What Is LolliShoe.com – Is ‘LolliShoe’ Scam or Legit Jersey E-Store?

By | April 6, 2019

Find Out What Is LolliShoe.com – Our ‘LolliShoe’ Review.

You are welcome to our review on What Is LollieShoe.com at www.lollieshoe.com. Is LollieShoe com a scam, fake, bogus and malicious or Is ‘LollieShoe’ safe, trustworthy, genuine, legit? This ‘Lollie Shoe’ Review may end up being a scam alert, I am sorry to say. The prices are ‘off’. Their online reputation score is extremely low.

Those with reviews about that site are welcome to leave them in the comments below to help others out. If they prove to be a scam site then your reports really could help someone else from losing their cash. Those that handed over payment information, if they turn out to be fake, should contact their payment provider.




www.lollieshoe.com scam?



LolliShoe.com Review.

They registered their site in 2018/02/25. WHOIS shows us the date but also it can show us their location is China. ‘China’ Is all they have put for their address. That is incomplete. They have not left a founder name either, and beside ‘ORGANIZATION’, they have put in ‘dadadada’.

At their site we see no founder name, no business address and only an email address of service@lollishoe.com. That is not enough for customer support, and lets face it, people are far easier to ignore by email.

Where we see so much information missing is a very bad sign and is typical with fake sites.

ScamAdviser.com has given them a Trust Score of 0%!!




Final Thoughts.

You may view their report HERE. That really is all we need to call them a scam. However, they have priced every thing on their own homepage the same. The new reduced price is all the same. That is not right and I see that with fake sites a lot that appear to be in a rush.

What has your experience been?

As said, you are welcome to let us know what you think about the site in question. Perhaps nothing has arrived for your hard earned cash? Maybe your tracking order is wrong? Perhaps support has ignored  you? Maybe they have charged you too much or even several times without permission?

Whatever your experience then you are welcome to leave such reports below. By reporting below, or anywhere else online, then you are helping to prevent cyber-crime. 

That is all on What Is LollieShoe.com and hope it has saved you some cash – if so – why not let us know 🙂 . Looking forward to your comments below and they are now going into our List or Internet Scammers.

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