Beware Of LivingGoods.Shop – Scam Warning About LivingGoods.Shop!

By | January 4, 2019

Short Review On LivingGoods.Shop – Buyer Beware And Get A Refund Soon As Possible!

Be highly alerted to the true intentions at LivingGoods.Shop found at Is LivingGoods com fake (YES!), dishonest, scam, fraudulent or Is LivingGoods real, safe, legit (NO!), genuine, trustworthy? This very quick Living Goods Review wants to plainly lay out why they are not to be trusted with your cash. Those that have already been scammed are invited to leave your scam reports or reviews in the comments below this article. Below is online sourced research to save you time, your cash and help you decide for yourself.

Those unfortunate enough to hand over your banking details are advised to speak with a representative from your payment provider. Those details maybe used for fraudulent purposes and sold onto other scammers. Apply for a refund as soon as you can. These fake shopping sites are mostly out of China and so we will see if that is where they are from. Many occasions it seems they have a set-up to produce cheap goods, so shoddy, inferior and sometimes potentially counterfeit customers have simply over paid and therefore being scammed.

Having exposed many online fake shopping sites like YeezyShop.Site, Print Your Pet, NextDealShop,, GigiBlanket, Campreme, PopReal, Treasure Box 54, SalesDee, WoWNice, InnovStylish and an array of others and so we are expert in analyzing sites to see if they are legit or not. As well as helping to protect the online world I personally show people how to earn online. For those that always wondered how to make a full time income from having their own website then I recommend you read HERE. Free to start to make your own site and find out how to make that website begin to earn you cash (sometimes for life) for you and your families financial futures. Let us now continue with our LivingGoods Review.


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What Is Plus Attached Site Data – Finding The Scam Signs.

Right now you should be of no doubt what they are about: – untrustworthy. Below is all the reasons why I have stated so early and clearly in this article. Even before 30 seconds on their site I knew they were not to be trusted. Here is a ‘taster’ – they say they are new and already they want to be giving everyone on planet Earth a Huge 75% Discount! OK, slow down -wait a second. I have some business studies lessons kicking-in from way-back when. Erm, don’t you have to make a profit FIRST before you start losing money on a significant portion of your stock via insane discounts?!!


LivingGoods.Shop Exposed!


How can ‘new sites’ afford this generosity? It really is too good to be true.

Anyways, that was the first thing that popped out to me. Below is all the rest.

Their site was registered online in 2018/12/18 and online for 1 year which is no time at all. Real businesses will make a longer investment for their site online then an average cost of $16.99! Also, such a low amount of time is indicative of deceptive sites who want to defraud with their domain and 1 or 2 years and then they shut down with all the profits without warning.

Their Address is highly dubious as they have only registered an address as ‘ON, CA’. California, I guess. YET! We have 3 other addresses supplied by them on their own site.

KICKER IS:- THEY ARE ALL KNOWN SCAMMERS ADDRESSES!! I feel great to have found them this early with their new scam site 🙂 . Once again, please don’t forget to report them below to help warn others, or ‘others’ might think this article may not be true, and be tempted to take an unnecessary risk.

These addresses are used by many online fake sites and so they are a warning sign. You can Google anyone of them and see complaints and possibly a ton of other scam sites. Scammers, for some reason, a lot of the times give the same info on so many of their sites and so linking them all together in the search engines.

Ethical Sites are horrendous for shoving all of their founders info down your throat – at times, well, maybe that is just me LOL 🙂 . However, these guys are a little ‘coy’ with that info and so there is no founders name attached to their site. No email at site registration (this can be to stop spamming sometimes) but is on their site. Anyone get a response from that email?

Notice the https top of their site? I’d be surprised if you did because its ‘http’ –  no ‘s‘. ‘S’ stands for ‘SECURED’ – that is a VITAL component to any site. Simply put, because I am not smart enough to elaborate on the ‘techy stuff’ LOL, it means your personal data is not secured and can be intercepted by scammers. Once you hit ‘enter’, any scammer near buy can intercept that ‘data packet’ and decrypt/encrypt without sender and receiver noticing. 

It is a relatively New Google Standard to have your site HTTPS’ed – as you can see here at, top left of this web page.

Their Phone Number of 852 5387 2593. Google that number and see how many sites you can count with the same number! YIKES! How can so many online companies have the same telephone? Of course, they can’t and so they either own all those sites or scammers are using someone else’s info to hide behind. Neither would surprise me.





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Final Thoughts.

Sometimes scam sites can be so sophisticated that it takes significantly more digging to find out the truth of their nature. This is not one of those times. Those addresses I have encountered too many times before and they are always connected to scammers. The telephone number was another huge sign as it returned many other online companies using the same number. For me they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers and I avidly advise you to get a refund. But before that, don’t forget to report them below, BBB and IC3! Those 3 places online will really help so many others know the truth. Thank you.

Thank you for coming to my website and also thank you for supporting this site by clicking through to the research herein. I hope you have been answered fully on What Is and very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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6 thoughts on “Beware Of LivingGoods.Shop – Scam Warning About LivingGoods.Shop!

  1. Dre

    My mom bought my son this buball (I think the same thing another poster talks about). This video below is such an unbelievable misrepresentation of what you get. I don’t even think the video is this website’s video. It’s like they found some company’s product video and decided to use it to market a counterfeit piece of garbage. This video makes it seem like you are getting a giant 3 foot in diameter jelly like ball you can bounce on like a trampoline. What you get is a jelly like balloon with a jelly like string attached like the $1 punching balloons with the rubber bands. It’s barely bigger than a volleyball and it’s lopsided. I thought at first it just wasn’t inflated to the proper size but it even tells you not to inflat it more than 9 inches in diameter. I guess this is the new way to sell counterfeit inferior products that you might find in New York City in China town except you are doing over the internet.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Good to know Dre and than you kindly for taking the time to share this information. It is much appreciated 🙂 .

  2. Kimberly Samard

    I recently made a purchase at The total purchase was $39.98, received the product and it is junk, the Jelly Balloon Balls purchased for my niece are defective, the core isn’t even attached there is a large hole! Right away contacted the company stating I wanted to return and receive my money back, quoting the first statement on their website, “30 DAYS GUARANTEE! PURCHASE ANY PRODUCT HERE AND TRY IT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME FOR 30 DAYS. IF FOR WHATEVER REASON YOU’RE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED, THEN RETURN THE PRODUCT WITHIN 30 DAYS.” is stating they inspect each product prior to it leaving their warehouse (don’t know how they can due to the fact each is individually wrapped and sealed in its own bag), then the company explained it would cost $25.00 to send the package back and because I would need to pay the cost to return the product it wouldn’t be worth it to me, then I was told they ( would give me $4.99 back out of my $39.98 paid!

    I don’t trust anyone anymore and will no longer shop on the internet for anything! I’m so tired of being scammed and taken advantage of over and over again! Unfortunately, we live in a world where you can’t trust anyone. I even looked this company up prior to ordering, or so I thought I did, it is a totally different company called Living Goods I thought maybe the products being sold were used to support the mission of the real Living I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Kimberly for your review here about LivingGoods.Shop. You can put in for a refund if something has gone wrong here with your order.

  3. Mary F Linn

    I recently make a purchase and, after submitting the order, realized that I had not included my Apt. number. I tried every way that I could to correct the error but their website would not allow me to do so. I tried their e-mail, no avail, there were no phone numbers and not contact info on customer service. I feel like I have been dubbed out of almost 40>

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Mary. Take a screen shot of the address you submitted showing it was incomplete and they still charged you. That is good enough proof of something not quite right. Let us know how that goes sometime and thank you for your LivingGoods.Shop Customer Review.


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