What Is ‘Lucid Tiger’ – Is LucidTiger.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 9, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘Lucid Tiger’ in this LucidTiger.com Review. 

Doing research sometimes pays off, and I hope in this review on What Is Lucid Tiger, saves you your time on further researching. Is ‘Lucid Tiger’ a scam (found at www.lucidtiger.com), fraudulent, crooked, deceptive or Is LucidTiger.com legit, good, safe, real and genuine? This LucidTiger Review is a potential scam alert. There are reports online warning others away from them. Those that handed over payment information may need to alert your payment providers. Try to get your payments revoked and possibly even have your card cancelled, if they turn out to be a fake site.

The following is our own research to see for ourselves if they are good or not. Many dishonest shopping sites are coming out of China almost daily. They are typically show casing stock that they simply do not own. When the customer buys the stock in the images presented then they pull the old bait-and-switch routine. Unwary customers may receive nothing for your hard earned cash. Or, you may receive a cheaper version, shoddy goods, damaged goods, counterfeit and possibly even stolen goods.

Please report them below to help warn others if you were defrauded by the aforementioned site. And also, watch out for Uredaka.com – complaints online against them as well, but not sure if scam or not yet.


Scam Or Legit Reviews





All You Have To Know On What Is ‘Lucid Tiger’ To Stay Safe.

We are now going to do a background check for ownership information, location and contact data. Fake sites love to hide all of that data and where we find that we are not able to locate such info – then we should exercise caution



Is www.lucidtiger.com untrustworthy?!


Honest sites do not intentionally make unclear who they are and where they are from. For some of you, knowing the answer on What Is ‘Lucid Tiger’ will be enough. For everyone else, here is how you check to see if a site is real or fake.

Let us find out their sites registration, as that piece of info alone, can imply a lot to us. 2017/11/03 to same date in 2020 is not long enough for a real online business. 1 year is only getting started and certainly 2 years is just when things really get exciting. Why would you set up an e-commerce site for so little time? That is the common scam pattern adhered to by cyber-crooks. 

They will stick around for 1 or 2 years, defraud many people along the way, and make of with all of the cash. Now, we do not even know who the founder is as they have not left that information at WHOIS. That is simply a site that holds the relevant information for all or most sites online. 

They have also spectacularly failed to leave an address or a support email. Honest sites, as mentioned, do not behave like this and only typical of dishonest sites. We are left with one more option to find all this out… we have to go to their website.

There is a contact form and that is useful if you can get a response from it. There is also an address of 932 N State Street STE 2 Orem, Utah, United States, UT 84057. That address looks to be a rental forwarding address for international customers. But also, they using someone else’s address as Nerd4Life.com is using it as well. Or, they own both sites which would make them both online scams.

Always Google addresses, phone numbers, emails and even fake founder names. Many times I have found online scams because they are re-using the same old information over and over. This is attaching them in Google and is a way to find out more about their scam network, if indeed that is what it is. 

The WHOIS Address is a P.O. BOX address and is why I said they do not have one. So we have two options. To buy from a site where we do not know the founder name and location, or risk it, and hope you get a good for the price. Ultimately, the choice is your own.

Just about to hit the ‘PUBLISH BUTTON’ on this article when I see another site using the same address above. That maybe another site being run by the same people and they are called amdestore.com. It is too early to say if they are a scam or not… stay tuned. How can two seemingly separate companies be using the same address?




‘Lucid Tiger’ Scam Signs.

Some sites have more scam signs then others. Others have signs that are fairly unique to themselves. Knowing a handful will help you avoid a ton of troublesome sites going forward in the future should you encounter any more. Here is our ‘Lucid Tiger’ Scam Signs. Let us know if we missed any 🙂 .

No founder name.

Address seems to be a rental and so we do not know their real location if this be the case.

No phone number. Email address of support@lucidtiger.com. That email is hidden in their about us section and hiding behind the word ‘Linda’. All you get is a Microsoft Office Messenger thing that I never use anyways. That is not good enough for ‘contact’.

When you proceed to check out an item, there are options, that want all of your information including your payment details. That is a very dangerous form concerning your own online privacy. Scammers can now put their hands into your account anytime they want to, and have been known, to make random charges to peoples cards.

But also, they can sell on your full name, email address, physical home address, phone number etc etc for a profit. This kind of big data harvesting can be store for years down the line until one day you are duped by another site offer via your inbox. 

Furthermore, there are no trust seals to ensure to us they have been vetted as ‘secure’ by Norton, McAffee etc. Legit sites will usually have some kind of Trust Seal to reassure their customers. When one clicks on these seals then we can see they are verified and secure. Now your payment info may not have done over a secure network.


Always look for reviews on sites you do not know or that are new – N.B.!


Usually scam sites go over board and give away huge discounts like its going out of fashion (no pun intended 🙂 ). They have avoided doing that, though I did see a few reductions hidden in some of their sections. This only makes them that bit more convincing and so perhaps they are legit after all.

There are a number of other places online that are calling that site a scam as well. There is a Reddit forum blog complaining about them. Complaints Board post. And a BBB.ORG reports on them. Those links will open in a new tab so you may return here if you wish 🙂 . The BBB has got their number as (801) 434-9007. That number country code links to Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.





This Is How Shopping Scams May Operate To Defraud You And Others.

Social Media has unwittingly played a major role in the proliferation of online scams. That is not an accusation but a fact as continuously reported to scamwitness.com and elsewhere online.

These platforms are taking add fee’s but failing to do anything about complaints, or so it seems from the outside. In essence, they are not protecting their own membership despite their respective ethos of ‘community’.

No matter how you arrived at ‘Lucid Tiger’ (don’t always trust your families or friends good natured judgments with their shares) you may have made a purchase. Payment may have been taken from you ahead of any agreed time. That is unusual for legit sites but not for scammers. Has this happened to you?

Sometimes cyber-crooks simply will not add on the taxes for your purchase. Even they will forget or not bother to send you an e-receipt. And or they will send you out two orders when you only paid for one, realizing when you see your statement, they have charged you for several. Make a note of any company name making charges against you and report them here.

5/7 days or 1 or 2 weeks is quite reasonable to have to wait for your order. How long did you wait? Did you even get anything from this company? Well, scammers like to make people wait for around six weeks, 2 or 3 months even, and then suddenly get into gear IF anything is arriving. They will even say a tsunami happened and is why your order is not with you yet, per one online report I read today.

Anything is what they will say to avoid answering for real about your paid for products. It may happen that when you complain to PayPal, your Bank etc, they will have a package out to you readily. Brace yourself perhaps for nothing like what you ordered.

Many times payment providers will not refund if you receive a legit tracking code and or some kind of parcel. I have read reports people being refused refunds because they handed over their payment information! That is not a service but an excuse not to refund people and I know I would take my business elsewhere for life.





Final Thoughts.

What are your thoughts about the research above? Do you still think they are legit? For me I am in two minds. I hope the above information helps you out in your own decision. More reports are needed to ascertain their levels of trust.

I have not read one good report about them yet and hopefully many will come in below this article. 

Anyone with complaints on scam sites are welcome to inform on them below where we will be happy to expose them. PLEASE BE SURE to leave the EXACT URL to avoid confusion with other sites… I am not a big fan of making mistakes. Thank You 🙂 .


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Thank you for visiting us here today and I really hope this article reaches you before you to help you out. This site exposes many online scams daily and so we are open to receiving such reports. In this case of Lucid Tiger, we are not open to hurting others online reputation so quickly to jump to conclusions, and so we say use caution until you are sure about them. Do leave your own reviews below to help gain more clarity on them. 

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No matter if you are a stay at home Moma, Poppa, Retiree, Student etc etc anyone can join up and see for themselves. That is all on What Is ‘Lucid Tiger’ and hoping to hear from you and everyone else in the comments below.




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