‘Lysolu’ Customer Reviews – Is Lysolu.com Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store??

By | July 30, 2020



What Is ‘Lysolu’ – Our Lysolu.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Welcome to our quick ‘Lysolu’ Review about Lysolu.com at www.lysolu.com. We see that ‘Lysolu’ re-registered their domain just three days ago so that suggests they are now slightly over a year old. They are selling cleaning products to combat COVID-19. The problem is though, we think they may not be trustworthy and could be a COVID-19 Scam. Please report all COIVD-19 Scams to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for review.

Customer reviews are the backbone of online safety because media platforms are not doing enough to protect their users. We even see advertisements placed in Google Ads that are sometimes not trustworthy. So always look out for reviews, and if you have time and care about the safety of others, do land what you may know about ‘Lysolu’ below.

Time to share our findings about ‘Lysolu’ and see the comments for real customer reviews. Should there be no statements yet in the comments then bookmark our web page to see about reviews later.



www.lysolu.com was registered on 2020-07-27 for just a year. So they re-registered so they may be a year old as it is. Though, why only re-register your business for just one year if you intend to be around for the long term, as genuine companies do be?

WHOIS.com is a place that records the site info when it is registered. For some strange reason, people can put their business info, name, contact info – but – it appears to be optional. So we do not see any such data like this there for their business.

Their ‘CONTACT US’ form is completely blank and so who is the contact name for customers? Where are they manufacturing their Lysol goods? Offices for marketing and promoting their orders, taking in orders – administration premises?!

We looked all over their site. No name, business address or even an email. Very well hidden, in their Privacy Policy Page of all places where less than 10% of a websites visitorship ever click, they placed a phone number.

That is 1-888-777-3949. We recently exposed a Lysol scam site that has the same Lysol Style Logo top left of their page. ‘Lysolu’ has the same style of logo branding. This may tell us that they too are not Lysol but an impersonator.

We see an e-store called FinishLine.com using the same number. So we have a Covid-19 e-store and a fashion e-store both using the same number? In our line work that is one of the worst scam signs we can find!

Separate businesses sharing the same business contact info? It just doesn’t happen without one fo these e-stores, or perhaps both – we haven’t looked into ‘Finishline’, without being a complete fraud.

They do not possess any social media and that is a must when we are dealing with a genuine business. All companies need marketing tentacles to bring in people to sell. Or, they can solely advertise for payment on Google and pull in people that way. 

We see no evidence that ‘Lysolu’ is doing either. We just checked Facebook and nothing turned up for ‘Lysolu’ for groups and actually nothing on Google either for social media outlets.

We think that ‘Lysolu’ could be a scam.





What if you gave them your payment info? Below is our helpful guide to assist in any refund case and also some helpful tips about the threats of the online world.





How to get a Refund from ‘Lysolu’.

We hope we have made plain the extent of the issues involved in dealing with the website just reviewed.  If you require assistance then why not land us a question or two in the comments and we will always try to help out. If time is an issue our end we will approve your comment and we are sure that someone in the ScamWitness.com Community will lend a hand, as is common in our forums, we are proud to say.

Sharing this information could save someone you know from losing their cash. The more this information is shared the more you retain rightful monies within your respective economies, depending on the region scammers are targeting. So it behooves one and all to share information like this to combat online scams to keep your economies from being weakened by overseas scammers.

Optionally, you can do nothing which is the blight of our age and so allow the war that is going on online targeting countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and a number of online high spending countries. The choice is yours and so we can only lay bare the data and the option. Simply copy the URL top of this webpage in order to share this link.

We do not have any social media sharing icons simply to help keep our site fast for your loading times. So we are sorry for the minor inconvenience but rest assured, it took look to write this article then it would for you and others to ensure the safety of your networks.

The company Google actually made a video stating that there are millions of NEW SCAMS being uploaded to Google on a daily basis. In all, there may only be a few hundred effective scams busting resources online — maybe a few thousand.

That is only a tiny fraction relative to the scam sites floating around, each one pulling in its unique wave of traffic where unsuspecting customers are unaware of the extent of the scam network they have stumbled upon and so your consideration in this matter is needed.

Currently, and this stat may be higher as I read it some time ago, around 38% of advertisements you will ever see are from scammers. 38%% So now we can see that even advertisers are being scammed by crooks. Beware of blogging sites (whose names we will not mention) that give out false verdicts.

We mean to say that there is a new kind of scam emerging I personally have noticed over the last while (see the date of this article) whereupon they are saying ‘LEGIT’ when it should be ‘SCAM’. This in turn misdirects people to buy from places they should stay well clear of.

If you have been misdirected in this manner then we must hear from you in the comments. Please leave specifics and also the Full URL so we may expose such fake blogging sites. We always recommend you source your information, and their respective conclusions from a number of different sources.

We even suggest you do not blindly just take our word on anything we say as mistakes can happen. And so this way you have a maximum chance of not being defrauded online when making purchases.

At times, we receive a high volume of comments and so rest assured we will always do our level best to get back to you in a timely manner. However, there are times when we know a scam site is most damaging but hardly anyone leaves any reviews to help warn others.

This only plays into the hands of scammers who love when you and others do not expose them. And so newcomers to our site are not to know for sure whether to trust us therefore your reviews will help a greater number get refunds quicker once you share what you may know about any website.

There are also times that people will leave specifics of how they got scammed but do not leave the offending site. Sadly, we can not do anything with such reports as we do not whom to expose. So always remember to please to leave us the FULL URL so we know who to expose, and also, not to get confused with other similar sites e.g. ‘dot com’ / ‘dot net’ site’s with same prefix URL name.

And so we hope this article has helped you out in your own decision on whether you should make a purchase or not.


Those that believe they were scammed need now to contact your bank for a possible refund. Or, if you paid with PayPal (whichever payment method you used to make a purchase) and inform them what has happened.

Those refused refunds, though your case is legitimate and sincere, then we advise you to expose those payment methods to the BBB.org, TrustPilot, and other places.

We have read some reports that when this happens the payment company may then assign someone to review your case and issue your refund.

So do not lose hope and once again do ask us for assistance in the comments should you require it.. Let us now conclude this article.



There is nothing to suggest that ‘Lysolu’ is in any way affiliated with Lysol.

No business transparency.

Same logo style as another COVID-19 scam.

Phone number hiding in the wrong section of their site denoting more deceptive behavior.

No social media.

Another unrelated e-store using their phone number.

All the bad news here.















list of scam websites.


8 thoughts on “‘Lysolu’ Customer Reviews – Is Lysolu.com Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store??

  1. Joscelyn

    Lysol U is a scam website! I ordered wipes and disinfectant spray from this site in American Dollars. I thought it was odd that I didn’t receive an em. ail confirmation of the transaction after I purchased the items. The next day I received an email of the receipt. It said that the items cost 83 Euros. I thought this was odd because I paid in dollars. They gave me a bogus tracking label which said that my items had been delivered to a parcal box. There was no such delivery. Now I’m out $232 dollars and I can’t even get in touch with the people.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Call your bank Joscelyn to put in for a refund. How did you pya? So that is the payment provider you call to alert them to this situation and feel welcome to let us know how this goes for you also.

  2. AnnNY

    Unreal. I was trying to buy some lysol products and got scammed by Lysolu. I thought it was legitimate because I saw the PayPal payment icon, After my purchase of $88.00 I got an email from PayPal within minutes which said I paid to an individual person MIKLOS NAGY at that time realized this must be a scam. I called my bank and PayPal immediately to try to stop the payment. I’m in the middle of trying to get my money back. I’ve never been scammed before and this us such an awful experience. As a front line worker, to think people try to profit at a time like this is just terrible.

  3. M

    I tried to shop on this lysolu website, created account, added items to cart, but was not able to add payment , paypal was default setting, I went back several times to check my order without doing check out, I never completed the process but under my account order I had multiple orders! Each one with same items and amount but different order numbers. I did not put my card info but I am concerned if they can identify theft or worst thing with my personal info, email. Ph number. Address. O access my old PayPal account. Any comments on what to do?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Check your bank statements to make sure that there are no sums of cash coming out without your permission from unknown companies. We apologize for the late reply also M and thank you for your report.


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