What Is LucuryBuy.com – Is LucuryBuy.com Scam or Legit? WARNING!

By | January 13, 2019

Our Topic Today Is What Is LucuryBuy.com – Can You Trust Them?

Your search to find out What Is LucuryBuy.com at www.lucurybuy.com is over. Is LucuryBuy com dishonest, crooked, fraudulent, bad, scam or Is LucuryBuy good, legit, real, safe, genuine, honest, good? This Lucury Review is a warning to not buy from that site. They have others that are scamming such as Tylious.com, YouthForSome.com, InovGoods.com, InnovGoods.com, GadJetMart.com, Rena1ssance.com, SuperGoMall.com, InnovStylish.com, NuxtFit.com, Morderneo.com, Coolerones.com, 1SuperShop.com, SetComing.com, Poisly.com and VsTroll – there are still many floating around online. Please leave your scam reports below.

They are all fake sites, including the site in question, and they are also after your banking information. You need to contact your bank, PayPal and get your card cancelled to stop unauthorized transactions. Also, you will have to get a refund sooner or later, and so you should apply for that as well. These fake shopping sites are listed as coming out of China and that is a major scam monitoring factor as most of these bad sites come from that region.

They specialize in sending out shoddy goods, inferior products, cheaper versions of advertised and perhaps even counterfeit goods. Report them online where ever you are invited to do so to get them shut down sooner.


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What Is LucuryBuy.com Really About – Scam Signs!

As you can see we have already extensively exposed their scam network already. To be clear please never consider Coolerones, Tylious, InnovGoods, YouthForSome, SuperGoMall, Rena1ssance, 1SuperShop, Poisly, SetComing, VsTroll, GadJetMart, NuxtFit, Morderneo regarding your purchasing decisions online. The answer to What Is LucuryBuys.com is the same for all of those sites, they are all scams!


Tylious.com Review

LOOK FAMILIAR! Same as The Site in Question. Do not buy from www.lucury.com!


Lucury simply can not be a good site for another reason and that reason is they have expertly hidden all of their true identity online. We don’t really know where they are from. Sometimes they leave an address on some of their sites but their are known be scammers addresses. Scammers addresses are typically used by many 100’s or even 1000’s of other online scams and so that is how they are able to hide their location.

Another way they are successful at hiding their location is because of Hosting Providers. They simply do not have the enforcement procedures to ensure webmasters leave legit and verifiable details, and so now, we have a whole industry exploiting that loophole. They can set up countless sites that defraud and live off of the illegal earnings. 

But also, and absolutely most disgustingly, we have social media sites that allow scam ads in their advertising features. Of course, we can forgive them if they got some reports of scams and then deleted that advertiser from their platform. However, that appears not to be the case when many complaints occur they respond by saying they do not violate our policies.

In no way is that attack on any social media platform, or anything said anywhere on this website to be used in a court of law, and is said with impartiality as per the complaints left here and elsewhere online.



‘Lucury’ Scam Signs.

We are heading straight to the scam signs section as we have covered all of their fake information on their former sites. Should you wish to view that research then you can click on any of the linked reviews left in the intro of this article.

1). Draw your attention to the bottom of their site and you will see the copyright of 2010 to 2019. We already know they did not start their site in 2010 and is a lie that is too easy to have proven wrong. They have the same for all their other sites as well.

2). Their about us section is the same on their other sites. Word for word generic statements imbue trust in them.

3). They have no address on their sites, and if they do, it is already linked to online complaints and or belonging to other scam sites.

4). Prices are far to low to be true. Remember, anything too good to be true is usually just a blatant lie. Don’t fall for that scam trick and avoid any site that looks like the one being exposed right now.

5). Images are not their own as they only send out shoddy and degraded items, if they send you out anything at all.

6). No founder name is found on their site or at site registration. There is no need to hide such information unless you are afraid of others knowing who you are. That is highly indicative of online scam behavior.





Do You Have A LuryBuy.com Scam Report? Why Not Report Them Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

They have many sites that are being made all of the time that run the exact same scam! Always look for reviews before making purchases from unknown to new sites. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good. Please report them below to help alert others to save their cash. Do not forget to apply for your own refund as the goods you may receive may not be close to what you paid for them.

Thank you for stopping by and seeing our research into What Is Lucury.com. They are not legit. Those with queries still on them are welcome to ask below where I will respond to you. People with info on other scam sites are welcome to leave their full URL’s below to avoid confusion with other sites. Thank and looking forward to all of your comments to come. BTW, please take your 2 free websites below as a gift for reading this full article 🙂 .


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39 thoughts on “What Is LucuryBuy.com – Is LucuryBuy.com Scam or Legit? WARNING!

  1. Christopher Freeman

    I’m on the search for a law firm to file a class action against Chase credit card. This is the second time I’ve been burned by lucurybuy. First time was the famous Radiance A3 watch scam where they advertised a Samsung-looking smart watch for $79. Now, as our Intex spa has been failing, in sprung a leak we can’t find, my wife found this ad. And now, they have scammed me for $98. Plus, Chase is saying that they contacted them and they had evidence of my acceptance of delivery. It’s bad enough that they are doing this, but the fact that my credit card company is supporting them makes me madder than SH&T!!!

  2. Majo Burgos

    I was also scammed, I do not know anything about my order. I bought on facebook thinking that the ads or commercials had the backing of facebook, so I did not doubt their credibility. But until now the order does not arrive to me, and I send emails and they bounce me … it seems that the company does not exist …
    This email is also false
    I paid USD $ 99 for the famous spa tub …
    This is a fraud, a total scam.
    They only sent me an iphone charger cable valued at $ 5. Nothing else.
    Chinese company

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you for your LucuryBuy.com customer review. Put in for a refund with your payment provider and thanks again for your scam report.

  3. Norma Wannell

    Me too…I was scammed trying to buy the Inflatable Spa bath in December 2018 for $98.
    They did contact me to apologise & I should get my order in 2 weeks, still waiting.
    Not very Happy I can tell you. I’m on a Disability Pension & I thought I could have some respite for my 2 types of Arthritis using the Spa but that’s never going to happen.

  4. keith joubert

    I was also scammed by this fraud of a site for 98.00 and Chase bank denied my disputed claim I ordered a inflatable hot tub and got a phone charger instead I even brought all of my emails to this site to the bank along with the unopened package i got in the mail from them that didn’t matter to the bank

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to hear this Keith and thank you for reporting on LucuryBuy here. Your comment really will help others to avoid that site.

  5. Suzette Eisnor

    I too have been scammed by this “company”, ! Back on Dec.26,2018, I ordered a Circuit machine they had on sale. I should have known better, but was excited to be getting this machine at such a great price!! Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sale at all & I never received a thing. I’ve contacted them twice for some sort of explanation, & have received no response in return! Please, people, don’t fall for these so called sales from companies you don’t know are lagitimate! Wondered if any people have gotten their money back through their credit cards?? Thanks!

  6. Jim Pittman

    I too got scammed. They took the money out of my account right away, but have not received anything. Should have known that if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

  7. Francis V Harrington

    No product received. Have started a fraud claim with my credit card company. Update soon.
    Phone number for this company is disconnected. Enail url is not good ether.

  8. Konyk

    Hi, us as well ordered the inflammable spa and got a little baby pool – for 161,81 $!
    All the same as you all happened to us.
    Well, the next time we all have to check 3 times before we make a payment.

  9. Dwight Strick

    Yup you guessed it, I got scammed too, I knew it was too good to be true but ordered anyway. They advertised on Facebook and even Facebook wouldn’t answer me. I ordered a car lift and didn’t even get a phone charger…yet. I knew better.

  10. Lynette

    I also received random phone charger. No way to track inflatable spa. Feel really silly now as it was to good to be true. !!

  11. Aleni Vini

    Ok, I read the comments and I was very surprised that I have the same story, I ordered a inflatable spa on the 26th Dec ….waited and waited, and what you know…. that s right, I got a phone charger. I wish I knew there was a way of checking out these site before hand.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Aleni,

      Very sorry to hear about this. Always check for reviews like the above before you buy from sites that you never heard of before. You can apply for a refund from your own payment provider and I hope they do refund you. Thanks for your LucuryBuy Scam Report Aleni.

  12. Jeremy Ratcliff

    Lucurybuy.com is a total scam! Saw an ad for inflatable hot tub on Instragram…… received confirmation and tracking email to find out…..nothing! Phone# does not work as well as email! Cancelled card used for transaction. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID! DO NOT FALL FOR THE COMPLETE SCAM!

  13. Janet

    I was scammed by them as well , I received some random necklace not even close to what I order. I did replace my card before they could do any charges. all they got was the $98 I sent them, I don’t have prove that I sent it or a tracking number or anything. I can’t even request a refund as I don’t know how to get a hold of them.

  14. Sandra Jech

    Ordered the Intex Inflatable Spa

    15 days later I receive a usb charger cable – not my hot tub and scammed out of $98
    Phone number not in service

    Very annoyed as I am not in financial position to lose that kind of money!!!!!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sandra,

      I imagine very few are and I am so sorry to hear about this. You can always apply for a refund and so there is still hope?

    2. Abby

      I just received the charger today as well. Also kind of odd how they know I have an iPhone. I’ve already been to the bank and made a claim for fraud on these people

  15. scott sandstone

    I wish I saw your post before ordering. No matter what you order from them you receive a phone charger so they can report something was shipped during your dispute process.

  16. Kathy Hill

    On December27,2018 I ordered a hot tub from Inahatbuy.I have not been able to track shipment no received any product as this date. On my invoice was printed to contact support@lucurybuy.com. I have been unable to contact anyone. The phone number given has been disconnected.

  17. Ruth

    I placed an order for an inflatable hot tub and received a $5.00 phone charging cable from China.

    When I contact them for tracking info the link given doesn’t work.

    Do not buy from this site.

    1. Terri Sarver

      Same here. We ordered the spa December 30. Never got it. When we emailed for tracking we were sent a link to an unsafe and error site. I’ve tried calling and their # was disconnected. I have sent 3 more emails requesting legitimate information and they no longer respond. After reading these reviews, it explains why I received an iPhone charger in the mail from China that I never ordered.

  18. Sue Hillier

    Yes lucurybuy.com is a scam web site. It promised me a soft shell hot tub Intel 5 person Regular price 499.00 U.S. for only 99.00 U.S. They will even send you confirmation of your order. Then days later a tracking number coming from china. You will not receive the product you ordered. They will send you a cell phone charger with a value of $5.00. Contact your bank as soon as possible with your complaint. Thank you.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sue,

      Completely different and low quality item they sent you instead of your actual order – does not surprise me. Thank you Sue for your report.


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