What Is #LiveTheDreamAteneo – What Is The Meaning Of This?

By | May 18, 2019

#LiveTheDreamAteneo Meaning Explained.

There are currently 240k Tweets on the hashtag #LiveTheDreamAteneo per date of this article. What Does #LiveTheDreamAteneo actually mean? Why is this hash tag receiving so much attention? In today’s look to see what is happening on Twitter this one has popped out at us as deserving a quick explanation of its meaning.

And so we will compile easily re-searchable information about #LiveTheDreamAteneo for discussion in this forum. Those that would like to comment on this, or perhaps add additional information, are very welcome to do so in the comments. Right now, I believe it is ‘something’ to do with sports. Let us find out more.




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#LiveTheDreamAteneo Meaning.

And so we can see it is indeed about sports, Volley Ball, to be precise, where the finals in Philippines Manila happened May 18th 2019. Here is when Ateneo Ladies Eagles proved too much for the UST Golden Tigresses to grab victory in the 81st Season of the UAAP Volley Ball Championships.

We extend our congratulations to the ladies for their achievement and wish them the same success in the future. We decided to write a short explanation of this hashtag as it caught our attention and wished to know more, and also, to answer anyone else’s query.


Those that wish to extend their own congratulations to the Ateneo Ladies Volley Ball Team are welcome to do so below. 


Now that has been covered, and we have full clarity on what is setting Twitter alight right now, with look forward to hearing from you all in the comments.

Anyone with questions about any other hash tags are more than welcome to ask us in the comments as well. Thank you kindly for checking out our quick research on What Is #LiveTheDreamAteneo and sincerely hope this has answered your question. Looking forward to hearing form you and others in the comments section provided below this article.


Congratulations To Ateneo For Their Victory! ~ scamwitness.com.




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