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By | April 13, 2019 Review – Is a Scam Investment Company?

We are suspicious about pro a site that is found at Is LuckyEarner pro fraudulent, deceptive, malicious and a scam or Is ‘LuckyEarner Pro’ real, trustworthy, safe and legit? This ‘Lucky Earner Pro’ Review is a scam alert, in our view. They have too many Ponzi Scheme Attrubute’s which is a completely illegal business model.

Those that made ‘investments’ are welcome to report on this scam company in the comments below this article. The following is all the reasons why they are not legit and why you should not throw away your cash on such illegal schemes for quick cash.




Is a scam? HYIP Review.

Sites like make the bulk of their illegal earnings from beginner investors. Here we see newbie investors make some gains, reinvest continously, until they have lost more than they have invested. Since this is not a real company, we will stop using the words ‘invest’ and ‘investments’, and simply call them ‘donations’.

This company was registered online in 2019/04/03 and they did this for 365 days. This is a short time span to set up an investment company. The founder is a mystery to the Internet as it has not been made clear in WHOIS. We see an address for this company but it is not theirs.

That address is in use by countless other online companies. I see fake and even legit companies using it, telling us, it is designed to hide these companies real locations. All they have submitted is ‘PANAMA’. That is wholly inadequate. 

On their site we an address of 33 Dock St, Whitechapel, London, England, E1 8JR. First it is ‘PANAMA’ and they are from England. So these kinds of companies will continuously make it look like they are from the UK, USA etc, to gain a sense of legitimacy. Such locations are known for being global business hubs and so that is the reason.

Always Google these pieces of information because you will normally find proof that they are lying. This situation is no different. We see that address is not theirs and you can find out who really owns it by doing this. It belongs to a company called ‘Ivexic Limited’ and you can check that out at Companies House Here

Their email address is




How You Are Supposed To Earn With ‘LuckyEarner Investment Company’.

First off, no one is earning from this company. Well, very few. Over 90% will lose all of their investments. We will speak more on this soon. For now, we will dissect their offer. We are not going to be arduously listing their investment levels as they have done that adequately enough.

Only we will detail why it is fake.

So you may invest per the investment levels detailed. Excellent, now what? What have you just donated in? It is a Ponzi Scheme. This  means you have given money to the founders of this scheme. They may now cut that up and share it with older donater’s. The founder will always keep the lions-share of any given cash.

In the first 7 days to two weeks is when this typically occurs. After this time period most HYIP”s will just stop paying out. We have seen in Google snippet one HYIP monitor says ‘NOT PAYING’ about this company.

After your donation then you are expected to get back those high returns in so little time. That is pure bogus and it is easy to see why. No investment company on the planet can promise those kinds of returns in that time period. Only we have 50 / 50 chance of getting any returns when we make investments that are with legit companies. All else is exaggeration and luck.

Where does your ROI come from? It comes from new donations from unsuspecting potential victims. So they give cash freely and now they must wait. If you are lucky, the founder will give you your investment plus the promised returns. 

The older the site the more spotty the payouts will become, until very soon, they will stop paying out altogether to anyone but themselves. When fresh donations run out so will this fake company run out of cash. At this point they will make up excuses and finally crash. This is a highly unstable business model and can shut down at any moment in time without warning.




‘LuckyEarner’ Scam Signs.

Scam Site Review

They have not clearly defined their product. This means they have not clearly defined how they are making returns to their members. Where are their instruments that allow them to make insane returns so fast? This is the hall-mark of a Ponzi Scheme, nowadays, called a ‘HYIP’. High Yield Investment Programs sounds better as Ponzi Schemes have got a bad name.

  • You will see a list of ‘sponsors’ top of their site. Those brand names are not in no way associated with that scam site. You may hover over those links, look to your bottom right of your device, and see they are only linking to their home pages of those sites.
  • We see that the Coldgate and Coca-Cola images are both linking to Coldgate. That is a mistake by these cyber-crooks who simply did not take enough care.
  • As said, they have stolen another’s address to garner trust from their members. It is likely they are not even operating from the UK. 
  • They have no company registration number for their business.
  • Zero customer service number.
  • Their site is highly generic where they completely fail to make clear how they are generating such vast sums of cash to make big returns to their members.
  • We are unable to locate the founder name of this site. So now you are giving away your cash to an unknown person who’s intentions you may not have clearly understood.
  • Newbies typically end up losing the most cash, where seasoned HYIP members will take advantage of this, and earn the most – if they are lucky and got in early enough.
  • Bottom right of their you will see various image links to SiteLock, Commodore etc. So we see 2 ‘SiteLocks’. That is a mistake or laziness. We see that they are only linking back to ‘LuckyEarner’s’ home page. So they are meant to link back to a certificate of assurance telling us they are a legit company. Common scam sign.
  • Their ‘Join Us On Facebook’ button does not link to any group / or page run by themselves. It only links to Facebook platform. That is only to make them look legit. But if you look anyway closer to anything on their site then it just crumbles.
  • 230% after 10 minutes is nutz! 558% after 3 hours is out of this world unrealistic and barmy to say the least. There is no way to predict any returns in this time when we invest properly in the market place. So where high returns are this nature are seen on these kinds of sites, then you know straight away, that it is a Ponzi Scheme.





Final Thoughts.


They are not legit and only a scam site. You will lose all of your cash. There maybe those that got returns but you were involved in an illegal online operation. 

Do not promote this site anywhere online despite what they say. Those that are involved in promoting a Ponzi Scheme, and if that scheme turns out to be very damaging, you could face the law. 

Your reports are welcome below if they have scammed. If  you got returns then we will welcome your reports as well. At the end of the day, these are money games and so you must always look for reviews where such offers seem too good to be true.

So, we expose online scams. All kinds. But we also show others how to earn online. Those that know there is no such thing as ‘easy cash’ are welcome to find out more on how we do this. 

Wealthy Affiliate is one such good platform online that offers newbies all the tools they need to get started. We have tried many ways to earn online and we find that blogging is the best option.

I have tried to do Paid To Click, Surveys etc, and only working honestly and for the long term, has returned profits per effort. 

It is free to start and no credit card details required to begin. Those interested in earning in this manner are welcome to read HERE about our  #1 Recommendation. Or you can Sign Up Here for your Free Account

There are Premium Options but those are not forced onto you. They are affordable and so this platform makes available cheaply what used to cost a fortune in college and university.

Any questions?

You are welcome to ask us in the comments below.

That is all on What Is and very much looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers. See below. Those with reports on other sites will see a link below where you can report that site, or you can report them in the comments, anywhere on our site.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






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