LookGood.Store Reviews – Is Look-Good.Store Scam or Legitimate Online Store?

By | May 18, 2020



What Is LookGood.Store – Our Look-Good.Store Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Have you purchased from LookGood.Store (located at www.look-good.store)? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comments. ‘Look Good Store’ is a new online shopping store and so we will do a background check, see what others are saying about them online, and ultimately try to come to a scam or legit verdict to save you time. Our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section is for anyone that may have spotted an online scam. If so then please provide the FULL URL in that section or in the comments section within this forum. Thank You.

Your customer reviews are highly valued and seen as a real way to combat online scams. We are aware and monitor for fake reviews and so we welcome your real customer reviews below. Did you get your goods? As advertised? Would you recommend ‘LookGoodStore’?

Time to detail our concerns about this e-store and whether or not they genuine. You may look to our comments for real customer reviews. If there are no reviews as yet then you are welcome to share what you may know about them below, as mentioned.



www.good-look.store was registered online on the 2019-11-23 for just one year. They appear to be from ‘ON CA’ per WHOIS.com. They did not leave any founder name, no business address, and no kind of contact info at all. 

One or two years is deemed to be suspicious as it is typically not considered to be long enough to make any online endeavor a success. But, it does not mean a site is a scam based only on this.

We see the address of 80 tat chee road Kowlong tong Hong Kong and so we will now Google that address to see if they are at this location for their real-world store. 

So this is the address of The Festival Walk Shopping Center in Hong Kong. 

80 tat chee road Kowloon tong Hong Kong and they have not given what store number/store unit, within this complex, they are apparently using. This shopping center is home to some of the world’s largest brands and so I am sure the rents in that shopping store are huge.

So, my question is, how is it that a new e-store can afford such a prestigious location to do business? I am not saying they re not there but right now there is zero evidence to state they are there!! That is not down to me, you or anyone else, except the store owner to make this information 100% visible to all. And, they haven’t. 

That is an automatic ‘Not Recommended’ in our books. 

Info@look-good.store is their email address and so let us now Google that as well. We see a ‘Look Good Store’ on Facebook but they have not posted anything since 2017 so we don’t know what is going on there, or even if, that is the same people we are looking at now.

Interestingly, the links of ‘lookgoodstoreco’. ‘1st4offers.com’ links we were not able to follow those links as they were against Facebook’s community guidelines.

Well, all you have to do is email https://www.festivalwalk.com.hk/ FestivalWalk.com.hk at fwshopping@festivalwalk.com.hk or fwleasing@festivalwalk.com.hk to find out if there is a retail unit by the name of ‘Look Good Store. 

Alternatively, you can call them on 2844 2222 / 5500 2342 or 2844 2944 / 5500 2944 to make that inquiry.


Given the lack of certainty of their address, that they have no social media icons on their own e-store, which is very good when we consider the prestigious location they are apparently working out of, a real and genuine lack of communication mediums such as a phone number, etc, then we have now concluded our review.










list of scam websites.



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