report them to us within any of our numerous forums. So, ‘MadDeals’ is also a scam as they are the same.

Customer reviews are welcome regarding of the sites mentioned so far in this article. We may find more as we continue to research and expose these fraudulent sites. ‘MegaDeals’ in particular has done some serious financial harm to a great number of people. I am stunned that their sites are still operating despite the amount of refunds put in against them.



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 Review. owners are running, MaxClean.Pro,, and there may be more of these sites operating. So we warn you about them again to be 100% clear to you they are not operating ethically. Report them below and also report them anywhere online you are invited to do so. We have seen too many times people being saved from cyber-crooks by those taking a moment to report such.

We will begin to look into their business information and show you why they are
not legit. They are not submitting information that is legit or even believable.
They are using the same phone numbers for their sites and also we see that is being used for 'MadDeals'. 

And since we have received many scam reports about 'Mega Deals' within our review
of them, it is only too easy to say that any site that is using that now
notorious scammer email of, is also a fraudulent site and
should be avoided at all cost.

+13518882241 and +441782454716 are their customer support phone numbers they are
using on their other sites. These site names are obviously running under
different names and so how is it different companies be using the same number?

Clearly, something is wrong here. Coupled with the many scam reports they have
worked hard to earn, you will find they are not out to provide an honest service.
I have read many reports on Facebook people actively right now putting in refunds
against 'MegaDeals' in droves. Do not give them your payment information.

Those that have given payment information would probably need to now cancel that
card. Seek advice from your payment provider however as soon as possible. If you
receive anything that it is likely to a shoddy piece of equipment that may not
work as advertised.

We have read reports these inferior vacuum cleaners work a little, and as soon as
they encounter an object, that is it. They will not maneuver. Also, they are
offering 3 cleaners for the price of 2.

That is a pretty generous offer, and too-good-to-be-true prices is typically a
bad sign. They of course sell other things but it appears there are many reports
about these cleaners in general.

We see the registration date for was in 2019/05/1 and that is the
exact same date, and time duration of only one year, as Given
they are exactly the same in appearance, this is an organized attempt to start
again with a whole new wave of people for more illegal earnings. 



The more people that share this article with their networks the less people will lose their cash. I do not know if you have noticed lately, but those that do horrendous financial fraud, appear to be getting away it while the rest of us suffer their nonsense. Take action and report it!




For Those That Have Already Purchased.

You do not need to read this section if you have not purchased from any of these sites. Those that have had the misfortune of doing so may find this section interesting. Herein, you will be in doubt if you have been duped by a fake site of not. 

Receipt- have you received?

We all clearly expect to get a receipt for our goods when we pay for them. This is just common sense, and we bring it up, because fake sites often do not supply this. Hound them for a receipt and begin to keep a record of all communications.

Tracking Information Is Fake or Not Given?

This is another common tell-tale-sign something is wrong. Customers need this tracking page in order to know when their goods will arrive. Often times they will not supply or give you a fake one.

When this is apparent then demand this data. If you find they respond with a legit page then watch the weight of your goods. If too light then it is clear they are in the process of scamming you. They could be sending you something worthless and typically no more than $5.

People have reported they have received cheap headphones, USB cables etc, when they have paid $$$’s of their hard earned cash.

This is to clearly to prove to your payment provider they have given you your goods. So, if you can prove the ‘weight’ of your goods, next to what you have ordered (hence why your receipt is important), hopefully you will have a good case for a refund.

Delivery Taking Far Too Long?

It is not common that legit sites will often mess up your goods. However, with fake sites, it is a trade mark of how they operate to take months before you receive anything. Of course, not all, but some are worse than others. Even with fake sites, there are degrees of criminality that stand out.

Support Have Not Responded to You?

There are times people may experience confusion when they are not getting a response from a site they have made purchases on. Clearly, the ‘penny’ has not ‘dropped’ for them and so this can cause some distress.

In such instances, take images of your attempts of you communications particularly capturing the dates of them, and provide them to your payment provider.






Final Thoughts.

We are placing in our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. We are looking forward to your own reviews below and we always respond to them. You are welcome to view our other reviews of these sites above where you see the links for additional information. Thanks for coming by and we hope we have answered your queries, if not, you are welcome to let us know in the comments below for further assistance 🙂 .


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!









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  1. Andrew

    At the moment ther are dozens of Youtube ads for a ridicoulus cheap Drone, where you can even see the dji Logo repeatedly, this has been going on for month and can no way be legal!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Andrew, could you please drop those links of those videos HERE please – that is something we can expose here! If you have time that is of course.


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