LluscoSale.com Review – ‘LluscoSale’ Scam or Legit? SERVICE1@VINAYOTAP.COM!

By | November 7, 2019

What Is LluscoSale.com about? – Beware of Sites using SERVICE1@VINAYOTAP.COM!

If you are in need of a LluscoSale.com Review than you are welcome here. Is ‘LluscoSale’ a Scam? Is www.lluscosale.com legit and safe? This short review is going to spare you ‘thesis’ about them and instead give you the most important points to look out for to identify an online shopping scam. We know their email of SERVICE!@VINAYOTAP.COM is part of a huge online scam shopping network. So please do not shop at Gosfragoods.com, Nikc.ga, ZuixinOnline.com, DayUnity.com, JobMapStore.com, Showbsuy.com, OcrishrGoods.com, Shopmkoutletfr.com, ItPumaShops.com, RRLOutletShops.com, etc.

Those that have been scammed by any of the sites mentioned are welcome to report on them in the comments anywhere on our site. You can also report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Those that maybe interested to learn how to earn online are welcome to read our short review of Ways to Earn Online -Free Start Up for Beginners.



do not login into www.lluscosale.com.

Scam or Legit?




LluscoSale.com Exposed.

  1. Should you wish to check out those reviews left in the intro then you will know there is more than just LluscoSale.com using the same email of SERVICE1@VINAYOTAP.COM. That is one of the worst scam emails I have ever encountered given the level of sites using it. So when we see multiple sites using the same site info we can easily say they are a scam network. No legit business uses recycled information from other companies.
  2. So there site was registered in 2019/07/17 with only one year registration. That is not good as one year or two years online domain registration is never a good sign. Typically these fake sites will never leave their founders name. We see a ‘Danielle Wyatt’ and so we also see that is the name of an English Cricketer. Not good.
  3. Besides, there site’s email is connected to so many online fraud reports I know that is not the real person behind these sites. I doubt highly the owner would actually reveal themselves to the law for the breaches of it they have executed online against others.
  4. You can plainly make clear that they are offering 72% off and one has to wonder if they are running a charity shop here. THAT is far too cheap and where we see prices that are too-good-to-be-true then we should probably shop elsewhere. You won’t get the products advertised at such deep discounts.
  5. Their site template, layout etc, I have seen on other sites and so where you see the site in question being replicated elsewhere, just use caution and look for reviews before giving them your payment information.






Final Thoughts.

So that is all about LluscoSale.com. I belive them to be a scam site. You are welcome to let us know how yougot on with your order with them and so you may place them in our comments below. You are welcome to see our mosrt recent daily scam alerts below as well where inidicated.





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2 thoughts on “LluscoSale.com Review – ‘LluscoSale’ Scam or Legit? SERVICE1@VINAYOTAP.COM!

  1. Za

    I ordered a bumper for my truck through http://www.lluscosale.com a Canadian based company. The order was charged to HAPYPURCH in London GB. I was sent shipping information but when the order arrived it was some cheap costume jeweley. I contacted the website and was routed to there customer service service1@vinayotap.com . They sent a canned email saying the were “urgently handling the matter” and to “be patient” I recieved a similar email over the 2 weeks I contacted them. I requested a refund and recieved the same email. When I said I was going to report the site they stopped responding. At this point I recieved a fraudulent charge on that visa for $212 out of South Korea. I rarely use this card and definitely think the two are related.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Za,

      Sorry to read your report but I am grateful you took the time to help warn others about LluscoSale.com per your experience. That charge from South Korea – do you see a company name for the card you hardly use? It goes without saying that you should definitely contest that fraudulent charge and I guess, if the timing is close, it could be related alright.

      Would appreciate if you don’t mind Za to keep us up to date going forward on any new developments. ~ Philip, Scam Witness.


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