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By | May 25, 2017

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Trying To Find an Online Data Entry Job?

 Being fast at typing, I often looked for an online data entry job across the internet but never seemed to find any that looked trust worthy.  I really looked for many hours and pondered why I could not seem to find where they were hiding.

We will take a good hard look at Data Input Work Online and then I will show, and sine you just maybe looking for this kind of work, I have MY #1 RECOMMENDATION!

Shattering the Myth of an Online Data Entry Job.

You may have come across or even just seen an online advertisement for work at home Data Entry Job ‘opportunity? I know I have in the past.  Sounds good right?  Sit at your laptop and and just enter some data on to some website, or spread sheet, to upload later.  You go to check your Paypal and ‘hey presto‘ there is nothing there!

Problems, initially, with data entry vacancies, with only a step into the investigation, I can tell you one thing that is definitely TRUE!you will work hard for very little pay for most of them if not all.  And that’s the good ones!  That’s the one’s that actually pay you!

(Of course, before I get MAULED in the comments section – there ARE GOOD AND HONEST VACANCIES OUT THERE ALSO! –

PPPHHHeeewwwwwweeeee…..almost forgot to give myself a get-of-jail-free-card there!!!!!!!!! lol.)

How Online Data Entry Scams Work.

Here we go!  You just seen an ad on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ say.  You need spare cash and, guess what, if your like me – YOU CAN TYPE LIKE A DEMON!  PERFECT!  You feel qualified, as you are, and you ‘click‘ the advertisement.

  1. You go through the set up, email and all that jazz, and you enter their world.  They wow you with all the money they are going to give you by, here it comes, ‘POTENTIAL’ pay per job.  Potential.  You might as well do online surveys!  (I actually did, waste of time folks!)
  2. They never pay out the highest potential so be careful.  You only find that out after you’ve worked hard.  I know, spent hours being scammed myself online (LOL).
  3. Alternatively you signed up for an Internet Data Entry Clerk job with low entry requirements and next to no experience required.
  4. They wow you again but insist you need some training.  It’s not expensive, so, you pay a little. It’s an ‘Investment’ they tell you.
  5. Then they tell you that you need to pay for something else!
  6. NOW YOUR INVESTED, financially and emotionally as you don’t want to lose what you already put in.  So you feel you have no choice now so, you do, you pay again.

Be careful, this data entry scam goes on ALL THE TIME!

Internet Data Entry Job’s Money Side of the Scam.

Great!  You do some typing work for a week or so.  Looking forward to your pay check right!?

Wow, they actually send you a check, sweet.  They tell you to lodge it into your account, naturally, and so you do.

A day or two later they ring you, email you, and say that you have to send some money,usually a sizable portion of the check, to ‘Derek’ to their supplies department. This is to pay for the ‘special’ equipment they gave you as part of your training. So, of course you do.  They is how they rope you in.  Bait and Switch!  Offer you one thing at a set price without all the data.

You go to your bank and send some money to Derek.  He gets it. Everyone’s happy, right?


The ‘check’ is never real.  Some banks will actually let you take out money you don’t have, to pay for stuff.  You only know when you get, what I like to call, a ‘Love Letter‘ from your Bank coldly informing you how much you ‘SUCK‘.  Don’t worry, I get them alllll the time.

angry after being scammed online


This is some clever but nasty stuff.

They get you in with promises of work, then, convince you to pay. Upgrade you to what you don’t need by a huge amount of money (this is called up-selling by the way and it is nasty when abused!).  Their is also positive up selling too.  Positive up selling is a fair exchange of money for services, nasty, is exorbitant and extortionate financial exchange relative to the product received, without which, you could not proceed.  Always happens after you pay already for something.





Conclusion of Data Entry Work From Home Opportunities.

Yes, Online Data Work are Scams!! (well, to be fair to the legit one’s) SOME ARE!!!

Even if they pay you, what they pay you is not worth getting! Stay Away – their are other real and genuine  ways to make money online, that don’t ask for a sign up fee.  You could sign up (pay them) and not like it! Do not do it.

If you really are looking for a no fee sign up opportunity please read my investigation into:-


Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit – The Home Of Affiliate Marketing Online.


My Experience as a Data Entry Clerk.

I actually worked as a Data Entry Clerk in the UK 9/5 legit job for one year of my life. I never paid my future boss to give me a job (Internet Scams Equivalent of a Sign Up Fee).  In Real LIFE the money was awful!!!

What makes you or anyone think the money is going to be any better online, especially when in essence, you pay someone else to give you a job!?  Sounds mad when it’s put like that, doesn’t it?



Still Need More Information Regarding WEALTHY AFFILIATES?


Read Wealthy Affiliates Review 2017, Is Wealthy Affiliates A Scam Or What?






Tell me your experiences in the comment section guys, be it online or in the real world.  I would love to hear from you.

Should you have any questions on anything I written here or something you came across online I should be investigating, be sure to let me know.

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