LuxEarn Review – What Is LuxEarn / Scam or Legit Investment Opportunity?

By | October 9, 2018

Is LuxEarn Really Just a Scam?

Fake or Real - LuxEarn Reviewed

That is our main focus in this article i.e. What Is LuxEarn ( and Is LuxEarn Really Fraudulent or Genuine? This Review will provide clarity on questions like Is fake, dishonest, bogus, not real or Is Real, Genuine, Good, Honest and Paying Out? Unfortunately, I will quickly tell you to save you time , that Lux Earn is indeed very illegal and very fraudulent. They are not making money from transparent means and monies are being generated simply by new sign ups investments. Don’t be convinced by their sophisticated looking website – its all a ‘Front‘ to get your cash!!

Recently, a comment left called my exposing of one particular online scam as ‘brazen’. I wish to address this. Those that defraud people, by participating and taking money from others knowing the risks that others may (or more than likely won’t earn),  don’t have a leg to stand on morally. Please do not expose your own hypocrisy by saying things like that on this website – you will not be perceived well by me or others. OK, those that don’t want to risk their hard earned cash, but wish to find a real opportunity to earn online, may be interested in Wealthy Affiliate. Learn the Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets for a Full Time Income Online by owning and running a website in your area of interest. They are proven to work for those that know they must work at anything to succeed financially.





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LuxEarn And Why The Whole Site Is Just A Ponzi Scheme.

Don’t underestimate how illegal LuxEarn is! Before I get into the nitty-gritty of their offer, let us first begin to find owner info. Where such data is missing is usually a good indicator of a identity cover up for fraudulent purposes, but not always.

Lux Earn was created 12/09/2015 and set to expire same date 2025. They are an unusually long running HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)  <- another term for a Ponzi Scheme. The creator of the site did not attach his name to it at the time of site registration. There is no sign on their site of it either, that is clear and visible anyways. Their address was not listed either.


LuxEarn Website

Go to to login – but it is not recommended to do so.


Looking at their website I see an address of LUXEARN PROPRIETARY LTD, 95 PITT STREET, SYDNEY NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA.

However, WHOIS database shows that they have registered an incomplete address for Nassau – BS. Nassau is the Capital of the Bahamas. Having a quick look on I see that they are also having difficulty locating ownership details. That site indicates the website is located in Belize (located between Mexico and Guatemala – Central America). The site could also be from the Russian Federation. Yet again, the website could be from America.

One thing is for sure, no one knows the real address of this online website, and so I believe the one supplied by them is not real. Scam Advisor has surprisingly enough given them 74% Trust Rating with a small chance of risk.

What Is Their Offer To Earn Online?

Simply hand over your money to someone you don’t know online and cross your fingers for unreal returns relative to investment and time of returns. That’t it, you can go and put the kettle on now.

Whatever they say about investing and their activities in this area is only a story. Their site is stunning to look at but its operating from bad business practices. There is no product or a service you will get in return for your money. Once you have made your investment you just wait for others to do the same. The money from participants is used to pay to some older members but most of the money is kept by the founder and co.

Who Is Most At Risk and Who Benefits The Most From Their Offer?

Well, the founder will reap most of the financial benefits from his/her/their site. That is a given when dealing with HYIP’s. However, the most at risk are the ones that may never have invested online before and are unwary of the offer being presented before them. Some newbies in this area may earn some cash, be happy and invest slight higher (x (?)) until they lose all their money.

Any payouts is only to encourage more investments. Also, it is to encourage good reports online and to generate some small few payment proofs relative to member numbers. All designed to attract a bigger investment pool for the illegal generation of money.

The More Seasoned Ponzi Investors know exactly what they are looking at within seconds! They will usually hunt down such sites, make some small investment, and then make some profits across many different websites. Some of the sites won’t pay anything from the get-go because the founder is far too greedy, but, most of these sites will payout for the 1st 2 weeks or so. Its unusual that a Ponzi Scheme can sustain this long online, unless of course, they have stopped paying out altogether and still attracting investors.


What Has Your Experience Of ‘Lux’ –

Have YOU Been Paid Lately?


What Is The Promised Rate Of Returns?

You really want to know if something is a Ponzi or Not? Look straight away to the level of returns and the time scale and you will have your answer. There are of course other signs but that is where I always begin. Such schemes will offer impossible returns to be delivered to all members. They would bankrupt an affluent country if they were in Government playing money games like this.

  • 5000% for Return On Investment in 120 Days.
  • 7% Daily for 120 Days.
  • 20% Daily for 10 Days, and the it goes on.







No founder located.

Multiple ‘guessed’ addresses but not a real one supplied for their website.

Too high returns per investments.

No discernible product or service described for your investment.

Its possible multiple fake accounts be set up to give to themselves – its common practice in these kinds of schemes.

No Company Registration Number or Certificate Supplied. They don’t appear to be a registered business.

Not Financially Regulated by any Monetary Body – all based on blind trust on people/person you don’t know with your cash.

Unclear as to how money is really being generated. I mean, how are they affording to pay people 5000% Returns? That is unheard of except in illegally money generating schemes.

No Real product or service exchanged for your money.

It is an unsecured investment with no guarantee of earning anything or even getting your initial investment back.














Final Thoughts

No owner details. No way to locate company offline. How they are generating an income is not made clear. Unreal returns per time and investment level – no entity can legitimately (Legitimately) produce those returns without something being up! Where there is high returns, with vague to no transparency on how such returns are made possible, you must ask if they are a Ponzi Scheme. Some will earn but over 90% tend to lose all their investments on such sites. Be warned. For me, they are a scam site!

Have questions on LuxEarn? Why not ask me below and I will assist you further. Want a real way to earn online? Take on the image below to learn to make a recurring income online for life – without fear of losing all your money. Thank yo all for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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