What Is Macrop.Net – Is Macrop.Net Scam Or Legit E-Store? – Review

By | April 9, 2019

What Is Macrop.Net about – Untrustworthy or Safe? – Our ‘Macrop’ Review.

You are welcome here and this is where your research on What Is Macrop.Net ends. www.macrop.net sells backpacks and hand bags, but are they delivering per their advertisements? Is Macrop Net a scam, fake, deceptive or Is ‘Macrop’ Legit, safe, real and trustworthy? This www Macrop Net Review has come across 3 scam reports.

The three complaints are that the goods delivered are not as advertised. Basically, lesser quality. To be fair though, there are very few scam reports about this company online as yet. They are new and so we are asking you to spare a moment to share your experience of this company, if any, in the comments below.




Is www.macrop.net a scam?



Macrop.Net  Review – Safe or Scam?

3 complaints in my view is hardly grounds for calling a site a scam. So we must take a good look at their site and review their sites information. We are looking out for founder name, business address, contact information. Many times, where sites are not transparent, will hide this info. Typically this is considered a bad sign.

So they registered their site in 2018/10/19 and only for 1 year. Do we know businesses that only register for 1 year? This could be typical of a hit-and-run site. It could also be typical of a founder, who works from home, just seeing how their first year goes. In this regard, we refer to this as a low-key scam sign i.e. nothing to worry about so far.

They are using a proxy address within WHOIS and so that is not a good sign .Why is a business hiding their business address from their customers? No contact information and also no founder name when they registered their site.

At Macrop.Net we see that they have an email address of info@macrop.net but no customer service phone number. These are pretty standard bits of info for a biz to have and so now it is time to worry.

That QANDIES LTD address on their site is being used by other sites online. So how can other online companies have the exact same address them? VERY BAD SIGN!!

So that address is 617 Crown House North Circular Road London England NW10 7PN

HERE are two reports from unhappy customers. That will open in a new link so you may return here if you wish. There is a great group on Facebook that I have linked to before. So they have a comment about a bag received but the quality is lesser than advertised.

That group is called If It’s Too Good To Be True. I recommend you join it and so you will always find legit stores being recommended, but also, people show you which ones are bad. Very active group.




Final Thoughts.

So, their address has me worried as I have seen it before on other sites. Clearly, one business should not be sharing their address with other companies. No phone number. Founder name can’t be located by us. They are a new site and already have complaints of lesser quality goods being delivered.

Many scam-busting sites would label them a scam. However, we have decided to ask instead for your own customer reviews. If they have defrauded you in some way then we would like to hear about in the comments. 

When people come together in a forum to share what they know, it has the positive effect of highlighting bad sites, but also, to highlight good sites as well. 

That is all on What Is Macrop.Net and we are not recommending them for now. If we get good reports then we will change that. Where too many negative reports then we will place them in our List or Internet Scammers. Check the comments below for more info, if any.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





2 thoughts on “What Is Macrop.Net – Is Macrop.Net Scam Or Legit E-Store? – Review

  1. Jenny Robins

    I also bought a backpack after seeing it advertised on facebook. It’s very cheap and tacky, basically rubbish in my opinion. I didn’t put in a claim for a refund as it didn’t seem worth the effort. Another thing was that I’m in Australia and it was sent from Australia yet I was charged in US$ and they claim to be in the UK company. The payment on my credit card info was for Computer Network/Information Services. In my opinion they are scammers and I would not recommend purchasing from them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Jenny,

      Thank you for being the first to kick-start this forum’s discussion about Macrop.Net. I am sorry to hear you had an unsatisfactory experience with them.

      I hear that it may not seem worth the effort for a refund but I strongly advise that you do. Not doing so is, in my humble opinion, empowering scammers to be more ambitious.

      Of course, it is up to you Jenny.

      Thank you again and I wish you well. ~ Philip.


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